March 25, 2022

young + creatives

Making ‘It’ Work with Josh Warren

Welcome back to the young+creatives podcast! This week Mikayla sits down with Josh Warren, the owner of Surface Wave Media, LLC.
In this episode of young+creatives we cover several key topics includin
  • Who is Josh Warren? (5:09)
  • Doing it for people that I care about (16:18)
  • What makes your business unique? (24:53)
  • Considering everything that I do to be art (28:12)
  • Being consistent is the gist of it (35:24)
  • Competition exists in any field (40:32)
  • Outsourcing, isn’t a bad thing (49:10)
  • The hardest part about solo-preneurship (53:15)
  • My advice to someone wanting to start their own business (59:56)
  • Getting through creative ruts (1:07:38)
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Team RMG  00:00

Here at revisione marketing group, our team of young professionals get it created with youth in mind we strive to educate, inspire and promote authentic creativity across all job fields. This is young creative.


Mikayla Anderson  00:12

Alright guys, welcome back to the young creatives podcast. My name is Michaela Anderson. Again, I want to introduce you guys to a very special friend that I actually met through networking at SRI foreclosure. This is Joshua Warren. And I actually met him through BNI. Which do you want us to tell us a little bit about yourself and what that is,


Josh Warren  00:38

I am a guy that owns a company. Right? Okay, so and I’m in a BNI group. So what BNI is, and I’m gonna be really vague and not tell you guys what I do until I tell you what BNI is first. So a BNI is, is it’s a it’s a networking group, it’s a business networking group literally stands for business networking International. With that being said, you have in each chapter your chapters all over the world, which is awesome. In and of itself, and you can refer people from chapter to chapter outside chapters and chapters, whatever you want to do, where that’s concerned, but specifically, within most major cities, you have been groups and groups like you have multiple so like even a town like Shreveport Bowsher where we have roughly I mean, if you’re counting both the parishes I think we have roughly 350 to 4000 people in a start Louisiana. So, with that, again, with that being said, we have I think four chapters right now. So the potential for growth with really any kind of business is like astronomical whenever you whenever you think about the fact that the rules in BNI especially within chapters not especially but this is always that is with the chapters you can only only one businesses represented one type of businesses represented per chapter so so I do photo and video and for business, a business and personal weddings, all that kind of stuff, but I have the video seat. And there’s actually a woman in there that has a photo seat. And even though I do photo, the cool thing is that mean her can collaborate. And you know, say if she has it, we did an event the other day named Jen Wasserman. And she’s actually got she got way more skin in the game than I do. She’s been doing it over 20 years. So I mean, she’s, there’s a lot I can learn from her. So that’s cool in and of itself. But, you know, I was honored for her to feel like I was confident enough to bring me on and second shoot an event that she did for the Air Force, in which I actually got to meet Drew Brees. Okay, that was cool. But long story short, that’s just an example of like, you know, we have Video See, that’s me if photography. See we have, we have a graphic design, see, which isn’t filled. Yeah, she does graphic design. And we have a marketing guy does marketing, DJ Thomas, with Hemingway West. We have a plumber we have, well, we have an electric we have a seat for an electrician. We don’t have an electrician, you get what I’m saying? Chiropractors,


Mikayla Anderson  03:27

health literally any anything. Anything.


Josh Warren  03:29

Like, you know, my girlfriend, she does tattoos. And that was like, Can she be in the group? They’re like, Yeah, you know? It doesn’t matter. Right. You know, I mean, maybe like, if you’re a bounty hunter, maybe not. I don’t know. Guys, Greek pharmacist might not get it. Oh, yeah. No, you get you get Yeah, you feel me? No, that’s


Mikayla Anderson  03:58

super cool. And I think even outside of like business networking, just like, I only went once, and this is how I met Josh. And so even like going there. And knowing like, I need all these repairs to my home, and all these other things. Like, I’ve been looking for people because I’m new. I say new to the area. I’ve been here for over a year now. But it’s still pretty new. And so I like even just going and like meeting other people was like huge.


Josh Warren  04:29

Well, how many BNI groups did you go to? I’m asking you the questions.


Mikayla Anderson  04:33

That’s the first one I went to. Okay.


Josh Warren  04:37

I think you told me that but I just want to be sure. So have you gone any other ones?


Mikayla Anderson  04:41

No. Okay.


Josh Warren  04:43

We’re the we’re the best group. I’ll never say that. Bernama president might get mad at me. I don’t know. We’re the best group. I’m gonna say we’re the best group or whatever. But yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Anyway,


Mikayla Anderson  04:58

I had a great time there. But So you told us about BNI. Tell me more about yourself. What do you do? Who’s Josh Warren? I know you do photo and video, but


Josh Warren  05:08

yeah, I mean, okay. I mean, I’ve done a lot of things. I’m 27 or 28 next month. So, you know, I’ve, like I told a guy did a podcast couple weeks ago, I was like, I got busy quick. Like, I got to high school, I got busy work. And really what I wanted to do was party and play music. So I did that, you know, I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 17. And then, within a couple years, I was already like playing shows and doing stuff which playing shows. You’re playing in college towns in Louisiana. You’re good. I was good enough playing bars. Put it like that. That’s still good, though. That’s good. But uh, you know, that was something that, you know, I still like doing to this day. It’s a hobby. But I figured out like, that wasn’t really the route that I wanted to get. I’ve always loved music. I’ve always been passionate about it. But what sent me to ended up going to Bitsy and get my associates in Mass Comm. And what I was doing originally was sound recording. Because I was like, well, if I’m not, you know, if I’m not gonna play music, I want to be able to record you. It’s helped tremendously, I’ll put it like that, that aspect of things has helped tremendously. And like you’re saying, Who am I that is definitely a huge part of who I am. Because really, I would say what got me into media is music. Like, without a doubt, because even as a little kid, I remember. Like, I would make up songs in my head. And I would think to myself that I thought that was normal, like, people will get other people’s song stuck in their head. But I didn’t know that it was out of the ordinary to be able to like, like, compose songs in your head. Like, I just have them playing in your head, and then I would sing them or Westlawn or whatever. Which, like my parents were like, that’s, you should probably play an instrument, which I still, I wanted to play football. That’s going back further, I wanted to play football, which was stupid. Because I’ve had countless now that countless Yeah, I didn’t even play all four years of high school. I played my freshman and senior year, I took two years off. And then like, I mean, concussions, man, like plenty of them. But I mean, it’s most people, most dudes that play football, that’s the thing now, like you’re, you know, we have full term memory loss, because,


Mikayla Anderson  07:33

you know, not all these concussions are that stupid.


