December 3, 2021

young + creatives

Me Versus Me, My Journey to Being My Own Boss with Chloe Washington

Welcome back to the young+creatives podcast!

In this week’s episode we sit down with Chloe Washington, an EXTREMLY busy 24 year old from Shreveport, Louisiana and the owner of CuratedbyChlo an event service.

In this episode of young+creatives we cover several key topics including:

  • Social media is good at showing the positive
  • Making multiple streams of income happen
  • Perception is everything
  • Focus on who you are, what you are, and what you want to do
  • Just do it
  • How I handle periods of being discouraged
  • Collaboration is so important
  • Celebrate the small wins
  • Prayer and wine, it’s not easy at all
  • Allowing myself to feel the emotions that come with stress
  • There isn’t anything wrong with being inspired by others
  • Find your lane, stay in it, and be a risk taker

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Team RMG  00:00

Welcome to the young creatives podcast brought to you by our vision Marketing Group. Young creative will serve as a platform to promote, discuss and give advice on Millennial creatives coexist in a traditional job market.

Mikayla Anderson  00:17

Welcome back to the greatest podcast today we have Mikayla and Christian, a part of the revision team. And we also have a very special guest. This is Chloe Washington. She’s 24 years old, and she’s a local event planner in Shreveport. Thank you so much for coming.

Chloe Washington  00:32

Thank you guys for having me. Of course. I’m excited. And Christian,

Mikayla Anderson  00:35

you know her personally.

Christian Payton  00:38

Yes. So Chloe and I have known each other for a really long time. And because of the young creatives, podcast and nature of it, I knew she would be perfect to feature. So I reached out to her on Instagram and asked her if she’d be willing. And she was like, of course.

Chloe Washington  00:53

I’m like my high school.

Mikayla Anderson  00:54

Yeah, yeah. So sweet, though, because like, people who still talk to their high school best friends, like shout out, because I do not so. Oh, my gosh. So who is Chloe Washington? Like? What do you do on a day to day basis? I know we talked about event planning, but really, like, let’s get into it, because I know you do a lot and people are gonna be blown away. So

Chloe Washington  01:20

yeah, so Chloe, Washington’s it’s 24 year old, black young female from Shreveport, who just hustles because she just has so many dreams and aspirations. And I see as a light that I want for myself. And so now it’s just taking those steps to get there. I’m like you said I do do a lot of different things. I am an event. I call myself an event curator. I really a planner. Okay, but I’m even curated. That’s why it’s curated by clo. I’m a fall 2021 graduate of nursing school. I will be graduating in 15 days. Yes, I’m a combat medic, and a drill sergeant candidate in the military. I’m the owner of a new company W family transport, which is a trucking company. And that’s really all I got my hands on right now. That’s really

Christian Payton  02:12

all. That’s all. That’s all. Girl,

Chloe Washington  02:15

I gotta be more in the future. Like, I

Mikayla Anderson  02:17

made a website and I go to bed. I’m tired. Like, absolutely. Like, that’s amazing. And so, at 24 years old, the immediate question I’m going to ask you is how did you get your hands in these different things? And how did you get there so early?

Chloe Washington  02:37

So I have a very supportive system around me, includes family, friends, things like that. So with the event planning, that’s kind of how I got it was kind of on a whim. Really well my first was in 2019. And that was the boss Day brunch. I just moved back to St for from Baton Rouge. And I I started to see so much more in Shreveport than I did when I was grew up here. And I said I want to showcase that. And particularly I want to showcase black women that’s doing things entry port. So I did my first brunch which is boss, babe brunch, everything black woman owned. It was just a showcase that we have business owners out here. And we have entrepreneurs that’s doing things in Shreveport. And then in 2020 21, that’s when I read recreated the brain that’s been curated by clo I did was a brunch, we weren’t curated by clothing. I recreated my brand. It was curated by Khloe, and I had detox, which was during the body classic here. That definitely happened on a whim, maybe like three weeks before detox. And he my dad were talking I was like, let’s do an event. And I mean a week later, I was posting an event.

Christian Payton  03:55

And you didn’t Well, later it was sold out. I’m like, gosh, yeah, it

Chloe Washington  03:59

was crazy. I was so surprised. You know, I knew it was gonna do well, just because there’s a big weekend, and things like that. And, um, a lot of people were supportive of me. But it totally went beyond my expectations. Okay. And then military. Honestly, it was like a backup plan for me. I was like, if everything fails, like go to the military. I’m sorry. That’s really what it was. Yeah, it’s like everything fails. That’s always gonna be the backup plan. That’s how I got there. The trucking company. I’m big on multiple streams of income. I’m big on starting to create General, General wealth for my family, future family. So the trucking company, we had a lot of people around us that are into it. And we researched about it and it was profitable. I went to my parents and he said yes, and we’re here with two trucks and hopefully to get them on the road in like

Mikayla Anderson  04:59

two weeks. That’s crazy. Oh my goodness. Like, that’s mostly Chloe since like,

Christian Payton  05:07

it’s just this, this and this and then a little bit of that absolute

Chloe Washington  05:11

versus Oh surprise Oh no, no, seriously.

Christian Payton  05:15

No I am just because like you’ve always been involved in a lot, but to just see like at 24 and a successful like, that’s businesses so to see you so successful I like having multiple businesses so young, cuz I’m like, Okay, it’s so funny cuz huge LA times I

Chloe Washington  05:33

feel so funny. And you’re not like you’re a hey, you know, like, I feel so I feel like I’m not doing enough. But that’s a social media thing comes in Yeah, you know, you just looking at social media and you’re seeing people our age doing the same things or more. It’s like, okay, I can do more. I can do more. I can do more. Right? That’s I’m always putting stuff on my plate. Sometimes too much. Yeah. Cuz you just, you know, that feeling of just, you can do more, you can do more. Okay. I had like two hours today. I mean, I could do something else in those two hours. That’s kind of like how much thinking but sometimes I just sleep?

Christian Payton  06:11

Most definitely sleep super important. Yeah.

Mikayla Anderson  06:13

How do you take care of yourself?

