December 10, 2021

young + creatives

Giving Yourself Grace Based on Your Journey

Welcome back to the season finale of the young+creatives podcast! In our last episode of the season, Christian, Mikayla, and Sidney all sit down to discuss what their experiences and struggles have been ‘growing up young’, what they wished they knew, and reflect on moments that took them by surprise. Thank you guys so much for helping us get to episode 12, we wouldn’t have been able to do this without our listeners!

In this episode of young+creatives we cover several key topics including:

  • Starting a full time business at 22
  • Not being prepared to lose friendships
  • Holding myself accountable
  • Reminding myself, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be
  • It’s not the individual things, its the overall process
  • My experience with marriage at 22
  • Having the hard conversations
  • Separating what’s real from what’s fake
  • Advice we’d give ourselves 1 year ago

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Team RMG  00:00

Welcome to the young creatives podcast brought to you by our vision Marketing Group. Young creative will serve as a platform to promote, discuss and give advice on Millennial creatives coexist in a traditional job


Christian Payton  00:18

Welcome back to the Creators Podcast. Whoo. Okay, so


Mikayla Anderson  00:24

today you we have Mikayla Anderson, Christian Payton, and the one and only Cindy Jackson, who is currently fixing his microphone. Yes.


Sidney Jackson  00:34

Sure. Hey, yo.


Mikayla Anderson  00:38

Okay, well,


Christian Payton  00:40

today’s episode is going to be fine, I think. But it’s our last episode for the season. So this is season one. The first season? How do you feel my first census was your baby? How do you feel about


Mikayla Anderson  00:55

this? It’s not just my baby. Well,


Christian Payton  00:59

yeah, it’s not just you, but you know, just came on, like two months ago. So I’m like, it’s not really my baby as much as it is yours.


Mikayla Anderson  01:06

I feel like a mother and watching my child grow too fast. That’s it. That’s all I got.


Sidney Jackson  01:16

That’s a really good one. For me, for like season one and season two. I feel relieved. One is because 12 episodes went by extremely quickly. We had some really good guests on there, and some internal one. So I’m super relieved that it went well. And then season two is gonna be a lot


Mikayla Anderson  01:38

more accurate. Yeah, it’s


Christian Payton  01:40

a great word crisp,


Mikayla Anderson  01:41

clean. Maybe some new branding.


Christian Payton  01:45

I mean, there was trial and error for season one, too. So we know like, we did that last time. We really like seasoning


Mikayla Anderson  01:50

under our belt. Yeah.


Sidney Jackson  01:53

A lot of it. Especially within these last two weeks, to close up. Season One. Um, so it’s, yeah,


Mikayla Anderson  02:02

absolutely. Absolutely. So today, before we jump into the episode, we have a story. Well, first, what is our story about?


Christian Payton  02:12

Are we telling the story right now?


Mikayla Anderson  02:14

No, you got to tell us like why we’re telling the story. Like, what are we doing?


Christian Payton  02:19

Oh, yes, yes, yeah. So we are doing a food drive for the holiday season. So last last week, we were doing like our creative session for our social media, which we do every month. And we were just sitting talking about, like what we could do for the month of December, and the idea of a food drive came to us. So we’re going to be doing a food drive from now until December 17. And we titled it food for thought. And it’s small businesses working together to help our neighbors. And all of the proceeds are going to be donated to Christian service. And you can donate like cash, or money like monetary donations can be made to their cash app, which is the dollar sign at Christian service LA.


Sidney Jackson  03:05

Yep. And that organization doesn’t have any affiliation with Christian.


Christian Payton  03:10

Not me. Not at all. I actually didn’t ask me that. He was like, Is this you? I’m like, No, it’s not me. It has nothing to do with me at all. It’s just a great nonprofit here in the Shreveport motor area.


Mikayla Anderson  03:22

Absolutely. Yes. So that was our first big event. So today, we had the privilege to go on the Christian service campus and tour the facility with Mr. Owl. Shout out to Mr. Owl are the best if you’re listening to this. Um, but yeah, so we went and toured the campus, we got to take some photos got to learn a little bit more about their mission. What they do for the community are amazing. So good. Yeah, so good. And soon after that, we were able to pick up the flyers do we have


Christian Payton  03:57

we don’t have a flyer near us, but that’s okay. It was gonna hold it up, but we don’t have one.


Mikayla Anderson  04:02

Watch our podcast on YouTube shortly. Anyways. So yeah, we went and got the flyers and then we had to go get


Christian Payton  04:11

we got the flyers from a from a small business here in Shreveport as well. So support small businesses. Absolutely. Yes.


Sidney Jackson  04:17

Yeah. Ups.


Mikayla Anderson  04:18

Yeah. Yeah. And so we were gonna go get boxes and wrapping paper to decorate the box to have like, one general donation location.


Christian Payton  04:32

Which is down here was on the first floor of the office. Yes.


Mikayla Anderson  04:37

Um, so we went to Walmart. We did you want to?


Christian Payton  04:42

So we went to Walmart, and we were looking for like a box that was big enough for the canned goods because we’re going to get so many donations like, that’s wishful thinking. So we needed something that was going to be big enough to hold all of our donations. Walmart didn’t have anything. So me and Mikayla were like, well, they should be able to donate a box for us like they get like inventory all the time like they have boxes. But the workers were just not that friendly at all. Like, we don’t have them. They’re broken down. We can’t help you.


Mikayla Anderson  05:10

Yeah. It was not it. Like we weren’t at first, we went to the office section. And we didn’t find a box big enough. Nothing. And then we found they were like, trying to give us boxes that were just like, either laying around the store. No good. No good for us that just weren’t like it. And so we saw one that like, really caught our eye, which is the one that we ended up getting that we just wrapped Sydney. Mm hmm. So the box that we got, had like


Christian Payton  05:43

candle wax in it on the floor of Walmart.


Mikayla Anderson  05:50

The box had candle wax at it. And it was used for like a display shelf. And Walmart. There was only like, four or five candle waxes in it. And so we were like, oh,


Christian Payton  06:03

but mind you Walmart was packed today. Like nobody was at work.


Sidney Jackson  06:06

We would Yeah. Yeah.


Christian Payton  06:10

So we moved the candle wax unto another display with candle wax. And, and we we work together. We work together to put the box it was so big. We had to like turn it upside down. People are watching us on Walmart do this. Me and Mikayla put the box in our buggy. And she it was so big she couldn’t even see. I was like pulling it pulling the buggy from the front. And she was pushing it from the back. We went through self self checkout, we bought the paper and the bows and we we came back to work around


Mikayla Anderson  06:45

Now one question asked by any Walmart employee. They are duration there.


Sidney Jackson  06:53

Okay, so I’m not sure we’ll put this one in the episode because that’s kind of like stealing maybe is it? Is we got this night because we just got


Mikayla Anderson  07:04

it was a donation.


Christian Payton  07:05

No, it definitely was a donation from Walmart. Okay.


