January 14, 2022

young + creatives

Finding My Lane & Navigating the World of Comedy with Mark Pugh Jr. & Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston

Welcome back to the young+creatives podcast!

For the first episode of Season 2, we sit down with two local stand up comedians, Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston, and Mark Pugh Jr.

In this episode of young+creatives we cover several key topics including:

  • Who is Scooby?
  • Who is Mark Pugh?
  • How I ended up in comedy-Mark
  • How I got into standup-Scooby
  • Music and my therapist-Scooby
  • Making music is my outlet-Mark
  • Taking a break when I’m feeling burnout-Scooby
  • Whatever you’re going through is only temporary-Mark
  • The 3 R’s of comedy-Scooby
  • Being attentive to the crowd-Scooby
  • Comedy is subjective you have to find your audience -Mark
  • I never want to be bigger in my head than I actually am-Mark
  • Being on stage, it’s two different worlds

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Team RMG  00:00

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Christian Payton  00:50

Hey guys, welcome back to the greatest podcast today. You have Christian and Mikayla from the revision team and then we actually have two very special guests today. Do y’all want to introduce yourselves? Nope. Okay, that’s mark for you guys.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  01:04

And I’m Scooby Jeremy’s gonna be Houston.

Christian Payton  01:06

Okay, thank you guys for joining us on the podcast. Thank you for having me. Of course absolutely.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  01:13

feel so welcomed. Are you sure? Very start. Yeah.

Christian Payton  01:20

Okay, guys, um, you want to go by Scooby. Right? Yeah. Okay, Scooby. Scooby and Mark are both a stand up comedian. Do you like that term stand up? Okay. Well, they’re both stand up comedians. And, like Shreveport area, so they’re local to this area. We thought it would be like a great idea to ask the Ask the both of them to come on and just like, chat, or talk or joke with us briefly. So we’re about to get into it.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  01:49

Definitely don’t a lot of joking.

Christian Payton  01:53

Like the first 20 minutes?

Mikayla Anderson  01:54

Yeah, we’re just rolling now, but that’s okay. Okay, so who is? Scooby, we’ll start with you.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  02:02

Scooby is, is I guess you could say not an alter ego with one of the same. But as a child, I was very quiet. And then when I got a little older and stopped caring so much about what people thought I ended up developing a nickname from my granny. And I just read, that’s how I was able to say how I actually feel so Scooby became completely different persons. And then it was actually me blossoming. And in. He’s, like, relatable to everybody. Everybody has a cousin. That’s like me. Everybody has an uncle. That’s like me. Somebody knows someone like me. I try to be as relatable as possible. And keep cool with everybody.

Mark Pugh  02:44

I love that. Oh, so here’s Mark Pugh. Oh, I’m still trying to figure that out.

Christian Payton  02:48

That’s an honest answer. Yeah, like right now.

Mark Pugh  02:52

I’m a young black male that’s trying to pay his bills. What is art?

Christian Payton  02:57

Okay. With his art. Yeah.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  03:01

That’s, that’s the dream.

Mark Pugh  03:02

It is. As that’s all I have a question is a very hard question. No, yeah. You

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  03:08

made me seem like a diva just now. Are you prepared, but

Mark Pugh  03:11

you know who you are, man. You spent a lot of time with yourself.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  03:15

I appreciate it. Thank you.

Christian Payton  03:21

Okay, so we’ll start with you. How did you get into? Well, you just said like, art? Yeah. What type of art?

Mark Pugh  03:28

Pretty much everything and drawing painting music, poetry acting, comedy.

Christian Payton  03:34

So how did you end up in comedy?

Mark Pugh  03:38

I guess it started when I used to watch Martin a lot. And that’s kind of when when I was young, I realized I was funny, because I watch more than I will hit the last stuff he do. And I would do stuff and then my family would laugh and I’m like, I like how this feels. And then ever since then, I my one of my favorite John was a music TV. Movies was always comedy. So it’s just something I gravitated towards. And then the fifth grade that’s when I did my first like, stand up set. I wrote some jokes. I wrote three jokes. I got on stage and I forgot my third joke. And I just made them up on the spot and that was my biggest laughs I was like, Yeah, my hair something. Do you remember the gym? No. I did like I did Eddie Murphy impersonation. One of the clumps from the professor’s you do it? Yeah, I can do it. My gonna do it right now. Okay, I’ll do it randomly. You won’t expect it. Okay. Okay.