Chloe Washington  06:16

Sorry. Yeah. It’s hard. And it goes on the backburner a lot. I don’t take care of myself, as well as I should at all. But what I do, I try to like in my, you know, time to just relax, hang on my friends, that’s kind of like my meats on, I go out, things like that. That’s like my me time to get off each other’s way. Just relax. Usually, I’m never really relaxed, because I’m still doing other things. But that’s kind of my time to just get off of business stuff or school or military. Right? I go hang out my friends, family, me and my family. We’re all real close. always hang out. So that’s probably like my self time. Okay. Time to myself. No,

Christian Payton  07:03

just like watching you from social media. It’s, it’s inspiring, because I would never know like, you don’t really have much free time because you handle everything. So well. Like you. You just you wear it. Well,

Chloe Washington  07:18

social media is good at showing everything positive. You know? I don’t know, I feel like you have to post negative things on social media. Yeah. Because that’s not for people to know. Right. Right. But we’re looking at things like that. You know, I hear that a lot. And I’m happy that you feel that way. Not and I like to inspire people, but it’s definitely not as easy as social media make it seem Yeah. Right. You know, like I told you, I get on social media posts, and I’m looking cute, or what I’m doing. It’s rare that I post the other side of that. Hmm, right. So it’s hard. I won’t say it’s not hard, but it’s doable. Right? It’s doable? For sure. Absolutely. You just do it.

Mikayla Anderson  08:00

So as far as like you having your hands and like all these pots, how do you how did you get into the fact of like, okay, I want to do entrepreneurship? And did what support system did you reach out to? Or did you have one?

Chloe Washington  08:18

Yes, um, I always knew that at a young age, I was very dominant. I’m a go getter. And I just had my own mind, I like to do things my way in how I want to do them on my time. So I always knew that having a boss over me, wasn’t the path I want to go down, always knew everything about my life, I wanted to dictate. I mean, some things are out of your control. But as much as you can control, always knew, that’s the type of personality I have. So I need to do that. I need to make multiple streams of income happen, because that’s how I be, quote, unquote, my own boss, as they say, please be your own boss. And that’s how you be your own boss. I mean, my job was nursing. It’s a little different, but that’s a passion. Right? I kind of separate that a little bit from being my own boss. Because that’s just a passion that I have for nursing, and helping people and taking care of people. But on my business, I always knew that I want to be in control of that. And my support system is phenomenal. Phenomenal, from my parents, to my family, to friends. I mean, support is how I got to where I’m at now. Just networking connections. And then just genuine support, not support where people feel like they need something in return for helping you. So that’s a different type of support that I have.

Mikayla Anderson  09:50

Yeah, how do

Christian Payton  09:51

you distinguish the genuine support from just like the you did something for We are I scratch your back. So you need to scratch man, how do you distinguish the two?

Chloe Washington  10:04

For me, it’s easy, because I go into relationships knowing where I stand with that person. So most relationships I have, they were created on more of familial bonds, like family bonds. Right? Okay. So that’s the type of bond I have with you. So it’s never a tick for tech. Yeah, right. Okay. But if I create a business relationship, and that’s what I treated us, okay, okay, I don’t believe my auntie she is a multi entrepreneur. And she always told me, Don’t think of using someone as a negative. I don’t believe people can use me. Because just as you’re using me, I may need to use you. So I don’t believe in someone just uses me. Because most of time I get an advantage out of that. Or if I take a l, I use that as a lesson. So I don’t look at that as a negative thing. So what I try not to do is focus on distinguishing between the two, and just taking whatever comes from it. Because even if you use me, I probably use you too, in a sense, because whatever you did for me, it helped me also. Right. So I think a lot of things perception is how you look at stuff, especially with business. Because so much so many things with business, you can look as negative, right? I mean, everything is relationship. So everything is you need someone to do something for you. Or someone needs to someone needs you to do something for them. Right. So your perception is that it’s business. It’s not personal. So I don’t, a lot of times, I don’t look at things that oh, he’s trying to use me. Oh, they’re taking advantage of me. Okay, well, I just think, Oh, what do I need from them? I may need to use them later. And I can, you can always refer back. Okay, well, you know, we had this together that was bought or something else. Now I need you. So it’s more of that, then. I’m having this English use for a man who’s not okay. You know,

Mikayla Anderson  12:08

that’s very interesting. And so, how have you seen your personal brand grow with and networking opportunities? And how important do you see yourself, like reflecting on other people and how that perception of yourself is on that person? Does that make sense?

Chloe Washington  12:33

I know I started doing this I like, I got lost. No, it’s okay. It’s

Mikayla Anderson  12:38

okay. I tend to do that. So like me and Michael are always like, Yeah, cuz like, I tried to, like, make sense. It makes sense to me. But anyways, how do you? How do you see like your personal brand, like, as important as it is for other people to interpret it?

Chloe Washington  12:58

Well, like we said, Perception is everything. So how they perceive me is how they’ll, how they’ll feel about me. And, and that is how they will support me. So like you said, with social media, I do that one social media to get that personal brand. So people can perceive me in that light, they want to support me. You know, that is the biggest thing with social media. That’s why I get on there and post and post myself or post sometimes motivational things or post me going out. That’s all building my personal brand. Because most of the time, that’s where they get the procession of V from social media. That’s why I say social media is so big. Because if you don’t know, someone, that’s the best way that people feel like to judge someone. I don’t think that’s true. But that is what the society we live in today. That’s true. So the perception that people have me on my social media, and my personal brand is going to flow into every business I have. Because just like, with a business, you go a newbie is like my trucking business, right? I’m a new business. So I don’t have business history for someone to go off of, to want to work for me. So what do they do? They go on your social media. Yeah. Right. You know, or if you go somewhere, you want to work for somebody or you want to do something with someone. You’re going to social media. Right. And he’s perceived what they show you. Absolutely. Yeah. Like, even if they say you reach out to someone who you want to interview. More than likely they’ll go on your social media,

Mikayla Anderson  14:37


Christian Payton  14:38

I mean, I always gone everybody social media, but I feel like if she didn’t have to go on our social

Chloe Washington  14:43

media, it was Christian. Yeah. But if it was someone I didn’t know, maybe reached out to me, then I will have gone on your social media. Yeah. You know, so that’s everything. Absolutely. That could have made or break. Yes. that can make or break. Let’s say that yeah, that can make or break. If someone wants to say yes or no, yeah, yeah. And that’s just like on my businesses or with my events. They go on my social media to see, you know, is this someone I want to support? Is this an event I want to go to? Is this a poppin? Event? That’s where it goes social media. I mean, I can’t mail it to them. I can’t, I can’t call everybody and be like, Hey, you want to come to my party? Yeah, you go on social media, right? So it’s how people perceive me on social medias, everything’s my brand. Yeah, I think that’s why I am. So I say ayanova When I post, and that’s why we so you know, about my tic TOCs, and rules and all those things, because that can make or break you. Right? Yeah. And in this social media, cancer culture, like God can make or break.