Sidney Jackson  07:10

So we’re not going to say the Walmart name, but it’s a store. A store. Yeah. Okay. No, I’m kidding. It should be fine. I’m gonna be mine. And I’m a snitch on y’all.


Christian Payton  07:21

Are y’all just totally just missing ourselves? Yeah.


Mikayla Anderson  07:24

Do you think we should start over? No.


Christian Payton  07:26

I think it’ll be fine. I think it’ll be fine. It was literally a box that was Degner empty. Okay, and we didn’t still candle wax. We didn’t steal anything. We put the candle wax to the side like a giant box. They were gonna throw it in the trash. Yeah.


Sidney Jackson  07:41

Or recycle it? No way.


Christian Payton  07:43

It’s nothing


Mikayla Anderson  07:46

but it this way. This box. We did it for a good purpose, though. So.


Christian Payton  07:51

So they’re helping we can go to bed. I’m gonna go to bed like I’m gonna sleep well tonight.


Sidney Jackson  07:57

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what all criminal say? Well, we did it for a good cause. Oh my god, it should be fun.


Christian Payton  08:03

And then after that, we went and got food from Tropical Smoothie Cafe another small business locally owned in Bowsher Louisiana. So


Sidney Jackson  08:12

Bonjour. Stand up. Yes.


Christian Payton  08:15

Okay, now we can actually get into the episode, the topic for today is that you should avoid


Mikayla Anderson  08:19

that funny little we thought it was really had to kick it off, especially for the final episode of the season. Just to give you a little


Christian Payton  08:28

behind the scenes of what’s going on.


Mikayla Anderson  08:30

Yeah, it’s chaos, controlled chaos, but


Sidney Jackson  08:33

good chaos in the year chaos.


Mikayla Anderson  08:38

Okay. On this episode of young creatives, we’re going to be talking about something that I feel like a lot of people can relate to, in this day of age are going through. Like, I don’t know if my mom would say that she did this. Well.


Christian Payton  08:59

I mean, at some point, just


Mikayla Anderson  09:02

okay. Growing up young, right. I feel like this is a bigger topic than what it was before. Because the different ways that we’re quote, unquote, growing up are different than what our parents, our grandparents,


Christian Payton  09:21

it’s different than it’s ever been before. Just based off of like technology alone.


Mikayla Anderson  09:25

Absolutely. Absolutely. So Sydney. You are 2525


Sidney Jackson  09:33

going on. 40. Yes. Oh,


Mikayla Anderson  09:36

yep. So how do you like how do you feel that like you started your business at 2322 22


Christian Payton  09:51

We did this math last week. 22 I


Mikayla Anderson  09:55

think 22 years old. You started your own business


Sidney Jackson  09:58

or full time, full time. I’m yes old time.


Mikayla Anderson  10:01

So how hard was that for you at the age of 22, to say, Okay, I’m gonna start my own business full time.


Sidney Jackson  10:11

I’m extremely awkward, but I learned a lot. didn’t make a lot of money, still not making a lot of money. But initially, that was the objective. Because, well, coming out from Monroe in New Orleans, it was like, Hey, we are broke. So we need some cash. So when I went into the business full time, I still was like, super broke, especially right out of college. So, but at the same time, I didn’t have a lot of expenses, such as like a mortgage, or kids to take care of my wife or my girlfriend at the time. She didn’t spend a lot. So it wasn’t, it wasn’t like a big jump. But definitely tough. Because you didn’t know where the next revenue would come from. But I think it’s really just all about pacing yourself. So for me, I’m, well frugal. Some people when I say cheap, Krishna say use the word. Yeah. I think I like the word cheap.


Christian Payton  11:16

Better, though. That’s I’ve never heard that before.


Sidney Jackson  11:20

So I’m cheap. I don’t spend a lot of money in when revenue comes into the business, you just kind of tuck it away for a rainy day. Yeah. I don’t know if I answered the question. But


Mikayla Anderson  11:35

you did. So like, as far as, like, starting the business and everything. I just can’t see myself starting my own business at 22. Like, I don’t know, what the heck you had over there? Like, did you already know you wanted to do that?


Sidney Jackson  11:56

Yes. Well, I didn’t, I didn’t know it was gonna come so fast. Right. Um, and then working with the Small Business Development Center and learning so much from about entrepreneurship from entrepreneurs. That allowed me to learn as much as possible one, but it didn’t really prepare me for the real as far as like entrepreneurship, you as the individual gone through it. But yeah, didn’t didn’t truly have a choice as far as like entrepreneurship and going into it full time. I still had the business. And I was laid off due to budget cuts and stuff like that. So it was the perfect opportunity. One, and it helped happen a lot quicker than I thought it was. But everything just kind of played out, I think are still playing out in a sense.


Mikayla Anderson  12:56

So with you, Christian. Well, first, okay, so I was when I was preparing for this episode, I was going through the internet and basically just like searching like adulting struggles, as adulting is like a word that us we use. Yeah, us Millennials Gen Z’s whatever the heck. I’m so I was reading a Reddit thread. And what what is an adult problem that you are not prepared for?


Christian Payton  13:30

There were so many adult problems, and I felt like I wasn’t prepared for, um, and there’s really no way to prepare for anything. As far as like, growing up, I feel like becoming an adult. Like that’s a whole nother subject. Okay, so one that I was not prepared for, I would say maybe like not talking to or like losing friends. I think. I feel like that was one like losing friends and like, just, like outgrowing each other like going down different paths. Or like even like when you do talk to a friend that you didn’t really lose contact with like the conversation is not the same. So when I was like 18, or 19, I could call my friend, my best friend and say, Hey, do you want to do this? Do you want to do that? Or like, let’s do let’s go this place or, like, we could just talk for hours. And that’s not the case anymore, cuz she’s married with a child and she lives in Dallas. So just like going different paths in life wasn’t an adult struggle that I think you can prepare for. I wasn’t prepared. Yeah, I


Mikayla Anderson  14:40

definitely wasn’t prepared for that either. I guess like, it’s okay, though. Yeah, go down different paths. I think it’s so like, I don’t know if it’s just me. But that was like, it took me a while to realize like it’s okay. It’s heartbreaking that yeah, that these people had a time and a place in my life. And that’s okay. Like, I don’t need them the entire duration of my life. And that’s like a big swallow of pride because they don’t need me the entire duration.


Sidney Jackson  15:15

Yeah, this is definitely true. Because I have a best friend, Tyler. And he’s, well, I think he’s in Hawaii now. He, he’s in a military, and he started a family. And then we stuck. Me and my wife and kids and everything like that. And in high school, we were extremely close. And then we kind of separated as far as like Tolkin, every now and then from college. And then it just reports from near in a sense, we still keep in touch, every now and then. And still my friend, but not on a level that it wasn’t. Yeah, high school, which is, is different. But it’s still like, a friendship. It’s just not as much as it was because you see everybody or each other every day. And now it’s like you see, you build more relationships with the people that you see every day. And I’m still kind of Santa contact with other people. Other friends from Yeah, high school and everything.