Mikayla Anderson  04:27

That’s too much pressure on the spot.

Christian Payton  04:29

I don’t think it is.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  04:31

Do comedians Oh, you’re comedian. Funny make me laugh. That’s how I feel like, Have you not been laughing this whole time? I’ve been paying attention to you. Like you’ve been laughing. So. Yeah, so we did. We definitely did.

Christian Payton  04:47

How did you come into or get into standup?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  04:50

How I got into it. I went to a comedy show at Louisiana Tech. And there was this guy doing stand up and one of the college shows and He was really bad. He was really bad. He got he still got paid. And I’m like, if he can get paid I can get. And I know, like, people have been telling me I’m funny on my life. I know. I can read a home. I try to make people laugh. That’s that’s who I Oh, okay, cool. So I’m like, if I, if I just, I know I can do this. And, uh, oh, excuse me, as a story before that. Someone told me asked me to stand up with a bunch of my other friends and crack jokes, because that’s what we used to do in college crack jokes during the university out. So we did out we’re planning to do that. They dropped out because they had things to do. They’re important people. So it was just me. We ended up going it was an open mic that I didn’t know about. They called me up. And, uh, my first joke, made everybody laugh. And it was just like Mark said, the book beat me like, oh, okay, okay, I did this on purpose. And y’all gave me the laugh. I’m hooked. And then I just kept doing open mics. And then when I really started being like, Okay, this is what I want to do. That’s when I went to the Congress or taken was like, he got paid to be horrible. And I was like, I know I’m, I can at least make a couple people laugh. If I don’t make everybody laugh. And I was like, I’m gonna go forward. I reached out to the hairline and guy, and he, he kind of took me under his wing, and I decided,

Christian Payton  06:38

okay, so beautiful.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  06:41

I’m long winded, bro. It’s okay. I’m sorry.

Mark Pugh  06:44

Cuz I don’t have much to say. So as long as you eat up all the time. It’s a good

Mikayla Anderson  06:47


Christian Payton  06:48

It’s a great balance. That’s my boy. out so y’all know each other.

Mark Pugh  06:53

We just met today. He just said you’re his boy.

Mikayla Anderson  06:57

So you guys both swiped right on Tinder. Dan. First of all,

Mark Pugh  07:01

I know guys, I’m like now like, you know, like me and bond real fast. Once we see another black man, we like what’s up? Yeah, I

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  07:12

don’t really know.

Christian Payton  07:14

Boys. Yeah, we don’t

Mark Pugh  07:15

like we had the same struggles and we understand just from the way we dance. I was just like, Yeah,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  07:22

we don’t have to like go on like a couple dinners. Like you know how kind of like other people do their own dances and I got to get to know her. Right? Right. Cuz y’all be like deep dark secrets. We just be like, Hey, man, you called the guy. Yeah. Okay, cool. Girl. Yeah, big. Dance is very surface level. Very fun, because we don’t need to know all about each other.

Mark Pugh  07:43

I need to be there rent one random time. We just like break down the call and be like, Hey, man, ain’t doing so good. Just lay it on me. Right?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  07:55

Like we can hang out 10 times and not really have a deep conversation. And then 11th time like, Hey, bro, I mean, tell you something. Hey, bro, I got time for you. But you can’t be doing this every week though.

Christian Payton  08:05

Right? Okay, cuz you only have time for one girlfriend. Right? Cuz you only need one girlfriend. Okay, that makes sense. So oh no witnesses. Aside from all of that. How do you guys know each other?

Mark Pugh  08:17

Well, how do we meet? I don’t even know.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  08:19

I don’t know. I don’t even remember.

Christian Payton  08:24

Have you all like worked together before? Like oh,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  08:27

yeah, like I don’t know how maybe it was. It’s probably

Mark Pugh  08:31

no I miss you way before that. It had to be a comedy show something it had to do something with comedy. I don’t but you know, Shreveport is you always know people before you meet them anyway. Yeah.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  08:42

Most people that are in our creatives they run into someone close in that genre all the time. Yeah. So you know it’s other comedians that I know but I only know I know you do I like I only know I know him through comedy like that. I know me him never work together. Stuff like that. And we might have we have a bunch of mutual friends that are also in arts and creative so we probably just made and passes on well I did change number eight I need to fit into my niche with it. You know and then we really we really got real tight when we started doing doing one podcast for me that we don’t ever really do any more

Christian Payton  09:25

episodes. The name of it

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:28

is a giant podcast.