Mikayla Anderson  15:51

Yeah, yeah. So I was actually going to ask you, have you ever seen? Like, have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been like, I should not have posted that? Or have somebody interpret us something else that you did not want on social media?

Chloe Washington  16:11

Um, I’m sure people interpret a lot of things on social media. Don’t worry about it. No, I’ve never had a time where I’ve gone on social media. And I posted something that I regret it. Um, I think now, social media business to me, I treat it like a business. So I do think about what I post. I personally can’t say I’ve had anyone perceive me from social perceiving, natively from social media. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t. I don’t know about it. Right. And I tend not to try to worry about it. Right? Yeah, I post what I feel like, is okay, for my brand. And if it’s not for someone, I can’t worry about every individual person, because it’s way too many people. On the positive side, if I think about every negative thing someone says about me, I mean, my whole life would be consumed with that, right?

Mikayla Anderson  17:05

You know, I totally get that.

Christian Payton  17:07

It makes sense why you’re so successful, because your mindset is very much like fixed on your perception, like, the way you choose to look at things is why you’re so successful.

Chloe Washington  17:17

Absolutely. Yeah. But it comes from, you know, I mean, I’ve always been perceived as multiple different things. Yeah. Even if that was never true. Yeah. I mean, from young, very, very young. Yeah. I’ve always heard all type of things about me that not true. So I learned early, that knowing who you are, what you are and what you want to do. That’s what you focus on. And you do everything to back that up. You know, so I never have to worry about anything, because I know I’m true to myself. Anything I post is true to me. So I never have to worry about anything negative because the truth always prevails. You know, it doesn’t matter. And as as much as people have something to say, your actions back up something different, you know, so I just try not to focus on that. Because young, it would have broke me. Yeah. Young, when I was way more impressionable. things bother me a lot. Then it took so long to get here. Don’t think this is like a overnight thing or like this. It took time. To be sure and who I am and what I do it that takes time. Yeah. Luckily, God gave me those battles early. So I got it either way. I learned from them. And now, one might say now is focus on me. Focus on what I’m doing. When making mistake, learn from me keep going. And just do as much as you can. So, no, that’s how I get through. It’s hard, though. I mean, it’s hard not to think about what people think. Yeah, yeah. I feel like it’s natural. It’s human. It’s human nature in you. Your first thought is what someone thinks. Yeah, but your second thought is to be what you think. Yeah. I mean, I still to this day, I’m like, oh, Lord, is am I gonna say something like the hearts on my head? Is that gonna be unprofessional? Yeah. And then my second, I don’t care. Yeah. Is that gonna stop? Is that gonna stop my money? Yeah. Is that gonna stop my business? No. So you keep going. Right? You just be true to you.

Mikayla Anderson  19:25

I think it’s like, also from the fact that, like, I had my first Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook at like, 13 years old. Yeah. And I don’t know if you guys went through that, like having social media at such a young age. Oh, yeah. And so

Chloe Washington  19:43

that came out. We were home right. Absolutely.

Christian Payton  19:44

Older than you Mikayla.

Chloe Washington  19:49

Oh, was not hot in the summer camp. Right?

Mikayla Anderson  19:54

Yeah. Yeah. And I think that’s like, why the first thing I think About to like when I post oh my gosh, what are other people going to think about? What are they going to comment? Are they going to send this to this person screenshot it like, verbally? And also

Chloe Washington  20:10

when you’re younger parents? Mm hmm. Oh, my God always watches you post watching posts. And my mom is very business oriented. And she’s very big on reputation. I mean, that has been pushed into us young reputation, reputation. You know, one thing can ruin your reputation that you tried to build for years. So my mom has always pushed dope posters, don’t post this. I mean, still, to this day, she sends me articles. This is why you don’t post this. This is why you don’t post this for a long time. It kind of put me in a box. I don’t want to post anything I’m saying can do anything? Yeah. So but as I got more into myself, I was like, okay, I can be a little bit more lenient with, with what I post. But you still have to be conscious of what you’re posting. You know, and I post me going out, I post I post things on social media, but I’m very cognitive of what would he do to my brain? Mm hmm. You know, if I posted what would it do to my friend? That’s why we have things like close friends. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, things like the closer you get a little bit more loose in those type of area. Yeah, but you still be cognitive, because it still social media is still social media. Yeah, it still can be screenshotted. And I, you trust people, but you trust more than they’re human. Mm hmm. And you trust more than human nature is to share things. Human nature is not to keep everything in human nature is to share things. So I see something crazy on Instagram. Yeah, I’m gonna send it to my friend. Yeah. Yeah, you know. So you still be very cognitive of that. I mean, I post a lot of things on social media. I’m but I’m also a free spirit. So it’s a little different for me, like, I’m sure it’s things that my mom would say I shouldn’t post but yeah, I’m still I’m still cognitive of what my brand is. And what I want to portray. Mm hmm.