Christian Payton  16:14

It’s, um, that and taxes. That really what I was gonna say, I wasn’t hacking


Sidney Jackson  16:22

taxes. Yeah, I think, um, as far as prepping, I think it was a way to prep us for like doing taxes, right. From a school standpoint, a parenting standpoint, or just education overall, because taxes is fun. So I did taxes I think for the first time in 2018 2019, maybe for the first time of your life? I think so. Not I can be right.


Christian Payton  16:53

My first time was like two years ago. Really?


Sidney Jackson  16:55

I think it was my when I first went to college, so that was 2015 2015 2016. But with dad, it was just my personal taxes. And then I had to do the business tax. That’s a whole thing. It’s fun. Yeah. So now how your CPA to do the business taxes.


Christian Payton  17:18

That’s a whole thing.


Sidney Jackson  17:21

It’s definitely a lot.


Christian Payton  17:23

The smallest things like Caleb, when we were doing a soundcheck, you’re like, What am I going to eat for dinner? That was something we never have to think about as children, because we ate what our moms made. Or we complained about it. And then like she made something else. Either way, we didn’t have to think about it ourselves. Right? It’s like always something as an adult, like if it’s not one, or you know the same


Mikayla Anderson  17:43

thing, or like cleaning your house the same.


Christian Payton  17:46

If it’s not one thing, it’s another Yeah. And that’s like true when you’re like when you’re an adult. It’s not one thing. It’s like something else. Yep.


Sidney Jackson  17:55

I’m seven. Yeah, it’s always a lot. It’s always a lot that you took for granted as like a child, such as like mom cooking, right? Yeah. And I think what well, when we complained about it, she was like, well, and that’s how you’re gonna eat. That’s definitely okay. Be hungry if you’re not going to eat the red beans and rice every Monday. But


Mikayla Anderson  18:20

cheese and hot dogs


Sidney Jackson  18:24

Yeah, so I think Well, I definitely took it for granted like the preparation because my mom loves cooking. I absolutely hate it. Because it’s, it’s not time consuming. It’s just like, I’d rather be doing something else. Yeah, other than cooking.


Christian Payton  18:40

Yeah, it takes patience to


Sidney Jackson  18:42

but sometimes I find myself enjoying it when I have the ability to really just kind of like slow down. But you still have to cook every single day. So it’s like yeah,


Mikayla Anderson  18:57

well then if you’re not doing that, then you have to clean the house or do the laundry or no, I’m getting stressed out I’m thinking of all the different things I need to do when I get home.


Christian Payton  19:08

I’m not


Mikayla Anderson  19:10

pay for it paying for car insurance,


Christian Payton  19:13

gas. I hate paying for gas like I missed the days where like I had a car and I got my insurance paid for. I’ve got my gas paid for


Mikayla Anderson  19:21

care. And I don’t have to worry about that. Yeah, do


Christian Payton  19:26

you know you do though?


Sidney Jackson  19:28

I do. Guess how much it is per minute how much you got to guess.


Christian Payton  19:34

For you. Your wife and two children for me.


Sidney Jackson  19:37

Adeline Victoria Breeland


Mikayla Anderson  19:40

$700 More


Christian Payton  19:42

You’re lying $900 No more grand your dollar. It’s


Sidney Jackson  19:47



Mikayla Anderson  19:52

That’s insane. That’s it rent. That was literally my rent.


Sidney Jackson  19:58

That’s more than our mortgage. and home insurance right now.


Christian Payton  20:01

That’s insane. Especially if you never get sick.


Sidney Jackson  20:05

Yeah. So I’m juggling that like because when I was a student and I’m certain that Northwestern I didn’t pay for health insurance because it was like I’m young. That’s not gonna happen right? And nothing dead thank God. But now you have or I have a wife kids just can’t juggle the wrist with the what is like 1100 Sidney


Mikayla Anderson  20:36

that is so much harder to me.


Sidney Jackson  20:38

Yeah, we are. And that’s why I’m cheap though. And we were disciplined enough to save because we’re not making a lot but with that we were able to go into cash reserves and get that situated. But but it’s not going to be like that forever so because it is not sustainable. But


Mikayla Anderson  21:00

Brian Matt military trained till the day I die


Christian Payton  21:03

on me somebody military because that is so much. So


Mikayla Anderson  21:07

he pays $5 A month is good for my health insurance. That’s wonderful. And I get all my medications for free. I don’t mean to rub it in your face.


Sidney Jackson  21:16

When it was a time when we had that were was paid for by my wife’s my wife’s company. But we are looking into health insurance for revision. Oh, word


Mikayla Anderson  21:30

I knew about this. Actually. I did a word


Sidney Jackson  21:39

because it’s expensive and it should be paid for by the employer. At least I think so. Um, and yeah, there’s a lot individually.


Mikayla Anderson  21:50

So for an example, like health insurance, how did you hold yourself accountable to like, Okay, I have to do this.


Sidney Jackson  22:02

I didn’t my wife did. Honesty. Well, I’ve held me accountable. Because I’m like, Yeah, everything is good. But well before to kids now I’m like, Yeah, we absolutely have to because kids are fine. And then Adeline with the? Yeah, the Kawasaki and she stayed in the hospital for three days. And then the bill came and it was like, a lot. But we had health insurance. So it paid for pretty much all of it. I think it was like 30,000 If I’m not mistaken. That’s insane. Insane. Indeed.





Christian Payton  22:44

You can’t even afford to get sick. No. Wow, that’s important


Sidney Jackson  22:49

not to have health to share. Yeah, it’s stuff. Yeah, so as far as I’m holding accountable. Most times it’s my wife holding me accountable for like adulting things, right? From a business standpoint. Most times I hold myself accountable. But if I don’t, I make sure to share my goals and tasks and everything with other people. So they hold me accountable. Or it’s like, I feel somewhat ashamed if I don’t achieve it. Because you have set reminder because, yep. Accountability, that kind of hog. Keep up with it or go about it.


Mikayla Anderson  23:34

That’s a good way though. That is,


Christian Payton  23:37

that’s like, I’m sorry, you were talking.


Mikayla Anderson  23:39

It’s just like, that’s a lot of trust, first of all, like to have in somebody to be like, hey, I need to get this done. Well, is it?


Christian Payton  23:52

I think it takes more like, I don’t worry, yeah, you have to be able to like just like put yourself out there and say, hey, I want to do this and this and this. And then if you don’t accomplish accomplish it, it’s almost like for me, it would be like, I don’t I hate to use the word guilt. But like, I would feel like embarrassed almost because it’s like, I told you I was going to do this. And then I didn’t I didn’t come through. Yeah, and I didn’t come through for myself. So you can even depend me depend on me for certain things.


Sidney Jackson  24:18

Yeah. This is true. Yeah, so most times, it’s for those big things you you shared, but um, a lot of stuff. You kind of work within silo, and you hold yourself accountable, at least until you get to a point where it’s like, I know that I’m gonna be able to achieve this. And then you share it or you share it up front and then you really work towards it.