Josh Warren  07:35

And like, it’s, you know, I love the sport. But like, it’s just one of those things. To me, it’s like even the guys to go make millions of dollars doing it. Like, they they wrestle with whether or not it’s worth it was worth how decrepit they become, as you know, it’s like, oh, no, I’m glad I stopped doing that. I’m glad I picked up the artistic stuff. Because without me getting into music, I don’t think I really start showing an interest in doing music videos. And that was really like where it began. I started taking photos. And then I had a buddy that was rapping. And I was like, man, like, you know, I really want to start getting into music videos. Like let me do a video for you because I was having to take I was taking film electives in college. And it was a what it was like it was just creative filmmaking. That was just the name of the class. So we did. We did multiple things. Like we did like a silent film, we did a sequence shot film, and then you could do one that was I think there was like four projects. But the last one for sure. Your final was whatever you wanted to do. It just couldn’t be it just couldn’t be feature length. That was the only thing you couldn’t go in. Hell wouldn’t have had time to do it anyway. Right? You can make like a two hour film, but I made a music video for a dude and whose name is Minnis life. That’s his rap name. I won’t tell you his government name because they’ll get mad if I say it on a public forum. But that’s another guy too. That’s another guy who I’ve known since I was like, 12 you know, really? Now? Yeah, I was 12. And he was 13 a gym class together Middle School. That’s so cool. That’s connections, you know? I mean, yeah, like, and that’s, I mean, I’m still hanging out all the time. And I’ll still do work for him and stuff like that, too. So. So yeah, essentially, like, I’ve always been really into art. I do like sports. You know, I kind of got into martial art. I was into martial arts really young. And then like, I got back into it recently. And I mean, it’s cool. I have to kind of gauge though, like, what’s most important to me and how I make money, obviously is doing photo and video, right. So you have to look at those kinds of things, too. It’s like I had this kind of extreme onset of like, even me doing jujitsu. I never. I don’t have a good relationship with doing jujitsu, either. Jiu Jitsu, but it was like, I would I sprained my wrist I sprained my elbow, you know, or whatever, like, I mess my knee, or twist my ankle or, you know, I’d, you know, put a crick in my neck from like, the way I roll and all that kind of stuff. It’s just, it’s a very brutal sport, not unlike football. Like, what I have to realize is like anything I do like that. And really, anything I do in life, I do do in a very extreme, like, I’m all in like that, if that’s what I’m doing, that’s what I want to do. And there are some things though, that’s like, okay, jujitsu is not going to make me money. Unless I do it for 20 years. And then I opened a school in which you can make really good money in that business. But I don’t really want to do that. For the rest of my life. I just, I enjoy casually enjoy it, right. And I think a big thing for me is like, I do have to learn how to casually enjoy things. You know, in order in order to keep my main focus on what it is, and specifically for me, I have no issue being both feet in doing my job, because I’ve seen a lot of success doing it. So really, to wrap it all up. In terms of like who I am, I’m really artsy individual. I’m very passionate, like extremely passionate individual, almost to a fault at times. And that’s really I mean, that’s really just it. It’s just like, it’s it’s art and being passionate about it, which is created this business.


Mikayla Anderson  11:31

Super cool. And so like, I know, with what you talked about with like art, you said it started primarily with music videos. And so like how I know we talked about this at Rhino too, but when you were working in a kitchen, how did you like, tell yourself, okay, I’m gonna go into video and photo full time. And like, what was the turning page


Josh Warren  11:58

on so many things that just in all that what I just said, I didn’t even mention the fact that I worked in a kitchen. So I was a cook. I was a cook. Well, when I was 1718. Yeah, 17, I was a server with I was like, 17 When I was playing in bands, and then I got to be like, 22. And then I worked retail for a little bit, and I got right back in the kitchen. Like it wouldn’t, you know, I’m saying like it would. It went a whole long, a really long time. It didn’t take me very long to just jump right back into it. Because I really do love. I mean, like, I love anything you’ve ordained. And if you look at like myself, there’s a lot of aspects of me, which I have kind of modeled some of my thought processes off of his eye. from a fundamental standpoint, there are a lot of things I don’t agree with him on, even though I mean, much respect to him whether or not he is I mean, he’s passed away, but I would still have that reverence toward him if he was in the room. But it’s a he, he had more, he had more of a cynical viewpoint. Oh, for sure. Of a lot of things. And at the same time, he had a very, in a very beautiful way, like a lot of things too, though. You know, I mean, like he had a very, like, I put it, I truly believe that he did try to see the best in people, you know, given all the all the shows and all the stuff throughout the years, but he influenced me a lot. So long story short, with that I end up in the kitchen. I’m like, I don’t want to serve tables anymore. I really, you know, I wanted to learn that I wanted to learn another skill. Because I got a little taste whenever I was serving, they let me prepare some dishes. It was a Korean restaurant that I worked at first, and they will prepare some dishes. And I always enjoyed it. I enjoy cooking at home. I was like, Alright, let’s see how far I can go with it. And I went as far as I wanted to, you know, like, I went from, I went from being a prep cook, like in a matter of really, basically a year, I went from being a prep cook to a sous chef. That’s not like that’s not really easy to do. Right? And, you know, with all that, but I did have prior knowledge if you know what I mean? I wouldn’t a scrub and really come from nothing so to speak. But there were a lot of terminologies and things that even to this day, I’ll be sitting around with some guys that have cooked for decades, and then they’ll say, hey, hey, Chef, give me that and I’m like, What? What do you want me to make? Like I can do you know, I mean? Like, tell me what do I can do it but yeah, there’s some parts of that. Like, I’m more so have the title because of how hard I worked. Put it like that. There’s a lot of guys that are very like finesse. Like, you know, they’re every aspect of it. It’s just It’s all perfect. And it’s like, because you have guys go to culinary school and they devote their entire lives to it to me it was just like, well, I can cook and I know how to manage people. Yeah, you know, so that turned into I worked at wine country that closed and then I went to Nashville, worked there for a little while there’s a place called Marsh House. Kind of a high scale deal. I mean, I’ve probably told you I like the band Queens of the Stone Age. If I haven’t, that’s my favorite pan. I did tell you about that. Long story short, we got to cook for them. In Nashville, that was really cool. And for me, that was kind of that moment, which I was like, Okay. Lead singer, Queen to the stone age, was best friends with Anthony Bourdain board and just passed away. I’m literally cooking for his best friend. And he’s digging the food. And I’m just like, I think I think I’ve done cooking. You know, I think I’m probably done. You know? Well, I mean, like, in a professional sense. I was just to me, it was like, I didn’t I didn’t want I didn’t want a Michelin star. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want the accolades. That really I didn’t care about I never cared about the awards and all that. Yeah, I was concerned. Like, sincerely what I cared about was cooking good food. And whether or not that ever get gotten noticed, you know, I mean, it put it put it into perspective for me that I’m capable of trading in it, it is kind of it. Some people will say it’s an art form. And then some people say, well, chefs aren’t artists, whatever, whatever you believe about it. I know that me personally, I’m capable of cooking really good food and doing it for people that I actually care about, though. Because that’s the thing that I started running into is like, in the customer service aspect of things. You can’t really chew and when I mean customer service, like you have a restaurant where people anyone can walk in, right. And you get in the situations in which can we can we use profanity on that? Yeah, okay. You get any situations in which you’re cooking for people that are complete assholes? Not just not nice people. So you know, that kind of takes a little passion out of it, because it’s like, okay, well, let me re cook this, you know, whatever it is, that I know I did. I put it out perfectly, but you want it done this way. Because you’re, you’re particular, and you’re a dick. And you know, that’s the thing is like, the guy that owned wine country even would tell me that he’s like, hey, they want it that way. We’ll do it that way. He had a very, a very calm, and he’s a chef himself. And he’s actually, that’s his knife. That’s how much I look up to that dude. And that’s how much that’s how much his wisdom and his it’s his name, Jason Brady, how much his wisdom and how much his advice over that timeframe meant to me, because I don’t believe that I’m the entrepreneur that I am today, unless I did have that guidance from Him. You know, and he had way more of a calm demeanor in the kitchen granted towards the end of things, when we get out. He’s actually a commercial realtor now. But you know, he’d been doing it for over 20 Or he had one country 15 years, you’ve been cooking forever. 20 went to culinary school. He’s that guy who went to culinary school in Charleston, South Carolina. I just badass chef, you know what I mean? But he really understood the business aspect of it. So, you know, again, I’m gonna be really long winded on each one of these questions to wrap all that up. Once you know, what was important to me was fulfilled, in that. I didn’t understand how and and honestly, I’m one of those guys. I’m spiritual. I believe in God. I believe everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that those individuals I mean, what are the chances of my favorite band and lead singer who just so happened to be friends with Anthony Bourdain, who I looked up to so much coming into the restaurant I was cooking at, and a place that is not my hometown that I just moved to within two weeks. I’m like,