Mikayla Anderson  22:12

Absolutely. Absolutely. So if somebody wanted to get into different like, having their hand, let me give you an example. So if my myself I’m, like, super passionate about like baking or cooking, and I want to open my own, like catering business, but I’m so nervous to do it. And I don’t know, like how to do it. Or, you know, like, what would you say to somebody who wants to get into event planning, for instance,

Chloe Washington  22:46

number one step, just do it. I mean, is not a two way to do it. Um, I wouldn’t say do it blindly. Reach out to people that are in industry already. If you know, people reach out, if you don’t know them, reach out. If you get a note, reach out to the next person. If you get someone who’s rude or nasty, and don’t want to help you reach out to someone else. Keep reaching out and making those connections because someone will help you. Research. It’s hard. And you know what, let me go back. A lot of people say, just research. And that’s hard. Because I’ve had that they’re like, we’ll just go research it yourself. Why don’t know what to research? Yeah, yeah. You know, you don’t know where to start. That’s why I say start with people in industry, right? So you can kind of get a just like a guy. And then you research if you have questions. You research and you ask people, and you just do it, you learn as you go on them. I think the best or not okay, I think the best way to learn how to swim is trial and error. Yeah, I know. You can’t plan for everything. Can’t plan for every mistake. You can’t plan for everything that can go wrong. You try to be as prepared as you can be. And then you learn as you go. I’ve had to learn as I go for everything for my events, my trucking, you as you go and you you try to make calculated decisions and informed decisions. But sometimes you just can’t work. I mean, things happen.

Team RMG  24:19

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Christian Payton  25:02

I think that most people’s biggest mistake is like they look at like if someone like if I wanted to get into event planning, and I’ve never done it before, and I don’t know how to do it. And then I’m looking at somebody who looks like they’re good at it. It’s like, I think that’s discouraging to so many people, because they’re like, I’ll probably never live up to that high or that expectation. And I think that’s like the biggest like fault, or the biggest downfall that a lot of people have. They’re comparing themselves to people that have been doing it for so long.

Chloe Washington  25:29

That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the years is comparison. Yeah. Time Clock. I mean, if you asked me 10 years ago, where I would be an already graduated nursing school, I mean, probably building a house probably doing all these things. I’m not doing No, right. So I start to put myself on this time clock, and I try to compare it to like, where other people at, that’s my age, they’re already graduating their school, they already been working, they’ve already done all these things. So that it gives you discouraged to where you don’t want to do it right, or what it should do is motivate you. Mm hmm. I had a period of just being discouraged. I’m like, Call yourself so far behind us, are we thinking all decisions I made up to this point. And I had to realize that I’m on my own time clock, I’m in my own lane. No one can do something Hi, do it. And you can’t do something, how someone else’s do it, I can go get a recipe for tic tock. It’s not gonna look like that what you think is gonna look like, is not gonna look like this pretty ticked, because this person has put you in there. I can use this same exact ingredients as someone else. And my food tastes totally different. Right? Yeah. And that’s why we are in life. You can do the same exact thing, someone else do it, but they’ll never do it like you and you’ll never do it like them. So enjoy the differences. In know the difference. You know, that’s how you don’t compare yourself. Just be the best you that you can be literally like, it’s a rap song, but me versus me is my motto in life. My only competition isn’t me. All I see is me and what I’m doing. And if you do it like that, you won’t compare yourself and you won’t feel like you can’t live up to something. You just You just do it in, you get good people around you, you get a good support system. And if you find people that don’t want to help you, that’s okay. Because if I hurt her that I say that cuz I hit that launch report. A lot of people say, Oh, it’s people don’t want to help each other people in Shreveport. They won’t try to put you on the same thing that they’re doing, because they think it’s a competition. Not everyone’s like that. Yeah, a lot of people are, but not everyone. So you keep trying until you find that person. I can name five people at the top of my head that I can call right now. And they’ll give me free advice. And don’t think and don’t want anything in return a final type of people, and you stick with them, and you stick with yourself. And that’s all I’m saying. Just do it.

Christian Payton  28:10

I was about to say. And it’s funny because you said it again. Nike Newton, I hope Nike listens to this, because you keep saying just do it. I live, she has literally just been promoting it because you

Chloe Washington  28:20

know, because you have to. I’m a risk taker. But um, but that’s my personality. Yeah, I’m risk taker. In life. I live on the edge all the time. And that’s what you do, especially in business, I always say scared money don’t make money because you have to be a risk taker absolutely got to spend the money. You have to maybe go broke to put money in something that you believe in. Like, they say go broke. It’s okay to go broke when you’re investing in something because it’s a return. So that’s why I say just do it because it’s so small and so simple. But it means so much. Yeah. Because if you keep thinking in your head, oh, I need this to do it all got to wait until I have this amount of money. I need to wait until this is finished. I can continue to have to wait till I graduate nursing school. Right. And I wouldn’t have been half as successful as I am now. And I’m still interested in school. Yeah, I could have waited. Or I could have waited like, Oh no, I want more money in the bank to start a business. Oh, no, I want this. You just it’s always something right? Because I’m gonna say when money in the bank and I’ll get it and then I’m gonna want more money back and I’m like, oh, no, wait, I need some more. So then you’ll never do it. You’ll never do or

Mikayla Anderson  29:33

always just that greedy though. You constantly feel like you’re unfulfilled. And so you know what I’m gonna ask how do you solve that? Like, how do you like push yourself? To not feel like I need this I need this in order to do this. I’m

Christian Payton  29:57

Michaela sometimes just have these real deep questions. No,

Mikayla Anderson  30:01

I do I just say I’m really bad.

Chloe Washington  30:07

I talk to myself a lot. I mean, Chloe, we talk a lot. It’s like, I’m like, I’m, it’s hard for me to ask that question. Because I’m a risk taker by nature. So, it’s not a lot for me to be like, Oh, God, just do it, you know, or not a lot for me, like, I’m just gonna do it. Even if it fails, I’m just gonna do it. So it’s hard for me to say how I push myself. Because if I start to doubt myself, Chloe, just do it. Like, thing now that you said, I do keep just saying just do it. This is why I tell myself like, this is why Thomas, you got it? If it doesn’t work out, there’s something else. Yeah. Or do it better next time.

Christian Payton  30:47

So that just makes sense to you. Yeah. That’s just how you’re wired yourself. That was exactly, it just

Chloe Washington  30:53

makes sense. For me to just go out and take this risk. Because that’s how my mind works. I’m not over planner, an over planner or like, you would think I’m this super organized person, because of all these things to do. And I’m, I’m not, I need to actually need to be way more organized than I am. I need to plan out a little bit better, because I am acquiring all these different things. But by nature, I’m just balls to the wall. Let’s go. And we’re gonna figure it out on the way.