Christian Payton  24:46

Yeah, I see people do that in a way on Instagram. Or like if they’re like wanting to lose weight like they’d like they start like good like the journal or like a diary on Instagram of like, day one. Oh, yeah. And they post every single day so that like their followers can like, hold, even if their followers like aren’t really paying attention. It’s like, I have these people following me. And I said that I was going to do it. So I have to do it because I said I would someone’s watching. Yeah, someone’s watching you. So it’s, it’s the equivalent, I feel. How do you hold yourself accountable Mikayla?


Mikayla Anderson  25:23

See, that’s the hard part. Because


Sidney Jackson  25:30

Sydney hoes are accountable.


Mikayla Anderson  25:33

It’s so hard because it’s like, I feel like I do these certain things throughout the day, not because I need to get them done. But because I need How do I put it not because I need to get it done. But because I want this to be better for this reason. So like, if I’m working on a company’s website, it’s not I need to get this done to meet a deadline. It’s, I need to help them improve their audience or blah, blah, blah, blah, because they’re relying on me to do that. Like, having that mindset, rather than being like, I need to get these pages done today. That’s good. And that took me a very, very long time, because I remember coming in through a vision and being so micro minded about every single element on the page. And now it’s like, it’s like nine day honestly, I can see way higher than I ever thought I would be able to so I love it. But I was so stressed out before Wow. I’m chilling now, but not in a good way.


Sidney Jackson  26:52

Okay. But, but that sounds like a deeper level of accountability. Because it’s not like on specific tasks, items persuade, per se. Of course, it’s like a website or a different project, you have these due dates, but the accountability runs deeper because you have buy in with the client, and you are trying to make their business better. And I think for like accountability, accountability, gee whiz, accountability, like that. It transitions to other areas of life, right? Because if I am, so say, Take, for instance, me and my family, with healthcare and stuff like that. It’s like, okay, we know that we need 1100 additional amount are from savings and stuff like that. The Accountability isn’t me, or my wife saying, Hey, we have to pay this. The accountability is what happens if we don’t? Yeah, the family putting them in jeopardy if we don’t, and that transition is back to the client, where it’s like, Okay, we have to get this website out, or it is social media out by this deadline. But it’s a lot more at stake than this. So that’s what’s holding me accountable. Not the actual due date, if that makes sense.


Mikayla Anderson  28:19

Which also is kind of a fear factor for me, though, because like, it’s scary, because I get so it’s good, and it’s bad. I get so emotionally involved in things that if they don’t go a certain way, I just like, freak out. I’m like, I don’t know what to do. I think I’m getting better at it. But


Sidney Jackson  28:42

yes, you are.


Mikayla Anderson  28:45

That’s good. It was so hard at first, that’s a part


Christian Payton  28:49

of like the growing up young or like the growth process. Yeah.


Mikayla Anderson  28:56

So I want to ask you a question. Because I take a deep breath. Yeah, no, okay. Oh, so we were talking about this like a little bit. Like I think it was like a couple weeks ago, but like, trying to figure out like seeing all of your peers on social media either getting engaged or having children. I was gonna say babies having children or buying houses and everything and like how do you think like, how do you handle that


Christian Payton  29:35

girl? That’s everything I’m not doing so sometimes it’s it’s really hard some sometimes it is like, very difficult to like not compare yourself. Just because it’s like, what’s wrong with me? Or like, what am I doing wrong? Or like, I had my life planned out that this way or that way or, you know, XYZ like you can like go down a rabbit hole of like comparing yourself and like wondering Like, why it’s not you, within, like, I have conversation conversations with my older sister all the time, or my best friend or just like getting just like hearing different stories from people that like have things that like, I’m trying to like, that I want, and I don’t have right now. And like, it’s just it’s not, it’s not always what you think it is. So like, I’m not married right now. But marriage just work like it’s hard work. And so that I’m like, You know what? I don’t want to fight fair all the time. So I’m glad I’m not married. Like, honestly, yeah. Or like, even like, not like, having your house like being a homeowner. I was renting for a long time, like an apartment. And I see people my age, like, having homes. And I’m like, that’s amazing. Like, why don’t I have that, but then I’m thinking, I’m like, well, Christian, like when something messes up, like that’s on them, like, you have like a maintenance wing, and you can call, like, that’s not your responsibility. So really just realizing, like, it’s not really always what it seems like, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and constantly having to remind yourself that, like, you’re exactly where or me constantly having to remind myself like, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, like, if anything else, small change, I wouldn’t even be sitting here having this conversation with you right now. So just like constantly, like, telling myself that preaching that to myself. Because I mean, once you like, tell yourself something over and over again, like you start to believe it. So like, just constantly like speaking to yourself in that way, like telling yourself like, you know, like, you’re where you’re supposed to be. So it’s fine. Like, when it happens, it happens. You’re going to enjoy it that much more, but appreciate these moments right now.


Mikayla Anderson  31:41

Yeah, she she served it to me,


Christian Payton  31:43

I’m just saying, cuz I mean, being like 21 Till my age.


Sidney Jackson  31:51

Are you like 40? Okay.


Christian Payton  31:56

I don’t know if they can tell from the few episodes. I’m like, I play so much. But being 2425 and like, a few weeks, like, you feel like, you don’t like when you when you’re younger? You’re like, I want to be married by 25. Are kids at this age? Yeah. And yeah, I don’t have anything that I said I was gonna have at the age that I said I was gonna have it at like, I graduated high school at 18. So at 22, I should have graduated college, my life did not pan out that way. Like I decided to take a year off from school. And then, so I ended up graduating at 24, two years after I was supposed to graduate, quote, unquote. And then it’s like, okay, well, I’m not married yet. And it’s like, Christian, you aren’t even dating. So how does that work? So really just like, being mindful and appreciating, like the, like, the exact moment that you’re in, like, truly living your life, like living the like, and enjoying those moments that you’re in. That’s like, that’s all I got. Because if you don’t, then you’ll just be miserable comparing, and like, you’ll never really enjoy the moments that you’re in. And then if you if I can’t enjoy these moments, what makes me think I’m going to enjoy being married, or what makes me think I’m gonna be happier with the house or be happier with kids. I’m not even enjoying being single, like, you know, being, you know, not having as many responsibilities. So why would I enjoy having all these other responsibilities if I can’t enjoy not having any right now?