Mikayla Anderson  18:54

Yeah, well, I


Josh Warren  18:55

just did, I just did really everything that I wanted. Because in the back of my head cooking, I remember thinking like, you know, it’d be badass to cocoa board and one day be able to cook food for him. And like, I never got to do that. Obviously, he died, you know, so it’s like, for his best friend, I was like, man, what the hell, you know, that’s just to me, I’d done everything I wanted to do. So then getting into media was easy, because that was something that I was already doing. And I was doing on the side. And I wanted to continue to pursue but I wanted to see how far I could take both of them together. And what I realized was was like, okay, the best way to do this is to go work for someone. So this is when I get to Brent Latin with young pros, who’s here in town. And that’s the other individual from an entrepreneurial standpoint without, without him and Jason Brady read Latin and Jason Brady. I don’t I believe I probably could have gotten to the point that I’m at now. And not to say that I have every bit of the success that I’ve accomplished everything I wanted. No, I have not accomplished everything. But I would not be at the point that I am now without both those individuals kind of just being in my ear like, No dude, you can do like because to them like if if I pitch an idea Well, man, what if you know what if I went out I’m on what if I did this? They would always be like, well, of course you can do it. You know, they weren’t, I could tell the overtime that it was like, they weren’t lying to me they really believed like, No, you have you have the personality you have the work ethic you have. We know you can do it. You know, I mean, like, so. I remember once I stopped cooking for good. Me and Jason actually. And I’d actually already worked for Brent at this point. But I did a little stint cooking actually downtown at the lot. Right there. Yeah, or wherever. I just did a little stint over there. I’ll sell them some of my buddies out. And they might I mean, the money was pretty decent. I mean, it was grueling. But I remember thinking to myself, like, yeah, I don’t, I stopped doing this for a reason. I mean, like, I was in a media visit, you know, I was in a role. For almost two years, I worked for Brent, not quite, but it was several months, two years, but it got me really good at editing, I got really good at shooting, you know, all the above all the things I was already good at, I got better at. And, of course, I continue to do so. Because I try to stay current and watch YouTube videos and just, you know, like, stay on top everything but like, I cooked for a little bit. And man like it was grueling enough to me, stressful enough to me to where I was like, I have to, I have to go with my move. I have to, I have to go out on my own and do what I was doing for Brad. That’s what I realized. I was like, and I realized too, I was like, I’m capable of doing that. You know, because that’s what Brent always encouraged me to do. And like I’m saying I want to go shoot with Jason. I’m like guns, we went to the range and we’re just bullshitting. And, or tell him like, Dude, I think I’m gonna join a BNI group. And, you know, I’m gonna go go hard and do my thing. And he’s like, I mean, it’s just with those two guys. It’s just amazing to me, the fact that anything like that, that I’ve ever said, they’ve never been apprehensive. They’re like, do it. Like, what are you doing? Just do it. Yeah, I mean, and like that, that just little amount of confidence. Like, that’s all I really needed. And so yeah, that’s how I ended up being where I am today, right now.


Mikayla Anderson  22:40

That’s really cool. Because that’s a lot because I didn’t know you went through so much to be where you are, like, as far as like, occupation wise, yeah, doing a cook. And then going over to the young professionals group, and all that kind of stuff. But so then you fall you finally went full time? You did you started your own business right out the gates once you actually.


Josh Warren  23:11

So I’m separated now. wife at the time. We had a company which is called ambient creative, which is still exist. She personally does photo and graphic design, but the video aspect of things, you know, that’s, that was all me. And also the photo. I was half of that, you know, but yeah, me and her were doing that together. And then as things kind of transpired, it turned into sort of my own LLC because it just it was going to work out long term a lot better for me and my ex wife not to have which we were going to do. We even had a lawyer be like, No, go in sorry, go an LLC. Trust me, because long term, he’s like, you don’t want to be attached to like, as both y’all most likely get remarried. He’s like, so if one spouse is mad, because you still have a company, he’s like, just don’t he’s like to start your own LLC. I’m still collaborate, right? You want so? So yeah, I, at first it was me and her. And then it turned into you know, once we decided we wanted to split, it turned into me get on LFC.


Mikayla Anderson  24:25

Okay, so, and then yeah, so you guys still collaborate and do all that stuff together? Oh, your thing. Yeah. That’s good. And so with all the stuff that you’ve learned today, with like young professionals, being with your wife, or your ex wife at your old company, and everything, what have you found like, helps you make your business unique, and it like its own way?


Josh Warren  24:53

Just that just the design in general. Like You know, saying like, it’s just, it’s just different, you know what I mean? Like, it’s