Mikayla Anderson  31:23

Absolutely. Yeah. So with all these different things, and you taking all these risks, how do you take the time to just like, invest into your business and say, Okay, I’m gonna, well, do you ever just like, really, really? Like, I want to have this sort of event? Or does it just kind of like spur the moment? Like, oh, this would be fun to do, or

Chloe Washington  31:51

depends on? Yeah, sometimes it’s just really spreading something small, like, oh, I want to do this, or I’ll see something on Instagram, and I want to do something similar to or brings up some industry board that we don’t have here. I wouldn’t do that. Let’s do it.

Christian Payton  32:06

Had someone like come to you with an idea? And then like, like, they give you the idea? And then it’s like your brand on? Yeah,

Chloe Washington  32:15

yeah, my last event was away. Really? Yep. Okay, a guy came to me. And he was like, Chloe, I kind of want to be more of just silent background, but this is what I want to do. I kind of put my own spin on it. I made the theme. And we went from there. And he was kind of silent. And then when we came to, so they actually been helped me a lot. And then we came out more in public after that as us together. Okay. But yeah, any time, I don’t have a problem with, because a lot of people want to do this. But one, they don’t feel like they have the reach to do it. Or they just don’t know how. So if you come to me with an idea, you want me to do it, and they choose to be silent. I’ve no problem with collaborating with someone publicly. Mm hmm. You can choose to be silent or you can say heckler. I want to do this collaborative. And we both posts on social media we posted together curated by Khloe times whoever wants to do it with their brand. And I have no problem with that. I’m actually I like that better. Put all the pressure on me. And the extra help is always needed. Yeah. So I like it. And it also helps both of us, because it brings my audience to them. Absolutely. And it brings their audience to me. So collaboration is another way that I feel like you need to be successful. If I can make $10,000.02 People can make 20. And a lot of times if it’s true, we can make 40. Yeah, you know, not even bringing it down to numbers just in networking, money wise, events, businesses. You know, so collaboration, I think is huge. And I think it’s something that sometimes we don’t do enough of, because fear of, we feel like it’s going to take something away from us. But it’s not. You guys both just gain knowledge. You gain audience, you gain money, you gain insight. It’s always easier to if I’m not sure about something I call the person I’m collaborating with. Oh, what do you think? And they may bring something to the table. I never thought Yeah. Or I may bring something to the table they never thought of, in lack in, pick up each other’s slack. Sometimes I’m not as good social media. So my best friend Candace Owens, she helps me with social media all the time, like a lot of probably everything social media wise, or my events come from her, really, but she she likes to be silent. So that makes sense. I’ll post her a little bit but not really. But she helps me so much because that’s my lack. Yeah. And the more networking social side is where she likes she really does like that. So that’s where I help. Okay. So that’s what it is. It’s just a balance of balance. Right? Right. Where I slack you can pick up and where you slack I pick up, you know, because I’m not good at everything. I get a lot of things. But I’m good at knowing what I’m not good at. And that’s good. Yeah, knowing that that’s something I need help with.

Christian Payton  35:27

And not being scared to ask for help, like, not being too prideful to ask for help is huge, too. Especially at such a young age.

Chloe Washington  35:33

Well, Andy said, in business, she likes experts do what experts do. Fee lets people who do that for a living do that. But we have this such, do it yourself generation of DIY. People want to do everything themselves. And people want to freelance. Yeah, freelance. And sometimes you need, especially in business, specially in business. And when it comes to just legal things, oh, apps and things like that. You let experts do what they do. Yeah, no, I’m just trying to go to my hair something, then I’m like getting you to torture myself. I don’t do that. Because I can do here. But you know, in small things like that, okay. But a lot of things, you let people do they work. That’s why they work. Yeah. And that’s why they go to school, or that’s why they took the necessary steps to be an expert in their business. And that’s what you do. And I think that more than anything, you know, just a support system is everything that you need. Everything every reason why am I couldn’t have done support system. And God, I couldn’t do anything without those two things. So that’s the that’s everything.

Mikayla Anderson  36:48

Yeah. So with all these different things going on, and I feel like you’re constantly like pushing yourself to be better. Do you ever, like, feel like it’s super hard to feel fulfilled? And feel like you’re accomplishing something? And if you do, like, how do you get over that? Because I am totally like that. Like, I’m like, I could do this. Or I could do this. And this has to be better next time. And this is how I will do it. Yeah. But then it’s like, four months ago, I didn’t even know how to like, do anything about a podcast? Yeah. And I’m like, out here, just like no right to