Sidney Jackson  33:25

No, that’s really good. For me, I think. So being like, 25, right? I don’t, I don’t really find myself like comparing myself to other people. Unless it’s, like a millionaire at 22 or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Um, but at the same time, it’s like, I love the overall process of learning and going through all of these things. So what marriage and Ben would my wife since 2014, and learning so much about her and then bringing a kid into the mix and marriage and another kid, and then how since like, it’s not the individual things. It’s the overall process that helps me out on my path. And to compare myself to somebody else. At my age, it’s like, well, I don’t know what pad they were on, right? Because my pad is mine. And that’s how I always take it, like entrepreneurship and being in business, it’s easy to compare yourself to like the other business with someone more seasoned than you, at least for me, right? But at the same time, it’s like, well, I’m learning so much as an individual from being an owner of revision and from men, a father and a husband and a home owner home ownership, by the way, it’s not like it is okay. I want to probably win have waited to own a home. But yeah, it’s cheaper than apartment. Yeah. Which sounds crazy, but it really is. Yeah. It’s just that initial investment. Yeah. But yeah, for me, like you, boy, Robert say said, is no competition, because you have your own journey. And if you think you were, well, I think everybody is where they should be me too. Because it’s your journey. Yeah, you can, it can be defined by some something else about you McKell.


Mikayla Anderson  35:42

She’s, um, so it’s weird because like, out of my college graduating class, I was probably one if not the first to get married. And I don’t know if it was because of out of envy of my classmates. Or just like, I don’t even care, I don’t even know I don’t even want to know. But it was just like, they completely like, cut it everything off. And it was just like, they thought I was on a higher level than them. Like, even my close friends were like, you’re all grown up now. Like you got a house you got, you just bought your new car, like you got married, you got your own dog. And I’m like, I still don’t know how to even make like, spaghetti some nights. Like, if you asked me to make a meatball right now, I couldn’t even tell you half of the ingredients. Yeah, I gotta look at recipe card. But that was like, I don’t even know why we put it like that. Because people just thought as soon as I got married, moved away, did all these quote unquote, adult things that I’m automatically 10 times more mature than them or better than them or like different things like that. And they didn’t think that I wanted them in my life because of those reasons. Which I didn’t realize at the time, because I didn’t have those conversations until later. And so when people from back home, were reaching out to me and was like, This is what I thought when you moved home and you moved away. And like we didn’t talk. Like I thought you were out there living your life wanting to like not talk to me. I was like, now like that.


Sidney Jackson  37:37

Yeah, that is the stories that people make up. Because what bad it’s like, because I went to I went through something similar in like, college where I was, or I was doing music videos. And this guy, local guy, no NACADA, she had invested in like a camera and started doing music videos as well. And I was the first one to really, like, do a lot of music videos and Nagesh. So I was getting known like the brand. But it wasn’t like, Hey, I’m making a ton of money. I was like, hey, I can afford to eat ramen in college now. And since I have, like $100 per music video, right? So it wasn’t like, hey, it’s all the way up here, for me as an individual or for that brand. But once I engage with this guy, he was like, Oh, you’re not as bad as I thought you were. Because people see this stuff and they see you doing stuff. But they just, they don’t engage. So they have to make up stories or so they can understand it right? But once they talk to you, and once they get to know you, it’s like, oh, it’s not, it’s pretty much the same. We’re pretty much the same. We’re just have different journeys. And that’s fine. Because for that, because for that, like what the music videos, I didn’t want to do music videos, and he absolutely enjoyed it. So I would have switched immediately. Like I went ahead and invested in camera and stuff like that, but if somebody else can do it, and I do the editing you know, but but people just from lack of knowing. Yeah, that happened. But I think communication helps with that a lot where you can talk to somebody one on one and really authentically tried to learn more about them. You’ll come to find that you have a lot in common. And you’ll find insight into the hurdles that they went through for like marriage and what is it homeownership and kids and all this other stuff because that That’s what I was seeking when I first started talking to people before all of these things. Like when I was a student, I talked to older people. And I was like, Hey, how is it? Bana grandpa or grandma and really chose to seek knowledge? Instead of looking at someone and saying, Well, I didn’t have all of these things, so they’re better. And I can’t even compete with them. Because it’s not a competition. It’s just learning as much as possible. So you have that once you’re older, and you’re going through this process, you know, because you was open enough to have that conversation with people. Right.


Christian Payton  40:38

I think that’s like a level of maturity, that’s a different level of maturity, especially being so young though. Two things. One, I feel like when people see you and like, like, a certain place in your life, that they kind of want for themselves. It’s easy to just, like judge or like, Phil, like, So and so thinks that, like, they’re better than me, or it’s just, like, easy to like, tell yourself that. Like, it’s, it’s easy to like, tell yourself that and then like you start to believe it, even if you have like no facts to go off of. And then to you said, like having like conversations and just like communicating those things, that’s like an adult thing. Like that is just, that was something else that I wasn’t ready for, like, at like becoming an adult, like having those hard conversations. And that’s something that me and my mom talk about all the time, where I’ll tell her that I feel some type of way about whatever. And if she waves and she’s like, tell them? And I’m like, What do I say? Like, it’s it should be simple, but it’s like, I think that a lot of us don’t like stepping on toes or making people feel uncomfortable. So it’s like, we walk around, like with a chip on our shoulder a lot of the times or just kind of like passive like passive aggressive in a way instead of just like having, like, tough or like difficult, uncomfortable conversations. Right? Yeah.


Mikayla Anderson  42:03

Right. Yeah, it’s not like I was trying to, like, beat these people to the altar. I wasn’t like, Oh, I’m gonna be the first one to get married, like, blah, blah, blah. Like, I just wanted to do that, because I thought it was best for myself. And you making like these stories, saying, XYZ. And even my best friend, she was saying, like, I felt like I couldn’t talk to you. And I’m like, why? Yeah, we were roommates for like, six months. Which is doesn’t seem like a long time. But when you’re literally seeing them every


Christian Payton  42:42

single day, I think that there’s like a love, I don’t want to use the word jealousy. But I feel like with the women, like that’s something that we all want. And then we all want it by a certain time. So like to see like your friend, get that and like you don’t even know like, when it’s happening for you. It’s easy to like, just go into that mode of comparing yourself and like being upset, and you don’t even know why you’re upset. But like you’re upset, like you’re mad at the other person. Right? And so like you just make up whatever it is that you feel like sounds right. Makes sense. Yeah.


Sidney Jackson  43:11

But with that, I think I think your friend would like to talk to you about marriage and what you were going through, she probably would have made well, I’m not sure what you went through, like what marriage overall, but it’s like, that insight helps. It only helps her Yeah, helps you as well, because you have that friend to actually talk to, but it helps her because she can get insight into marriage, right? Instead of just like jumping in there. And it’s like, oh, I didn’t think it was gonna be like this, but you have someone who’s going through it. And if you can really just open up and have conversations and put all of the other fillings aside, right. You gain a lot of knowledge. And I think for something like that you have to grow as a person. And I think we’re all still young. So we have well, hopefully we have like a lot of grace for ourselves and given ourselves permission to have these feelings but also mature at our own pace. But yeah,


Mikayla Anderson  44:15

I thought marriage was gonna be all this like fun butterflies like you just mooch


Christian Payton  44:21

what? You see what I know. My mom


Mikayla Anderson  44:25

said the honeymoon phase was gonna am but like, I didn’t believe her.