Mikayla Anderson  25:06

not traditional, right? It’s


Josh Warren  25:07

not traditional in any way, shape or form, it’s got a very, it’s got a Japanese feel to it. Like is that is literally Japanese wave art. And actually, technically, even water is still there still surface tension, you know, like, they’re still they’re still on, there’s always activity, you know, even if something appears to be still, there’s always energy flowing through it. So the mindset with, you know, surface wave is like, it’s the I, I try to capture in my head, it’s like, I’m capturing, like, life, in and of itself, because my subjects are always living, you know, and even even if it’s food or something like that, it’s prepared by an individual’s living or food was living at one point, you know, that’s the thing, any kind of food, like all of it, it’s all like a, it’s a very broad idea that’s brought into like, one name. And that name hit me. I was like, yeah, like, the surface tension on water, like the surface waves, like, in the ocean themselves. Because like, the, you know, the ocean is always captain. You know, that’s what, that’s why the design and everything looks the way that it is because it’s like, it is quite literally, the, it’s the fact that I’m capturing life, you know, like, you do, you know, a business does, provides a certain service, like I take, I take all that really seriously in the fact that it’s like, it’s to me, it’s not just, it’s not just another check. That’s why whenever I consult people to I’m like, Okay, well, what are you working with, like, we can go as big as you want, we go as small as you want. You know, I mean, like, it’s very, I’m not cookie cutter in terms of, I can recognize when an individual is really worried about, he’s like, Dude, I need marketing, but I really need you to work with me, you know, how much money I have? It’s like, okay, well, you know, I mean, there’s obviously a bottom dollar, where I’m like, well, it’s not worth it for me, I’m sorry, right? You know, but at the same time, like, I cater to those small to medium sized businesses, because I truly believe in enriching the community. It’s something that it’s something that not every business can afford, you know, because I mean, even when I was starting out, I couldn’t, you know, like, I can barely afford me and that my BNI dues paid them, thankfully, and it’s worked tremendously. However, it’s like, you know, that, that that expense to me was like, Oh, my God, $600 for a year, freaked me out, but like, I did it. And I mean, the thing is, is, I know what it feels like to be in that position. I know what it feels like to be in a startup and you’re like, Oh, my God, like, how am I gonna make enough money to pay my bills? You know, and it’s, it’s scary. But the thing honestly, I think the thing that would set me apart from businesses like mine, is that I do cater to those small to medium sized businesses. And the, from a philosophical standpoint, I feel like, I consider everything that I’m doing to be art. Yeah, I’m saying like, because I really do get the gist of a lot of production companies to where a lot of the guys they hire, and I, it’s no bull, me, it’s a good, it’s a good job to have. But I noticed that like a lot of guys and girls they hire, they just learned it in college. And they’re like, alright, well, it’s a job. Right? You know, like, I know how to use a camera, right? You know, there’s the creative aspect of things is just kind of like, you know, they’re gonna give you a decent product, but it’s just, they’re not, their entire livelihood isn’t in it. You know what I mean? Like, it’s not their actual, like, their, every fiber of their being isn’t being put into it. So I think that would be What sets me apart and the individuals that I use, whenever I bring people on jobs, I’m really considerate about, you know, like, what does what is photo doing being what does being a photographer mean to you? What does it doing video mean to you? Like, what does this process mean to you? If it’s not something similar, then? Probably not going to use this on personal I’m not gonna use that person. Right? You know, so,


Mikayla Anderson  29:16

no, I think that’s super important. Because like, there’s a lot of people who look at not only video, but also just like, photos, graphics, all these other things, and they just see it as like, just a asset for my business, right? Or like just like a paycheck or whatever. Like, why am I giving you x amount of money for this? Like, it’s really just something that I need on my website or something that I need for a paid ad campaign or something, right? But it’s so much more than that. Like it’s not like especially because I don’t know if it’s just with like our I don’t want to say hard gender But like a lot of young people look at video photo and all these other things way differently that I’ve met personally.


Josh Warren  30:10

Hit me to that. What are they? What do they see? As? See me? No, I’m talking about photo video you’re saying they look at it, they view it differently. Like, what do you mean?


Mikayla Anderson  30:20

Like they just see it as so much more than like a commercial?


Josh Warren  30:26

Oh, kinda like what we’re talking about. Okay.


Mikayla Anderson  30:29

Which is soup? I don’t know. I must say


Josh Warren  30:32

I was like, Do I sound old? Am I not with the times now? I was like, No, Josh, that’s great. But no one cares.


Mikayla Anderson  30:42

Oh, no, but I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just like friends, a lot of creative people, artsy people who did? Who’s doing video production, wedding films, all these different


Josh Warren  30:56

things we went to school for?


Mikayla Anderson  30:59

I only went for Business Admin. Really? Yeah.


Josh Warren  31:02

How did you just did you take design classes and stuff? No, you just learned that. Okay.


Mikayla Anderson  31:09

Cuz I didn’t like I didn’t. anybody listening from college. I didn’t like the traditional business courses because it was so like cross your t’s dot your i’s like, they taught me really good business ethics.


Josh Warren  31:25

Probably not a lot more idea about how to dress for a pitch today. I did.


Mikayla Anderson  31:37

No, because I love that though. Because it’s not like you don’t have to wear suit and tie to impress somebody, like you really


Josh Warren  31:45

are talking about. I mean, I think I look like I work with a camera for a living.


Mikayla Anderson  31:50

Which I think is not a bad luck.


Josh Warren  31:55

Oh, girlfriend said I like a park ranger earlier. I’ll like day. She takes it there.


Mikayla Anderson  32:06

In between BNI and meeting like all these different people at young professionals and all of these different like, projects you’ve been able to work on with, like your event you just had in everything. How has collaboration in the marketing field helped your business?


Josh Warren  32:25

Well, I mean, it’s just, it’s really like referral base, you know, I’m saying like, and it’s really that’s like one of the, one of the core values of BNI is givers gain, if I give it to somebody, they’re gonna want to give business to me, and it just goes back and forth. Right? So it’s like, I’m relatively new. I’m not as good as passing referrals, as people have been doing it for a long time. But it does, because I can tell the people who’ve been doing it for a long time, it’s very second nature for them. Like they’re like, they know the things to listen for, you know, I’m saying like, they know, because they’re, they’re so acclimated with the way that BNI works, but only that just how networking with people works in general to where they’re like, Okay, well, let me remember, like, this is the person I trust to do this job. So anytime they hear that in conversation, or they see it on social media, they’re just like, boom, I need to talk to this person. And like, that doesn’t always work. But it has worked, you know, like there’s a trying to think of one recently that actually happened. Yeah, there’s a woman named Cameron. That’s the woman I actually just hooked you up with. Hopefully, she’ll hit you up on what’s her name? I’m gonna shout her out because she’s another videographer. But she is extremely pregnant right now. So uh, yeah, her name’s Herman. Her name is Cameron Boudreau. Okay, so yeah, shout out to her cuz a DJ who’s in my group marketing guy. He is friends with her who made us she made a status that said, I’m gonna need Somebody basically, she’s gonna second shoot her own weddings. Because, oh, because she’s that she’s going to be that pregnant next month. This is happening next month. And like, she’s like six months pregnant right now. Okay, so she’s, you know, she just knows that mobility and all that kind of stuff is going to be kind of an issue. She needs somebody to be kinda in the thick of it.


Mikayla Anderson  34:24

I thought you meant her own wedding that she was going to film her own wedding.