Chloe Washington  37:25

And you still feel like you’re like behind? Yes. Yeah, I totally, um, reflection. Because so many times you get caught up in the next thing, the next thing, next thing, next thing, and you don’t even realize you’re in the midst of what you just pray for? Like so many times. I’m blessed for what I just pray for. But now I’m ready for the next thing. Yeah. And actually my best friend, we talk about this all the time, because I tell her I’m like, girl go out to eat, go celebrate what you just did. She’s like, No, that was nothing to me. And I’m like, we can’t think like that. Yeah, yeah. I went into what I do, I celebrate small wins. Anyone I celebrate, even if it’s just going to get a drink, going to get a nice meal or buy me something, I celebrate everything. And that way. I understand what I did was great. I celebrate it. And I’m on to the next thing. So I have that time of reflection, because I’m celebrating it like, this is great. And then next day, I’m on to the next thing. And I think that way, you’re not always feeling like you’re not accomplished, accomplished anything. But it’s so easy to get caught up in that. It’s so easy to always want more. Always want more, always want more. You look back and you’re like, Oh my God, look how far I’ve come. Yeah, yeah. And so just like I say, reflection, honestly, social media memories helped me a lot. And trivial, it helps me so much. Because I remember two years after my Boss Baby vet, when I was two years, because 2020 Yeah. So two years after boss waving, I was getting ready for detox. And right before detox, all my birthday memories came back. And it was crazy. It was emotional time for me, because I was like, Look how far you come in two years. You know what I’m saying? Look, around this time, two years ago, he was doing your first ever event. Never did before you sold out that event. And now look at you. And that was only 50 people. And now look at you you just sold out a 600% of it. So you’re there in the same time frame. That is crazy. But I never would have thought about that. Like I wouldn’t have done that enough if I didn’t see it on my Facebook members. Right? So just reflection with anything and learning how to celebrate little stuff. I don’t care if that week I planned out my weekend I finished it. Oh I definitely deserve a drink after that. Because that’s a huge step for me because I’m not a good planner. Future. I can wake up in the morning Today, we’re gonna actually try to plan out a full week. I’m sitting at the calendar, like, what I got to do tomorrow, I got 10 things to do tomorrow. I don’t know what I gotta do Wednesday, and I’ve 20 things I have to do Wednesday. On my way here. I’m like, Cool. You got five things to do tomorrow. And you can think about three. Yeah, you know, it’s like, so if I can go a whole week, and I plan it, and I can at least get 80% of it done. That is cause for celebration, you know, and that might be true to some people. But for me, that’s a huge step. Yeah. So just sit there and look at that. This is what you did this week, go celebrate yourself, and then maybe plan for two weeks next time. You’re good. And I also found, like, if I celebrate something, and then I go, I revert back. I’m not hard on myself about it. So like I say, I plan a week. I’m feeling good. Thinking about the plan for the next two weeks. And I didn’t even plan for the next two days. I was still okay, you know, I don’t look back and be like, Oh, girl, why did you even just celebrate the one week if you can’t get to two weeks? Yeah, we just keep going. Like I found, I think we’re so hard on ourselves. That sounds so familiar. I relate so hard on myself. And yeah, we’re so hard on ourselves. And if we do something good, and then we don’t are not consistent with it right, then we feel like it just negates everything we did. And that’s not it. Yeah, it does not that’s not the case. You’d be happy for yourself. And and you give yourself grace that sometimes it’s not always gonna be like that. But you still celebrate the times I did. And I had to learn that because I’m super hard on myself. Yeah. But sometimes it just happens. times. I’m just moving so much. And sometimes I’m lazy, because I need to relax. And I don’t plan out. Yeah, what really needs to happen. She was sometimes I forget important stuff. Like glow, you did not have to do that. You definitely could have cleaned it up. But I did it in a mind myself for 15 seconds. And I keep moving. Yeah, you just keep moving. You know, just keep going. Because when we stop, and we’re so hard on ourselves, that’s when we don’t make any progress. Right? Because all we’re thinking about is what we didn’t do not what I could just do better. I didn’t do it. Let me figure out something else. It’s just sitting there like, Oh, my God, I’m gonna do it. I’m not gonna do it. You’re conceding by problem is never a solution. So you create more problems are much, much problem. No solution. Yeah, so make the mistake or forget something. Forget it. Figure out how you do better next time.

Mikayla Anderson  42:35

Yeah. And then life happens. So to

Chloe Washington  42:38

me this day, right? Like we just slapping me every day. Like,

Mikayla Anderson  42:43

let’s say someone died, someone gave birth to a baby XYZ. And it’s like, it all happens. And then you try and construct this plan of like, okay, I’m gonna do this and this and this. And this is gonna happen because this happens. And then life just,

Chloe Washington  42:59

oh, yeah, that was today. That was literally today. I planned out my day to the minute all the way till I got here, because I wanted to be on time. So I planned out my day. I’m like, this is the time I usually get done with the test. She’ll talk for like 25 minutes,

Christian Payton  43:14

then we’ll leave stuff on the pre interview.

Chloe Washington  43:15

Oh my God. I’m telling you. Yeah, I got up early. Made sure I was dressed before I went to school. Everything. Get into there. She talks for an hour. I was doing goes, I was on I got up. I got dressed. I study I was on time for class. took the test test when fine. Michigan stocks for an hour. Still late. Yeah. And I tried so hard. I mean, he’s just in so trivial, but that’s how it is like, Yeah, I think you can plan, plan, plan, plan plan and stuff that you would never think about happens. And it goes on never touches. What’s that one? Yeah, ever. I even gave her grace period is a little long way today. It won’t go past 30 minutes or later I’m sitting there like this so you just if it could be on a way bigger scale, right? Just you know, I had to get a car take a few breaths because then I start to get flustered and yeah, I hate being rushed. I got flustered. So I just take a few breaths. Alright, and that’s not gonna do about it. Yeah, right. I took a minute now. That was not easy, but 15 minutes is car I’m heated then like I said a parking lot is like cool. It’s looking I’m here now

Christian Payton  44:38

it’s funny. If you like you tell it saying that you are going to be few minutes late was perfect for us. Because today’s been crazy. So we needed the extra the few extra minutes so it’s just crazy how that works work out like that. But yeah, we need to win

Chloe Washington  44:50

your own when I say perception when you’re on one side. It’s like yeah, now I’m looking unprofessional. Cuz I’m like,

Mikayla Anderson  44:56

and we’re just like nice, cool.

Chloe Washington  44:59

Yeah walking around. Just chillin like, okay,

Christian Payton  45:01

look Halo go, that’s perfect. I can like I can get some time in.

Mikayla Anderson  45:05

I can put in my time entries for the week. Like that’s perfect.

Chloe Washington  45:10

Yeah, this is crazy. It is

Mikayla Anderson  45:13

crazy. Because like with that again, like it’s so one sided, like you are super stressed out. I’m over here big challenges sipping my cup of coffee, my third cup of coffee of the day. And it’s so weird because you say like so easily like, yeah, you just gotta take your breath and everything. But the real thing is, people wouldn’t have known that you were stressed out for 15 minutes unless you open up about right. Yeah. And I think that’s so important. Because people just think it’s like, like people just saying on social media, like it’s so easy, like you just do this 123.