Christian Payton  44:30

She don’t know what she’s talking about. You were thinking,


Mikayla Anderson  44:33

Oh, was I really awakened? Well, I don’t I’ll tell you straight. It’s literally not like you’re gonna have really good days, and I’m really bad days. But sometimes you have to choose to love that person because you love them and you want to be with them for the rest of your lives. That’s just it. Yeah,


Sidney Jackson  44:52

that that’s exactly it because y’all think Victoria? Victoria is funny. I think she’s hilarious. But some days, it’s like or a Yo, chill. Um, and it’s always like he’ll Well, hills and valleys. Because you have those good moments where you’re like, dang, I absolutely love this person, or I absolutely love my kids. I absolutely love this house. And then some days, like when the AC breaks or something happened, it’s like, what? Why? Um, but it’s that medium where you look back, and it’s like, this is absolutely incredible. It’s that where it’s just like, it all makes sense. But you have to choose, especially in the valleys to make it work because of the high points. Because it’s a positive trend. That is so sweet.


Mikayla Anderson  45:56

It really is, though. It is.


Sidney Jackson  46:00

Yeah, cuz it because once you have kids, because marriages, it’s incredible. And then you have kids, and you see yourself, and you see your wife or your husband and that person. And I’m someone who trades it’s like, oh, gee whiz.


Mikayla Anderson  46:18

Yeah, I see that now. And I don’t even have a baby. But sometimes he be doing stuff. And he’ll be like, Oh, I can’t even say you’re wrong, like you.


Sidney Jackson  46:32

But um, yeah, it’s all a journey, though. And it helps it pushes you as an individual. Because, yeah, that’s really at your core. I think that’s how humans are made up where it’s just like you internally, and then you attach yourself to these different elements, such as I say, elements, such as, like your spouse, or your kids or your house or your job, and passions that you go after you attach yourself to a piece of that. But all of it comes back to you as an individual. So make up your journey, your pad your emotions, and influence you as a person. Yeah, it’s a lot. But from a, from a data geek standpoint. Yes, have to put it in there, I roll


Christian Payton  47:26

my eyes. Like, it literally is like this is this is 24/7. Guys.


Sidney Jackson  47:32

So from a data standpoint, you have all of these points. You have all of these points on just this big piece of paper, and then you’re in the middle of it, right? Because the world revolves around the individual, always. So you have all of this information that you’re bringing into yourself. And it’s up to you to kind of decipher what that is and make it the best out of it. It’s an individual decision, I think anyway. Even if it’s like tough, tough in life, you’re going through going through a whole lot of stuff. You have all of these good experiences, hopefully, in life where it pulls you up, right? Because it’s you’re in the valley, have it you’re in a really dark place. Or you’re comparing yourself to somebody else. But it’s like, yeah, oh, my experience, what are these hills and valleys, it’s trending upward, or it’s that neutral. Or within the last month, it’s like down, but you still have those high points. And you can look forward to that panning out. Because life is life. And it’s incredible. Yeah, so this, this is about us being young. But yeah,


Christian Payton  48:50

we’re some deep young people.


Mikayla Anderson  48:53

So I want to ask you this question, because you actually put it on a piece of paper, but I want to hear your take on it. So how have you been able to separate your reality from what is constantly being portrayed as normal on social media?


Christian Payton  49:10

How have I been able to do that? I’ll take social media breaks. I have to I have a like it’s funny because I don’t think I’ve ever like told you all this. I have a love hate relationship with social media, I hate it. But so much of like, the job revolves around technology and social media. So I like I have to I have my moments or like moments. My moments usually are like weeks or like months where I just delete all of my social media and I like focus on me like I like to read to like I’ll get back into reading or like, I’ll just like go to the park or like just spend time like with myself, because I really enjoy my own company anyway. So like getting back to spending time with myself and I do like a lot of self evaluation. So just like evaluating my heart like my mind And like, I do that through journaling a lot of the times as well. So that’s like the biggest way and the most helpful way for me to, like separate, like what’s real from what’s fake.


Team RMG  50:16

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Sidney Jackson  50:51

breaks in journaling. Yeah, no, that’s really good. Because for me, I do it because like, real life versus Instagram, it’s your perfect stuff. And of course, what the job is like, you have to associate me right, you don’t have to produce content and stuff like that. But I am, I like the journey of it. So just showcasing and highlighting all of the positive, it’s, it’s, for me it is it just doesn’t add enough value. Right? You don’t see that person and they had dark moments, and how they were able to come out of it. So for you sharing that where you have to take breaks. And then this is how you get through that period is powerful because it other people can relate to that. And I delete social media sometimes because it’s for me, it’s just unproductive most times I’m just scrolling at. But as far as like reality versus while reality versus something else on social media, I look at a lot of I look at a lot of different businesses online. Specifically in like the California region where people get funding and they do like, well seed rounds, which is just taking money from wild from investors, and then funding organizations and companies and growing rapidly. So stuff like that, I have to take a break from looking at it because we’re not in a place to actually do that. But at the same time, it’s a hint of like jealousy. Because it’s like, yeah, this 22 year old or 21 year old, but at the same time, it’s like Yo, you don’t know that person’s journey. So always come back to that. And then do research to see how how is this possible? And yeah, as soon as you start learning more about the individual, or about the individual company, or the way that something operates, that knowledge, it sticks with you. But it also takes away. Or it allows you to put yourself in position, so to speak where you know that it’s not possible right now. You can accept it. Right? And then you can work on how does this become reality, right, instead of instead of just looking at it like her like beating yourself up? Yeah, yeah. Because we all have to give ourself grace, based on our journey. So yeah.


Christian Payton  53:46

How do you? Okay, well,


Mikayla Anderson  53:50

I think the biggest thing is this one, it was really tough. And I didn’t start it until probably about a year ago. But straight up not caring what anybody else thinks about me. Because, like, I will put stuff on social media, because I want to put it on social media, not because I think this person will like it or be envious of it. And that was a game changer for me. Because I wanted to put something on social media, because I wanted to put it on social media. And I know some of my family and friends do not know this or do not like would appreciate that kind of thing. But people who really value me as a person, that’s who I care about. And as far as like Instagram, do not use it at all. Instagram is the most toxic platform that you can use. Because you literally Don’t know what is photoshopped and what is not.


Sidney Jackson  55:05

Unless, unless you do heavy video content like we do that you’re


Mikayla Anderson  55:10

going into that that’s why I like Tik Tok, because Tik Tok has shown me so much lighthearted humor in the world that, like, I’ll look at something and I’ll be like, That’s hilarious. And somebody posted that online, knowing like, I don’t care what somebody thinks about this. And like, I’m saying this because I want to say it. And I don’t care. And I admire that, because I couldn’t do that two years ago. Yeah. Like, I felt like I needed to post a picture at homecoming, or different things like that, or graduation XYZ, like,


Christian Payton  55:55

and it’s funny, cuz I’m the complete opposite. Like, I don’t post it all. Like, I’ll post like, on my story, like, I probably utilize my stories more than I post like, yeah, utilize like, the actual social media like platform like and where you can actually like, post, like, videos or pictures. But I just, I don’t know, like, I think for me, it’s just like, I don’t want people in my business.