Josh Warren  34:29

Oh, what’s cool was like that referral came from DJ being like, Hey, man, like, here’s, you know, here’s this business, said the lady, you know, I mean, like she looked at, she looked at all the other people that got tagged and she was like, Nah, man, like, I’m rocking with you. You know, that was cool. But it doesn’t always happen like that. But with that being said, the collaboration aspect of things has definitely helped my business a lot because like, even like I was saying with Jin, like, I went did a I went did that photoshoot with her? Just after the fact that I met Drew Brees. I’m telling you dude, like, people think like status. It’s stupid. But people think about things like in this status kind of way to where they’re, they’re like, Oh, well, dude, he’s meeting Drew Brees so he must be doing something, right. It’s like, he was just at the banquet man. Like, it’s not, you know, I’m just doing my job and the guys at the banquet, I get it like, Yes, I’m doing my job, I’m doing that. But I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m not like, not like doing anything extraordinary. I’m just being consistent. Like, that’s, that’s really the gist of it. You know, like, to me at least, like that’s just the gist of it’s like, it’s not like me, and Drew Brees are best friends now we just met met the guy like, you know, like, that’s, that’s it. But yeah, if you’re consistent, and you keep doing this, you know, your job, essentially, like the things that are required for you to do your job. You’re gonna get to do cool stuff like that. And honestly, I think that I think that the collaboration, you said marketing? In the second part of that course, question is in my own field, correct. That’s the next one’s competition, correct? Yeah. So I’ll kind of segue into that. The collaboration in terms of marketing is essential for anybody to succeed. Period, you if you cannot, if you cannot work with people. Like in terms of passing them business, receiving bit, like, promoting that word of mouth will really building relationships based upon trust. That’s number one. But, you know, doing a good job, so you continue to be trusted. And then people will without a doubt, think of you first whenever somebody asked for your type of service. That aspect, that aspect of marketing and collaboration is, it’s essential. And without it, I wouldn’t again, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, there’s a lot of factors. And, you know, that got me to this point. And that’s definitely a major one as well. But as far as like, competition, it, it does exist. So competition, for sure exists. Now, it also depends on what kind of fish you know, I hate putting it like that as like clients or fish. But that’s, that’s a way but that is a way to think of it. It’s like you are, whenever you’re marketing yourself, you are fishing is what you’re doing. Like you’re looking for individuals to your services, your business, so you can make money, pay your bills now, how good of a job you do, how passionate you are about what you do, all of those things will help you in getting more clients. But I mean, to me, it’s like it’s essential to stay current on the techniques of whatever your craft is, and be very, you know, be very thoughtful be beaver be as creative as you possibly can be in terms of what I do, like all of this and really care about what your clients talking about. I mean, there’s some clients that I’ve chosen not to work with, because I’m like, I don’t you know, I won’t say specifically. But I mean, there are some things there are some businesses that I find unethical, other legal, I find them unethical, I don’t want to work with them. That’s just how I am. So with that being said, it depends on the other individuals that own the same kind of companies that you do and do the same kind of things easy, like a good example of though it is competition, technically. These, these kinds of individuals will collaborate with you. Like with clinic calm and at Fairfield. He told me the other day because he was actually he was live streaming or rather videoing. While I was photoing, that banquet Air Force banquet, he was videoing. So me and him went back forth for a while and talked and, you know, he even told me, he’s like, man, he’s like, you know, if we get overwhelmed, he’s like, I like to outsource. You know, some of the editing projects that we have for guys like you that are based. It’s basically just you. Yeah, I mean, he’s like, he’s like, he’s like, there’s plenty of business, we can all have some. That’s a mindset, right? So there are other individuals, though, that have, and I won’t say these people’s names, because it’s going to be kind of derogatory. But there are other individuals that think along the lines of worship were just the best. So we don’t know why you’d use anybody else. Kind of thing. It’s just like, those are really the people that you’re competing with at the end of the day, because there’s one particular group in which I’ve gotten multiple of the clients to this point, and they’re pretty big firm. But I’ve got multiple of the clients that multiple of their clients at this point, and nothing positive to say about from any of those people that now work with me and I work with them. They don’t really have anything positive to say about this particular firm. So yes, you are making no mistake. There it is. As a competition, even if you’re friendly, right? Like, even if you are willing to help each other, there are going to be some jobs that might you might meet in the middle on in terms of, well, they might bid on it, because this person has a budget for what they’re charging, but I might not charge as much as them, I still give them something that’s just as quality. But, you know, I’m saying it’s just gonna take, it might take me a little longer to do it, or I take me, you know, I mean, but it’s more, it’s worth it to me still at the same time. So yeah, a competition in any I think competition exists in any, any, any field. And the only other comparison that I’ll really make, which is extremely relevant, restaurants, God, and there’s too many of them here. As far as how many people are here, we the there’s so many, the amount of restaurants that we have per square mile is like what, like, it’s like, every place in this town is like, zoned to have a restaurant here. But anyway, whatever the you know, you understand, I’m talking about the like, the places that sell plates for 10 to $15. They’re all competition together. license, so plates for 20 to 30 or 35, whatever their own competition. Like, again, they might go. And we’ve done this plenty of times, especially when I was at the lot. You know, you’d have you had like he Mexico come down there. And they do they do like fun while we were doing Robin are they do you know? I mean, like, just we just collaborate and it’s cool. We all make money together. But at the end of the day, y’all still are in competition together. If you’re if your price the same way,


Mikayla Anderson  41:42

do you think competition is bad.


Josh Warren  41:46

It makes you better makes you want to offer it makes you like to like what you asked me earlier, it makes you be more creative. And think about the things that actually separates you from your competition. Things that make you unique, or make you better or make you whatever like, and you know, in a lot of ways, too, that’s a good thing. Because then you can look at, well, they do this a lot better than me, I need to learn how to do that. Whatever it may be whatever aspect of your business it is, and you look at your competition and be like, well, they’re getting more business because they’re marketing in this way. They’re getting more business because they’re doing this in this way, and not necessarily copying them. But you can do something that’s comparable to whatever they’re doing in order for you to be more successful. So it can you can look at it. I mean, you can look at it in a negative way. Sure. But you’ve already failed. If you begin to look at it that way. You got to get out of that mindset really quick. Because I’ve noticed with I’ve noticed with any kind of whether it be a hobby, or whether it be a sport, or whether it be your business or whatever job, whatever it is, the quickest way to failure is self doubt. Honestly, it is that is the quickest way to failure is to if you start to doubt yourself, you start to be like, well, I can’t I can’t statements. I can’t do this. Can’t do this, because I can’t do this get your you’re on your way to fail. Yeah, I mean,


Mikayla Anderson  43:11

so I’m going to give you an example. So for two technology companies, we have apple and we have Samsung. Do you think there’s ever going to be a point in time, where even like, what the consumer, like, you know, one’s better than the other, but just because it’s apple and or Samsung, I’m still gonna buy it from, like, you know what I mean? Kind of,