Chloe Washington  45:55

And that’s all always try to stress. Not easy at all. I get DMS all the time. How do you do this? How are you always doing this? Clay? How are you always out? But then you’re doing other stuff? And then I’ll post something. I’m like you do this too? How do you do it? Prayer and why it’s not easy at all. I’m sorry. That’s what people told me. I’m like, where my I live in offer prayer. That’s literally that’s all that’s me right now. In delirium. And it’s not. It’s so many days where it’s like, Am I doing too much? You know, like, am I spreading myself too thin. I’m just, it’s hard. You doubt yourself. You overthink things get overwhelmed, you get overwhelmed. Oh my gosh, and I get everyone easy. And it’s, you would you wouldn’t think that cuz I do a lot of stuff. But I get over easy. And my defensive overwhelm used to be don’t anything, just one more of a well, let me just say not doing anything. And then I even get more every day, it’s a push to overcome that. Because so you know, you can whatever well, because now things are piling up. So that’s a daily struggle is nothing easy. Because I get overwhelmed. And then I want to take a nap. And then I I lay down take a nap can’t take a nap because I’m so overwhelmed in my mind running. So then I’m like, can’t even sleep. So now you’re wasting time need to get up and do something. Because now you just being unproductive. So you get exhausted, a mentally exhausted more than anything. I mean, Friday, my buddy caught up to me, I couldn’t even get up, I was so tired. You know, so tired. It was just a reality check that sometimes you have to relax. And you just have to regroup. So this weekend, I was studying everything. But I wasn’t as I didn’t do a lot with business wise, I kind of just wanted to relax and reset for this week. And it’s not easy at all. Sometimes I don’t even know how to do it. You just but get up. You pray you set goals into as much as you can. And you don’t beat yourself up about it. And that’s what I do. I just try to keep going. Try not to beat myself up so hard. Yeah, so hard. Because all I really want to do is say everything I don’t do. And it goes back to support people support system. I had people that can notice about me and say relax. On the way here, it was like, relax, like it’s fine. You’re gonna be fine. In your head, you’re like, shut up. Like, I’m not really even under stress. Yeah, and you’re starting to piss me off. But that’s still what you need, you know, I need that person that’s gonna balance you people, more than one person, people, they’re gonna bounce you in people that can see things in you that you don’t see in yourself. And I’m blessed to have that in an abundance of people. So when I’m stressed, I call my friends call somebody and even if we don’t have to talk about what’s going on, just the company relaxes. No, absolutely. You know, sometimes I don’t always want to vent about what’s going on, right? I just call have a regular conversation. They may never know I’m going to something right. But just the conversation has relaxed me now. Okay, I can do whatever I need. Because a lot of my friends it’s so funny. Like, I’ll have times where I do my full breakdown about everything that I’ve started crying doing all the crazy stuff that you’re doing breakdown and I’ll call my friends and they’ll be like, Chloe like we never thought that’s what you were going through like we never thought it was bothering you so much bottles up. Yeah. So I tried to now deal with things as they come. Yeah, if I want to vent right then I’ve it. I want to cry but then I cried. And I let myself feel Feel all the emotions that comes with that stress? And then I get past it. I mean, okay, yes. Because my whole life my defense was no emotions, you save the tears for your pillow. Yeah, that really was my life. Like,

Christian Payton  50:15

literally she used to say, so that’s growth, not so much.

Chloe Washington  50:19

Everything was. I mean, you don’t have emotions to show in public, you know, you, you don’t have you don’t talk about what’s going on. You keep everything in, you keep a smile on your face. You keep things together, you know, I’m saying he looked presentable. That was like, my defense mechanism of all the stress I had going on. Just keep it together. And probably, you know, that was everything that I thought of, and had to let that go. Because it was so unhealthy. It was so unhealthy, I lost relationships with friends. And I always wondered why because I’m like, What’s the problem? You know, even they used to tell me in high school, so cold to people. And that wasn’t that that wasn’t the case. Yeah, that was my defense mechanism for all the things I had going on in my hand. You know, it was just, if I don’t show any emotion, I won’t be vulnerable. And people won’t be able to exploit that for me, you know, but that’s not how we live. Like, we need to accept that you have emotions, except that you everybody stresses. And that’s what I try to do. Do I still do my self defense thing? Yeah, for sure. But for sure, but I try to be more conscious about, you know, if I’m feeling like something, I caught somebody event and I’m over it. Usually, if I feel like something, oh, whatever, it doesn’t mean anything. And then when I finally do blow up, it’s like this dramatic, like, everything is crashing. You know, it could be a smart thing. But that’s the ice chip to just,

Christian Payton  52:03

sometimes that’s all it takes. That was that real small thing. You’re like, Okay, this, this, this, and then this happens. Sometimes,

Mikayla Anderson  52:11

I’m working from home today, like I’m Oh, Rose,

Chloe Washington  52:13

nothing, I’m gonna sleep. Yeah. And then you wake up, you’re like, oh, my gosh, so many hours doing stuff. But so I try to not go through that and just try to like, vent, cry, or get a drink, or my friends talk about it and be done with it. Because it’s hard. We’re so hard on ourselves, especially in society, social media was so hard in this generation. This is a generation of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is hard. Not that easy. But I don’t care how small you think your business is, is nothing easy about it. Because it’s you. It’s your businesses, you everything. You learned so much about yourself. And you realize that my business depends on me. And that’s why it’s so hard and stuff, because we want to be successful. We want to own our own business. And then social media make it look easy. Yeah, social media makes it look like somebody’s got a business, another millionaire. Two days later, three years later, they put our product one time, and now they’ve made a million dollars in a day. You know, we see it all the time. But we don’t realize it took them 12 years to perfect the one product product that they put out. Yeah. We don’t see that. And we don’t know we need to think about you there.