Mikayla Anderson  56:20

And if they want to be in my business, then reach out to me kind of thing. Yeah. But


Christian Payton  56:24

then like, a lot of the times I feel conflicted, though, because I’m like, Why do you even have the? Why do I have like the, the app? Or like, Why do I have a profile if I’m not even going to utilize it? So that’s like a constant. That’s like a constant struggle for me personally, like, wanting to post within, like, not knowing like, they’re like, I’d like for me personally, like, right now in life. I don’t have like a fine line of like, what I want to post like, what do I want people to know about me? I don’t have that line yet. So I just, I’m like, I’m just gonna play it safe and not post. Yeah. So that’s something that I’m still struggling with.


Mikayla Anderson  56:59

I feel that too, because also, my mom’s scared the crap out of me, probably about 16 years old, not to post any stupid things, because somehow, like some employers gonna see it.


Sidney Jackson  57:13

Yeah, that’s true. So I really,


Mikayla Anderson  57:16

like I would not post anything from being a sophomore in high school, to like, now, it would be very, like friend oriented stuff. And nothing else. Yeah. Like, I’m not gonna post stupid things about like, I didn’t call it a journal. Because, one,


Sidney Jackson  57:39

I don’t know. For me, it’s, I try my best to post things that just like that I enjoy, right. So that’s gonna really be geared towards family and entrepreneurship. And just funny stuff that I find funny. And then adding value. So educating people. So that’s some of the stuff that I post and that I want to, you know, be known for. Because, for me, I’m not like a private person, I’m provid would like emotions, like, I don’t get mad or anger in front of other people. Because when I don’t get mad, angry a lot, so it doesn’t happen in front of people. But I’m kind of like an open book. And I want and I do that because I want other people to be open. Yeah, especially like older people who have more experience, not just in a career pad, but in life overall, I can learn from that. And hopefully, I can add value to that person as well. So me posting about on just different things and talking about different things. I try my best to not have any where it’s not different from who I am as a person in real life. Because you have that like on Instagram, and you have photos and stuff like that. That’s why I love video content, because it allows you to talk about different things and what um, tick tock, that’s a really good platform. Whoa, because it adds value in the time that it takes for you to actually record a video it’s quick. So of course you have these things that’s like super produced, but for the most part, it’s like hey, this is how you can stop your baby from crying. Or this is something that we’ll learn how to do or this is a cooking recipe. Doo doo doo and its value add right most of the time. Yeah.


Mikayla Anderson  59:40

For you page is way different than mine.


Sidney Jackson  59:43

But of course, you have the funny stuff on Tik Tok and everything but that’s what I try to do as far as like posting Yeah, always. Whatever I think is going to add value. And then whatever I want to post I think we all should have that freedom to Yeah, post what we want to post and support? What are we want to support? Unless it’s in politics, staying clear of that agree?


Christian Payton  1:00:08

Yeah, I think that like both of your outlook on like, just that, in general is admirable, because that’s just not me. I go, I wish that I wish I was more like that. I really do. Like that’s like a constant struggle. But


Sidney Jackson  1:00:22

yeah, but at the same time, it’s also looking at what you’re passionate about. Yeah. And find your passion. That’s Louisiana.


Mikayla Anderson  1:00:31

Like with you. Your food drive.


Christian Payton  1:00:33

That’s all I’ve been posting lately.


Mikayla Anderson  1:00:36

Exactly. So and then you don’t care what other people think. Right? Oh, you’re


Christian Payton  1:00:40

absolutely right.


Sidney Jackson  1:00:42

So yeah, I mean, and that can be like one facet of it, right? Because it may be the spirit of giving back. And then you can work with different nonprofits, and meet with these people and do campaigns and stuff like that. And that’s who you are as an individual. Yeah. And that’s what you really enjoy to do. And then probably on the other side of it, you really love dogs. So you’ll post about your dog and right. So whatever you’re passionate about, and whatever makes you happy, and is what you post about you. And everybody else, it doesn’t really matter. But some people, you can build a community around that and touching back on the personal branding side of it, because it all starts with you as an individual and having a freedom to post what you want to post. Of course.


Mikayla Anderson  1:01:32

So what what what advice would you give yourself a year ago?


Sidney Jackson  1:01:38

Apply a revision Marketing Group.


Christian Payton  1:01:40

Oh, I would have met my husband a year ago if I would have apply that revision Marketing Group. Yay. Yay. That was a joke. That was a joke.


Mikayla Anderson  1:01:57

She’s not referring to Sydney, by the way.


Christian Payton  1:01:59

I’m definitely not. Yeah, for it. It’s an inside joke.



Not talking about me. It’s an inside joke, guys.


Christian Payton  1:02:06

It’s a revision joke.


Sidney Jackson  1:02:09

Or Michael?


Christian Payton  1:02:11

Michael either. Actually, they can make you think I’m talking about Michael. That’s fine.


Mikayla Anderson  1:02:15

Oh my gosh, it’s not my goal.


Christian Payton  1:02:17

I mean, guys, there’s only we’re giving away too much information by saying it’s not my goal to make you think it’s Michael. Yeah. Anyways, some advice I would give myself a year ago. Where was I year ago? School? Yeah, so I have to think about like, where I was like, what I was doing? Um, I don’t know. Cindy, can you go first? I gotta think about


Sidney Jackson  1:02:45

that. I will give myself a year ago. Yeah, um, take more risk, push out more opportunities to meet people. Because people or I’m gonna keep saying these people are incredible. Just getting to know someone personally. Because it’s, it’s just a wealth of knowledge, even if it isn’t, right. Even if you meet somebody, and it’s like, it’s person, that person has a doorknob. And I say that because my wife mentioned that to me, about me. So it’s, it’s a joke on me. But it’s like, people are incredible. As far as like how many data points you can pull from someone, just based off of working with someone or talking to somebody and they talk about family or they talk about work? It’s, most times it’s always something that you didn’t know, or even if you did know it, looking at them, talk about it, and then express emotions about it gives you different a different outlook onto it. So yeah, talk to I would say for me some advice for last year, get out and talk to more people as many people as possible,


Christian Payton  1:04:02

then to guide I would probably someone would be similar and that would be like to stop doubting myself. I feel like y’all can probably see that like in me a little bit here where I’m like, I’m not a creative or like I don’t really know like how to design or, and that’s something that you’re like constantly like challenge me or like push me out like No, like you’re gonna do this even last week. I was so upset with you Michaela for like, having me host the podcast. But then even after I was just very thankful for like you like, you know, putting me on the spot and saying like, No, I think you should do it this week. So really just like, like Sidney say said like taking more risk and like, I doubt myself way too much. So just stop doubting yourself. Stop doubting yourself and leave out Miss Kasia yesterday pulled me to her office and she was like Christian, like, you’re just, we were talking and she was like, You’re just so like uptight, like a little serious, like all the time. And you’re only 24 So she was like you need to learn how to like relax, like it’s okay to relax. So that’s something else that I would tell myself like little Live your life. Have fun. Enjoy every moment.