Josh Warren  43:46

well, you have individuals that prefer there are aspects of and if you have just the old Android Apple argument, you know, it’s funny. I liked I liked Windows phones. I liked windows. I did I really did. Because I grew up on Windows. I thought it was cool. Okay. And I thought it was kind of sleek, how you kind of how you could customize them and stuff. So he was like, it was very felt like the boxes and stuff like that, like kind of the like the transparent boxes, you could just kind of change the color. Change the back color. I just thought it was cool, man, like, you know, and then like I you know, I was always a big Xbox guy. So like, I could just link it with my Xbox. Okay, it was cool. Yeah, I mean, that was a cool little time for him to be alive, man. That didn’t last long. You know, but in terms of okay, between Android or Apple neither one’s really better though. It depends on you. You know, it really does. It depends on you because I’ve used Mac’s I have Mac’s I have all Macs and apple. It’s all I do now. And it’s that’s because I Like, I like logic when it comes to like audio and stuff like that I like logic and I can’t use logic on PC. So then that turned into me starting to use Final Cut, which I use Final Cut and Premiere Pro just depends on the project, right. And I can use both interchangeably, like I’m just as good on either one just as fast, just as efficient. So I like Apple’s programs like their operating system, I think that Android and PC have a little less to offer in some ways, because I mean, as far as like the anti virus software, stuff like that, you don’t have to worry about having an antivirus software on a Mac, as long as you’re not look, it’s shit up shouldn’t be looking up. You know, but that’s not the kind of stuff you know, I mean, like there’s, there are things like whenever you buy a Mac, or you buy Apple products, they’re a little more expensive. But there are a lot of things that then you don’t have to buy that you would have to buy with a PC in addition to it. So it really kind of evens out what I’m saying like, it just depends on like, Okay, if I was coding though, yeah, I won’t be on a PC. I was somebody that coded for a living. I’ll be on a PC. Absolutely. You know that. There’s just it’s, it just depends on what you do if you’re solely creative, solely creative, Apple, just go apple. That’s what I think. And if you’re if you’re the type of individual that’s more on the technical side of things, like your IT person, something like that. Android PC, why not? Yeah, you know, so I mean, neither really better. I don’t think it just depends on what suits your needs.


Mikayla Anderson  46:34

Right? So with like, Samsung and Apple, like, since they’re two totally different things, and they, it really does like depend on preference. Do you think that they should be competing for the same person? Or if they should just be like, trying to improve their quality of product for the people they know, are going to?


Josh Warren  47:02

Well, you know, maybe they’ll hear this podcast and switch arms playing. Nah, man. So in, in my opinion. I think that they are. I think they do what they’re supposed to do both machines do theirs. But if we’re talking about phones or computers, now, obviously, Apple didn’t sell washing machines, right? Yeah. So that Yeah. Well, you think I don’t know. You know, something? I don’t know.


Mikayla Anderson  47:39

No, I don’t okay.


Josh Warren  47:42

But like, washing machine


Mikayla Anderson  47:44

for sure. Like you can can you not see it? Like within the next 50 years? Like an Apple Car? Like they’re just grown so much Sony


Josh Warren  47:54

made a card you see?


Mikayla Anderson  47:56

Did you know I didn’t scary. So like,


Josh Warren  48:02

are you really driving? Or is it virtual reality? Well, and then


Mikayla Anderson  48:05

it brings it like into the question of this. So like you as a videographer, you know, you’re really great at like video, you’re dominating the video field, you try one project for, let’s say animation. Are you familiar with?


Josh Warren  48:21

I don’t? I’m not. No, I’m not as good at animation as I need to be now.


Mikayla Anderson  48:26

Are you going to focus more of your time on that getting better to potentially serve more clients? Are you just going to be like, Hey, I’m really good at this, understand that field,


Josh Warren  48:35

really outsource? I continue to outsource whenever individuals need that kind of thing. I mean, that’s another that’s a whole nother kettle of fish is what i Is that a common phrase where you’re from? You know, that means something we say and in the south a whole nother kettle fey like, it’s just that something completely different. It’s something entirely different a whole new bucket. That’s Chelsea, it’s a whole new bucket.


Mikayla Anderson  48:59

I just put my hand in too many buckets. That’s what I always say.


Josh Warren  49:04

Wow, Minnesota versus Louisiana.


Mikayla Anderson  49:07

And do you think that’s a bad thing that you outsource it?


Josh Warren  49:10

No, do because like, that’s a skill set. That’s gonna take a lot. I mean, sure, for my own sake. I think about that a lot that it’s like, well, if I devoted this much time to, but that’s the thing like, when people go to school for communications, you have people that are multi, their multimedia specialists, and you do have people that are really good at video, and really good at animation. But what I notice is is like you in and communications in general, you have people that are really good at visual art, and they’re really good at graphic design. And they might be pretty good at photography. But once you start getting past three major skills, they’re not really great because it’s just on at that point, like how much time do you have to devote to these skills like for me, I think having three skillsets in, in anything, you know, like, as long as they complement one another, you should be able to make money for the rest of your life. I mean, I’m obviously halfway decent at doing photo and video, you know, and then I was decent that I’m not this is not even a thing though at the end of the day, I’m passionate about it. But I know I’m not in terms of food. I mean, don’t do it every day. I’ll cook every day. I know, I’m not the best at that. But with that being said, Do I want that third thing to be animation? I don’t know. I don’t really feel bad about outsourcing it right now. Because I know if somebody asked me to do an intricate project on After Effects, I’d be like, it’s gonna take me a long time. Right? You know, like, you don’t, you’re gonna want a decent turnaround, and I’m not your guy right now. Cuz I’m not, I don’t know my way around it that will. But you know, you with with client work and everything else that you’re trying to balance. It’s like, I’m just gonna outsource this. Right? Just make sense,


Mikayla Anderson  51:04

you know? And there’s no shame in that. I don’t think Do you think there is,


Josh Warren  51:08

um, the only thing this was gonna say the only thing that bothers me about it. I don’t mind outsourcing. It’s just that there are, you know, I’ll look at something that somebody else does for me. And I think that’s cool. I would have loved to have seen this. But I don’t know how to, I don’t know, I don’t know how to implement it. So I can’t tell him. Hey, man, implement, you know, that this effect here, dude, like, I don’t know how to do it really. That’s, I can draw a storyboard. But still, even then that’s the thing. I’ve done that with the animator before I drew a storyboard. And he got he, um, pretty much nailed it. But it’s just like, there’s just little things around my life, that’d be a hassle. This guy looks good. You know, I mean, so it’s like, it would be cool to it would be cool to have a third. And I think that probably will end up being the third.


Mikayla Anderson  52:01

No, I totally get that. Because, like, some video stuff we do here or even, like, social or I don’t know if it’s just because like, I’m such a perfectionist. And like, ideally, like, this is how I would have liked it to, like, play out. And then if, like, one little thing is like that, it’s just like, it’s still good. It’s so great.


Josh Warren  52:27

You’re gonna notice that little thing? Yeah. Just a little detail. Right? That’s, that’s what that’s what makes, like, that’s what makes you professional, though. You know, like, that’s gonna look at it like that, too. You gotta, because you can see that kind of thing. You do need to look at it from a standpoint of, okay, this is something that sets me apart from, you know, I don’t necessarily say your competition, but yeah, exactly. I mean, something that sets you apart from other people that do what you do. Because they might not see those little details that you see.


Mikayla Anderson  53:06

So as far as like, what would you say is the hardest thing being a solopreneur?


Josh Warren  53:15

Mentally The hardest thing? Really, I would more so say, like, kind of mentally and emotionally like, the self doubt thing. You can’t, that is something that you can never let sit in. It can’t stay those thoughts can’t stay there for too long. Because then you just like I said, you’re done for, um, but managing money.


Mikayla Anderson  53:46

Literally what he said when he walked in?