Mikayla Anderson  53:37

Yeah, we

Chloe Washington  53:38

don’t think about that. We don’t talk about it. So we’re so hard on ourselves, because we’re like, if she can do it, I can do it. But you don’t know the work she put in Yeah, he put in, you don’t know what they did to get to where they are now. And I think we just have to think about everything as a process. Enjoy the process. Learn everything you can in the process. It makes the reward so much sweeter. In any you never stop learning. Like, I still call myself very novice in everything I do. learning every day learning everyday learning every day, vary so much novice. But as long as I continue learning, it’s never gonna be a failure in my eyes, because I’m always learning, always learning. And that’s what I say to people, you know, just learn. Respect the process. Go through the process, enjoy it. And just do what you can truly just do what you can. That’s why it’s almost like God, just do it. Do what you can. Can’t do it today. Do it tomorrow. Can’t do it this week. Next week. Yeah. Do what you can. Yeah, because we’re always worried about what we can’t do. Mm hmm. I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I mean, I’m harmless about everything. Change them all here. Okay. Okay, this candidate And then what I can’t do? I work hard. So I can’t pay somebody to do it. Yeah, yeah. You know, I’m saying like you, you have to you can you are blessed enough to be able to go pay somebody to do it. Yeah, don’t worry about it, you can’t do it yourself. Yeah. And then, if something’s on, like the flip side, I can’t pay somebody to do it. Unless I can do it. Or I can figure it out. or know somebody that can do it. You know, you just do what you can. So that’s why I tried to live by, don’t always do it that, through

Christian Payton  55:32

all of that, through all of that, how do you feel like you like remain creative?

Chloe Washington  55:41

I’m inspired a lot by other people. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being inspired by others. I think a lot of people get into this. Oh, you did this after me. Or I inspired I inspired them to do this. That’s what I mean. Everyone is inspired by something. So I’ll go on social media and look at event. That’s super cool. And I’ll put my own spin on it. Right. You know, I remain craved by just talking to people not. And I’ll text my friend, I have like this big friend group. It’s like 15 people. And I’ll text them up, like, what’s a bit y’all want to see? Or I’ll have something in my mind. And I’ll text and be like, hey, what do you think about this, give me some more suggestions. And they’ll just throw out things that they want to do, or like to see in the city. And so I remain creative by just knowing that everything’s gonna come from my mind. I’m not waiting, I’m not gonna be able to think of everything. That’s why you have inspiration. That’s why you have these things where you can go on Pinterest, and that’s why princess was created. You’re gonna be inspired. Yeah. Pinterest is literally just pictures of inspiration. Yeah. And that’s it. Yeah. And people, that’s why you have these things. Even tick tock, tick tock. You can find everything recipes, you can find hotels, you can find events, yeah, you can find how to do hacks, you can find everything. YouTube, tick, tock social media, people, that time remain creative. Sometimes I can’t think of anything. I can’t do any type of event to do. Go on social media. I have a, I have a few people that I look at. And I go look at the events on it. Oh, I liked it. And I bring it here. And I look at things that we don’t have. And I bring you here. I think we get so caught up and trying to be so original and different. Yeah. But everything you are, is made of the environment. You see. So nothing you do is original. Yeah. You know, people can say everything is original. But a piece of that came from somewhere. Right? It’s in your mind and your brain is something you see me you might not know something you see everyday that inspires you. Yeah. And you might create something from that. You may think it’s original. But unconsciously, it was just from something he was inspired by. Yeah, so I don’t believe in I’m doing something behind somebody else. They inspired me and I’m all for giving credit. You inspire me. I’m gonna say inspired by or Oh, where’d you get that from? girl got off Instagram. The Instagram like Yeah, I know. I like one of the parties got so Instagram. I saw it. Oh, I like this. Have a mind spin on it. So like I said, you know, no one can do anything like you and you can’t do anything like someone else says I’m on spin on it, but you use use things around you use people use social media you use outside. I’ll just try by building I’m like, Oh, I could do something with that. Drive by outside. And oh, I could do something with that. And that’s how I just kind of keep trying to be creative. I’m not hard on myself about doing stuff that other people do. Because I know I won’t do it. How they do it. Exactly. Yeah, no. Absolutely. So you just use your resources Yeah. That’s remained green because I’m not creative. By nature. I’m not that’s that’s something a gene that like really skipped me not artsy. I’m not like this I’m really that’s why I have a hard time with content creating Yes, I’m not like this creative person that could just think about how I want to brand this product. Yeah, but like I said, I’m good at doing stuff I don’t know how to do figuring out how to do stuff I don’t know how to do so on Instagram and I get inspired and as i goes

Christian Payton  59:53

Okay, so tell us what we already talked about it but the podcast so what’s next for curated by Khloe? Like, do you have any upcoming event? Yes.

Chloe Washington  1:00:01

So I have two events that I have not put out yet. One will be more geared towards women and empowerment, it will be a smaller event. And then I have an actual party. That’ll be in December. That’s just like a fun event. That’s like, important. Okay, but it’s just fun. Um, I’m sure I’ll do like a philanthropy event for Christmas. Always do that. Yeah. So I’m sure they’ll be coming up. And this year, I’ll put it under curated my club business. Usually I do it for my personal just clothing. But I think this year, um, I’m going to play it under my business. And so curated by Khloe, we’ll be doing a Christmas playing philanthropy charity event. Okay. Those are things that kind of be what out in the year out? Wait,

Christian Payton  1:00:51

those three things? It’s November. Okay. Yeah.

Mikayla Anderson  1:00:56

So people want to get in contact with you follow you on social media?

Chloe Washington  1:00:59

Yes. So my personal social media is bossy clo, BOSSYC hl Oh, that’s my personal. My business social media, which I’m still building is curated by clo. Ch Ella with the underscore, Facebook lobby, Washington. My website is Shopify dot curated by clo, but it’s in all my links and also my social medias. So any event that I have a post on my social media, you can subscribe to my website, and you’ll get like, early insights on events. And I always do like a 30 minute ticket drop early for all my subscribers to my events, and they get emails about my events and things like that text messages. So subscribe to my website, or on my body club Page or my curated by club page. And I post everything on there.

Christian Payton  1:02:04

Okay. And then leave the listeners with like, just what you left out you like left a lot of jail. But leave them with like one last thought or one final note.

Chloe Washington  1:02:15

Um find your lane. Stay in and be a risk taker. Don’t be scared. That’s probably like the biggest thing that just found my lane. multiple lanes is okay. It was multiple lanes. Yeah, just find yours. Go full force. And it was you can only do it yourself.

Mikayla Anderson  1:02:43

Thank you so much. Like a ROB Harris’s. Well, thank you so much for having me, of course. And yeah. So thank you so much for joining us on the young creatives podcast this week. And thank you Chloe again for coming. Thank you and make sure you tune in next week.

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