Sidney Jackson  1:05:03

Chillax is all good. Yeah has to be. Um, yeah, I think with that I’m, I’m really happy to see that that worked out because I knew that it would, because I did that. Mikayla often oh really first started, it’s like, oh yeah, go ahead. And you know,


Christian Payton  1:05:22

I was so I was like, Oh my gosh, like I don’t even know what to say in and then after it was like even know during like this isn’t that bad at all like it was It wasn’t bad at all


Sidney Jackson  1:05:34

no nothing is almost nothing is as bad as we think it is. And it takes someone to really just kind of push you or you push yourself to be in uncomfortable situations. And then from that it’s like, oh, wow, yeah, I learn so much. So we’ll definitely keep pushing you.


Christian Payton  1:05:52

I’m very, I’m thankful for that even today when we were at the shelter or not the shelter but at the the office, and like you’re taking photos and you were like you’re because he had us like record a video. And so she was McHale looked at me and she was like, You’re just so much more comfortable in front of the camera than you are when you first started. And that’s something that is very true for me as well. Because looking at like even doing like the video snippets for social media, just looking at me on the first, like on the first episode that I was ever on. And then like knowing how I felt then and knowing how I feel right now so much different, like just so much more comfortable. And like it’s easy


Sidney Jackson  1:06:32

costume improvement. Yeah. I said


Christian Payton  1:06:37

thank you. What about you Michaela.


Mikayla Anderson  1:06:40

My advice I would give myself a year ago. Message Sydney back on LinkedIn.


Christian Payton  1:06:50

Yeah, what’s that bad story


Mikayla Anderson  1:06:52

set up an interview with Sydney?


Sidney Jackson  1:06:56

100 are down to take this position for well, she applied on, on Indeed, I looked at all the candidates because I early on hiring. It’s a it’s a lot for like a small business.


Mikayla Anderson  1:07:15

I’m doing for candidates rather than


Sidney Jackson  1:07:17

Yeah. So other side of it, job hunting is a lot in and of itself. And then also the flip side of it. It’s like you want to know the person that you’re hiring. So it’s like, because it’s your baby, as your business, you hire someone, and they have the ability to change the culture. It’s a scary thing. So I looked at all of the candidates for pretty much all positions. Except this last one, which was you. I tell them a little bit go ahead and look at it because like research and look at everybody. But yeah, looked on indeed. And then I couldn’t get in contact with her. So I resell um, what is it LinkedIn?


Mikayla Anderson  1:08:09

Because at this point, I was applying to so many jobs that I just could not keep track of myself. And Sydney messaged me on LinkedIn. I don’t even I I guess I was just talking about like, business opportunities in Shreveport overall. I was like, Can we like, get a coffee and just talk about, like, not even knowing that he’s a business owner. Okay, like the job that I applied to? Yeah, I just thought he was like a business owner in the area. Not the owner of the company that I applied to.


Sidney Jackson  1:08:44

Yeah. Yeah, I thought, um, cuz I was confused when you reached out, kids. So you reached out, not me. On LinkedIn.


Mikayla Anderson  1:08:54

I reached out initially, and then you reached out about the job offer


Sidney Jackson  1:09:00

gotchu. Because I was confused initially. Because I don’t I don’t know if I reached out or found you on LinkedIn. Because your name was different from the application. I was, Is this the same person? And then it was like North Dakota and I was like, Is this the same person? Because she said she’s a tree board and she messaged me about meeting at a coffee shop and I was like,


Mikayla Anderson  1:09:22

yeah, it wasn’t Mikayla Lindquist, my maiden name from North Dakota. Is that and then Mikayla Anderson


Christian Payton  1:09:29

and tree tree. And Sydney being Sydney was like, well try it. Well, yeah, try. Give her a shot.


Sidney Jackson  1:09:37

You never know. You never know. I’m saying from like, Nick. Nick was one of my first hires. And this dude, this dude to this day, he’s just an incredible person, like filled with wisdom and knowledge. And we gained a lot of things. expect and learn a lot from each other. And I learned a lot from like each one of you guys. So it’s like people, because like my first interview with Nick, he had experience with like, of course, YouTube and video production, which was what I was looking for. So from that, it was like we bonded. And yeah, if you’re a small company, you try to support like culture and things like that. So much to the point where I had a meeting set up for an interview set up the next day with somebody else, and I counseled Oh, wow. Yeah. And in business, for me still being young and stuff like that. It’s no excuse. It was like, yeah, that’s you don’t do that. And a guy took it. Well, he was like, um, what, um, I was really looking forward to an interview, but I hope that you know, it works out. Yeah. Oh, that’s not that’s not the way to do that. So, for me, it took personal growth and still constant improvement to realize some stuff just isn’t right. Because I’m like, my wife said, I’m a doorknob. I don’t know what I don’t know. But once I do, it’s like, Oh, that makes sense. Um, so I took the meeting. And it’s, it was your guy from Sunbelt studios over here? Why? Yeah. And he was just incredible as well and had experience with video production. And he became like, a resource down the line. We didn’t hire him. But now we work with them to outsource some projects. And he’s just incredible person first, and then a really good video editor second, so it’s like, everything works out. People.


Christian Payton  1:11:51

Yeah. That’s like when I interviewed, you guys were like, Okay, well, we have another interview, like, we have a few more interviews. And I was like, okay, like, that’s fine. And the very next day, Mikayla was like, you want the job? I was like, of course. No, actually, I was like, it’s like, actually, I have something lined up. I like I would love to, you know, get back with you guys. And you were like, of course. Absolutely. And like, the day, very next day, I was like, I don’t want that, you know, here.


Sidney Jackson  1:12:17

We were excited. She was super excited because she went through a process of, you know, hiring and stuff like that. And I was excited to because meeting you, I was like, this is a perfect fit. But sin excitement in Mikayla. Yeah. And then Santa excitement. Like for my first hire, it was kind of like similar. And it’s like you have to, you have to not dial it back. But you have to pace yourself. Because everything is so unpredictable. But yet incredible.


Christian Payton  1:12:55

I’m happy.


Sidney Jackson  1:12:57

We’re happy. You’re happy now?


Christian Payton  1:13:00

Is that it? Yeah. Yes, we


Sidney Jackson  1:13:02

are running out of steam.


Christian Payton  1:13:06

Yeah, another season. That’s how we’re closing it out. No.


Sidney Jackson  1:13:11

Well, thank you guys so much on behalf of revision Marketing Group guys and young creative for tuning in with us these past 12 episodes. We’ll have a short break after this season is going to be more than two to three weeks. That way, we have some really exciting stuff to brandy, some more content snippets and a lot of special guest. So thank you guys so much for joining us on young creative podcast. Thanks, guys.


Christian Payton  1:13:44

See you next year.


Mikayla Anderson  1:13:46

Happy New Year. Merry Christmas.


Sidney Jackson  1:13:48

Happy New Year.

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