Josh Warren  53:48

Yeah, it’s kind of like you can have because that’s the thing. Yeah, to think about. You can have all these jobs lined up. And you know, how much money you’re gonna make? Right? So then you think of this mindset, well, oh, I’m gonna make this money then. But then it’s like, no, you gotta, you got to save money, because you got to pay taxes. You got to think about that. You got to think about it like this. Like, I hate to say it like this, but you really got to think about along the lines of within reason, of course, it’d be like, Yo, like, this might be the last time I get paid, man, you know, saying like, for a while, even if, you know, you got stuff lined up scaring yourself in a way. Yeah, but you can do it in a healthy way. I mean, the healthy way to do it honestly, is just a, you plan the days that you want to go and set $1 amount like I you know, I want to go do this with my significant other, I want to go do this and my kids and my family on this day, and then that’s going to be a day for us to splurge. And then the rest of the days, you know, these are the reasons that we pay for internet. These are the reasons that we pay. We have game systems we have, you know, we have paint, we have musical instruments, we have stuff we can occupy ourselves with that don’t cost money because we’ve already invested in them. Enjoy and utilize those things as well. And then set those days aside may even is just to mean preferably not three, you don’t need to go and splurge three days a week, because then you will be broke, but one to two days a week, do something. And then even that, that thing doesn’t even necessarily have to cost money though, right? Like, when they start seeing success, especially and then they’re like, Oh, dang, it’s kind of hard to manage money. Right? You know, whenever you’re not getting a steady, like, you know how much you’re gonna make a paycheck?


Mikayla Anderson  55:32

Yeah, yeah.


Josh Warren  55:35

Just be smart about that higher CPA.


Mikayla Anderson  55:41

Yes, yeah. Because, yeah, I mean, when you get that, like, either a deposit or last payment or whatever the heck, it’s like,


Josh Warren  55:52

going to the club, right? Yeah. We’re gonna find the turnout.


Mikayla Anderson  55:57

Yo, and, and then it’s like, after you did that, you’re like, wow, I just spent like $400 Tonight, why should not have done that?


Josh Warren  56:07

Right. But then you can’t you can’t take it


Mikayla Anderson  56:09

back. Right. So, but those are important moments to learn. So what’s next for you? Do you have any idea? Do you know what you want to do? Do you want to hire somebody? Do you not buy a house? I don’t know if you’re in your in house right now, right. Now, now, but uh, what do you want? Next? How about that?


Josh Warren  56:45

I mean, as far as like a goal, I can’t really tell you. I’m not being I’m trying to be like, whatever. But like, I do have something in the works. over tea. I can’t. I really can’t because it’s actually an idea that


Mikayla Anderson  57:00

I may not get stolen. Yeah.


Josh Warren  57:04

Really good idea.


Mikayla Anderson  57:06

We’ll see respect that see


Josh Warren  57:07

if it works. It has to do with my company. But I’ll tell you, this is over.


Mikayla Anderson  57:15

That works. Well. What How about personal goals?


Josh Warren  57:21

personal goals. Thanks. Bye. Bye. Buy house some house. That’s fair. Yeah, I mean, it’s gonna be a little while. I mean, I’m at your rent for a while. Because I’ll have 299 like that. You know, I’m saying like a lot of Mortgage Lenders want you to have two years tonight. Yeah, god. Okay, mortgage lender. There is a mortgage lender in town though. There’s a dude. I should not. I don’t think I’m going to use them though. Because he’s not gonna be in our group. But uh, I’m just gonna see if the woman in my BNI group who is my friend, Kayla Watley. By the way, she’s awesome. Get a mortgage. Kayla Wiley,


Mikayla Anderson  58:07

she for real?


Josh Warren  58:08

You know, quote, you know, Kayla like that?


Mikayla Anderson  58:10



Josh Warren  58:13

Well, you know, you already knew Dustin Raphael and people. I mean, you knew the rockville so I didn’t know that’s true. Yeah, I mean, you knew some people. Okay, well, you don’t really know.


Mikayla Anderson  58:23

No, she was actually really sweet to me when I first went there. That’s why I feel like I can say that. So


Josh Warren  58:28

Nikki was awesome. Like, she’s awesome. Uh, I need? Um, I probably because apparently there’s a guy. Like, if you write everything off, and we’re gonna see what happens this next tax season, I have no idea. No clue. I have no idea that’s gonna go I never done this before. Yeah, I’m winging it, you know, may have success doing it. But I’m saying like, in terms of like, the technical side of things. I’m figuring things out as I’m going. But, um you know, even if I write everything, if I write a lot of things off, there is apparently a way that you can get approved for mortgage. But it’s by your bank statements. Oh, wild. While and then we’re gonna do talking about it. It was in a BNI group to try to start it’s a new one. And what it was trying to start another BNI group. Wait,


Mikayla Anderson  59:30

no, they I’m still stuck on the bank statements. Right.


Josh Warren  59:33

Yeah. He said it’s really difficult to do, but he can do it. I was like, Okay, Mr. Mortgage Lender.


Mikayla Anderson  59:39

So if you could give any advice to somebody wanting to start their own business who are either in the field not in the field, or who’s like, hey, I really want to do this, but


Josh Warren  59:56

go work for somebody else that does what you want to do for a little while. And I hate to say like that like that really though, at the beginning of I didn’t think I could be an entrepreneur until I worked for a guy who was an entrepreneur who’s very well, multiple people. I mean, I’m saying in the kitchen with Jason, course, and they want to start working with Brent Latin wipey, my intention was to stay Guapi, to be honest with you. But I will tell you this, if it’s probably harder to get a job, I’m not telling you to lie. But it is probably hope for most people. Because had I told Brent, from the beginning, had I known this about myself, or honestly didn’t know about myself, and I know that I would want to do it on my own. But had I told him from the jump, he’s one of those rare people that he, he still would have hired me. I know, he still would have hired me. More often than not, you probably won’t get hired on a job. If you’re, if you tell him an interview. Well, what do you see, you know, where do you see yourself five years, and you’re like, doing what you’re doing and competing with you? Like, you know, I’m saying like, they’re, people can’t set the ego part aside. And like, it’s great about that. Like, he’s never, he’s just not he, there’s no ego about him. He just like, Yeah, dude, we’re just, we’re all humans, like, he’s just amazing person, but, um, work for work in the field that you want to be in that you want to own business and soak up as much knowledge as you can, I mean, thing is like, you need to, you really need to look at things from a standpoint of like, okay, I have a skill, the first thing I need to start a business is a skill, right? So whatever that skill is, or whatever that product or services or skill, product service, or a combination of all three. How good am I at this skill? Or how good am I selling this thing? Or how good am I at providing the service? If you don’t feel confident in answering one of those three questions, or all three of those questions, then you probably don’t need to be in business for yourself at that moment. But continue to work in the field that you want to have, like I said that you want to have your own business and, and also, what I wish I would have known. Tried to get a grasp on the marketing aspect of things. I’ll tell anybody to join a BNI group. Once you’re ready to get out on your own, save up for that. It’s like, it’s close to 700 bucks for the first year. And then after that, I think it’s like 550 or 600. I can’t remember off the top my head but 675 or something like that first call, yeah, first cost, like 675, then it’s under 600.


Mikayla Anderson  1:02:47

Which seems like a lot. But yeah, over 12 months, it’s not a lot, right? When you put in that aspect, it really is not


Josh Warren  1:02:55

doesn’t mean it’s like, think about it, like your cell phone costs more than that. But as far as when you’re ready, like, enter at skill wise, when you’re ready to I mean, like no doubt, join a BNI group. Get to know people, you know, build those relationships based on trust. And then and all you got to do at that point is your job. Right? You book meetings like LinkedIn is where it’s at, use LinkedIn post on LinkedIn every day, maybe take a day off, like Sunday or something, whatever, posts six days a week. Same with Instagram, Facebook, you know, like our marketing guy says my BNI group don’t necessarily do tick tock unless you plan on posting three or four videos a day. That’s just how tic tock is, you know, but like, be active on social media. That’s how you get leads. Like for real, that’s how you get leads. And just look at statistics. Look at the market that you are, you know, the demographic that you’re marketing to look at stats that you can look up these kind of statistics look up, how many users between age are using Instagram on a daily basis, how many users in a certain age bracket are using Facebook? How many are using Snapchat, tick tock all of them. Like it’s you know, if you have any kind of business LinkedIn as a must but then do your research and figure out what the other


Mikayla Anderson  1:04:22

ones are. One needs to be right.


Josh Warren  1:04:25

And had I understand that said that from the beginning, I probably probably would have had more consistent business from the beginning. I’m just to the point now, almost 10 months in which it’s like businesses consistent. It’s it’s very consistent at this point, but at some scary, really scary moments. And the worst like I said, the worst thing that you can do is doubt yourself. Just don’t like for me, it’s God. If it’s if you’re an atheist, and it’s, you know, try to find and I’m not knocking anybody who believe in whatever they believe, but find it find some kind of difference. Listen, whether it be spiritual, or, or if it’s a martial art or if it’s whatever it is, like just find some kind of discipline, that whenever you begin to doubt yourself, you can gain that confidence back is like, like for I can put it like this because I’m a Christian. We think of things in terms of like God provides for us. So if I’m, if I’m looking at it like, Okay, well, I don’t think I have enough money. But all but all my bills every month that I’ve been doing this all my bills have been paid. I’ve had enough food to eat, which granted, at some point, yeah, there were there was outside. Help from that, you know what I mean, but at the same time, it’s like, I was still providing the things that I needed, my family needed, I always had been. So it’s like, you’re okay, yeah, I’m fine. So you have to look at it from a standpoint of like, you, you’re going, if you trust for me, it’s trusting God. But if it’s not God for you, if you trust yourself, and trust your ability for me to trust in God, then trust myself and trust in the ability that he’s given me, I know that I will continue to see success, because I’m doing the things that I am supposed to be doing. Like, I’m going to my meetings, I’m booking meetings, I’m active on social media, you know, like, I’m doing when I go when I do a job, I’m I’m putting everything that I have into it. You know, and as long as you as long as you repeat that process, you’re gonna see there’s no way you’re not going to see success unless we have another global pandemic. So.


Mikayla Anderson  1:06:43

No, that’s, that’s good. So I have one challenge to that. What would you say to somebody who? Like, do you ever find yourself in like, whether it be like, you’re really sad, you lost somebody, something happened, like, either traumatic in your life, or something’s going on in your life, where you feel like you can’t be in that creative mindset? And how do you deal with that? Because I feel like a lot of people who are people who are going through life have different seasons of their life where they’re either going through something, something happened, or bla bla bla bla bla, and I am very firm believer that as a creative person, that you have a really hard time doing your job if you’re not okay, up here. And how do you get through that?


Josh Warren  1:07:38

Well, really, truly with that, yeah, I can remember one shoot in particular, I can’t remember what was going on. But I’m rough felt when you had that amount of stress in you. Yeah, that amount of worry, or that amount of sadness, whatever it may be. Usually, all three of them hit me at the same time. It’s, you practice the fundamentals. That’s really and that’s, that’s what I was talking about with learning your skill and becoming, you know, getting comfortable and your skill to the point where you feel like you can do it on your own, where you don’t have to look at a superior because there is no superior if it’s your own business, right? That’s thing like, we don’t have to look at the superior and be like, Am I doing this? Right? If you’re to the point in which everything is second nature to you, focus on only the fundamentals. I need this shit, like, I’m videoing. And I’m in that kind of headspace. It’s like, I know I need the shot. Because the overall and even if, you know, like, that’s why I write scripts, you know, I’m saying like, that’s why I have storyboards. That’s why I write everything out for my clients. And I’m like, we’re, some people will tell me, we just want you to be creative on your own. Or like we believe in you do what you got to do, then I just have in my notes exactly how I want things. And am I improv on them sometimes, and I’m probably more likely to improv whenever I’m in my best mood, you know, but even but I know that even on my worst days, because I write everything down. And because I do practice those fundamentals, it’s going to be a great quality product, no matter what. So whatever you do, granted, there are things that like when I was cooking, though, like when my grandfather died in the middle of May, in the middle of a shift. I remember Jason telling me appointed an ivory tower talk about I remember Jason telling me I was trying to stay Mr. Jason looking at me and you’d like he’s like, What the hell is wrong? He’s like, Go, he’s like, Well, he’s like, I’ll I’ll cook on the line if I have to like don’t worry about it. You know, I mean, like, but I remember even in that mindset, though, that’s, that’s immediately what happened. I was just looking at my tickets and During the fundamentals of cooking, I wasn’t talking to anybody else when doing you know when jovial but I was just like, my mind just goes to the task. So, if you, if you can just focus on again, your fundamentals, then you can get through times like that you’ll be able to get through times like that. But in order to keep yourself okay up here whether it be therapy, like literal counseling, again, a workout routine, martial art, a hobby, whatever it is, or compilation, all those things would probably be the most healthy. Practice those self help things. You, if you practice self help, in the good times, you’ll be able to weather the bad times a whole lot better.


Mikayla Anderson  1:10:49

I think that’s it. Well, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. I appreciate you coming here. And I think you gave a lot of really good advice, not only to our wonderful audience, but personally cuz I’m going through a lot of these different emotions too. So it’s been great. And what are your apps for people who want to follow you or find you on social media? Yeah, cuz we put it out on Spotify too.


Josh Warren  1:11:20

Okay. So it’s a at surface. Su R F A C E wave, WA ve V media, M Ed IA at surface wave media. That will be on Instagram, on Facebook. It’s at surface wave media LLC. Same thing but LLC. Yeah, I mean, that’s that’s it guys.


Mikayla Anderson  1:11:51

Are people who want to follow you on LinkedIn?


Josh Warren  1:11:54

Josh Warren, owner of surface wave media, LLC, Josh Warren is spelled J S h, w a r r e n.


Mikayla Anderson  1:12:04

I think that’s it you guys and thank you guys so much for tuning into the young Creators Podcast. Um, if you guys want to tune in next week, feel free to we have a very special guest coming next week.

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