Christian Payton  09:30

I don’t think I’ve heard of that before.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:31

Yeah, no we don’t we only got

Mark Pugh  09:32

1/3 Episode Yes.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:35

We all plug in though your guest we got to start doing it for real and I want to come out hang out. Yeah, absolutely. We can. We can do that.

Christian Payton  09:43

So okay, guys, we’re gonna cameras. Microphones and so we just all share it.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:52

Yeah, we just put it right in the middle. You just try to speak as loud as you see

Mark Pugh  09:55

how big that table is. We don’t put the microphone

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:59

in the laptop. gonna be like right there next to

Christian Payton  10:01

you. I’ll probably not I don’t talk that loud. So Oh, whatever. I don’t see the microphones like right here. I mean, we could shoot it up here if you want me to ask me about that.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  10:12

Oh, yeah, I mean, you know? Yeah, just

Mikayla Anderson  10:15

it’s probably so

Mark Pugh  10:17

cool. Let me know, I

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  10:18

guess I guess we really got to do it now.

Mark Pugh  10:20

I’m waiting. I’m waiting.

Christian Payton  10:22

Okay, so, as a creative, I feel like it’s super important to have like different outlets. I don’t know if I’ll agree with that statement. I’m delicate with it. So like, what are some of the different outlets that you’ll have outside of like comedy,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  10:38

I love live bands, I love music, I am a music. Through and through, I listen to all genres of music. And that, and I have therapists, okay. I mean, you know, I want to just say every time I can feel some type of way, I just listen to me. I mean, because there’s nothing wrong data that helps you. But sometimes I need to use my words. Sometimes I don’t use my words, I need to just feel whatever is going on, I might need to listen to a song that makes me feel whatever way I’m feeling. Understand what I’m feeling. So flush it out. Yeah. Music and my therapists all my biggest to learn about you

Mikayla Anderson  11:30

know, for real? Um, Michael, you’re gonna have to like bleep that out or something.

Mark Pugh  11:37

So what’s my outlet? I actually make music. So that’s my outlet for real, like, I write a lot. So I’m used to doing poetry and music. And other thing. That’s it? Um, I had a therapist, but

Christian Payton  11:52

expensive. No, yeah, that’s a real.

Mikayla Anderson  11:54

That’s a real struggle, though. That’s so out of comedy. And everything else you do, like poetry and everything? What? Like, what did you get in first? And how did that translate into like your different hobbies?

Mark Pugh  12:08

It was art. I started drawing. I’ve been drawing since ever since I can pick up a pencil. You know, I like kids drawing the walls and stuff that usually get like weapons or some kind of discipline. What saved me from getting beat from drawing on the walls was the fact that I drew a perfect circle on the wall. And my parents are just like, oh, this is a perfect circle. So ever since then, I just been drawing and always lead to something else. And I’m the type of person where if I see some, and I like it, I’m interested in it. I’m gonna try it. And if I really enjoy it, I just keep doing it until I like, master it or whatever. So that’s kind of how that all the snowballs now.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  12:44

For the record, his parents are so sweet. I love them.

Mark Pugh  12:48

I go say nice, sweet, but you know days.

Christian Payton  12:54

Your mom’s very sweet, sweet parent.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  12:59

They made a good guy.

Mark Pugh  13:00

Appreciate it.

Christian Payton  13:01

Yeah. Oh my goodness. Okay, so who would you always like say who makes up your support system? Yep

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  13:21

I mean, the, the veins but like, you mean like, when when I’m not interacting with people like in the crowd?

Mikayla Anderson  13:29

Like when you feel like you’re running like a creative drought. Like you can’t come up with any new stories, jokes, or anything or

Christian Payton  13:36

someone else just always just there. Yeah. Like,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  13:39

friends and family. Other community definitely most definitely other comedians. Because they are either they’ve been there before, or they’re going through it with you. So for the most part, and you want to reach out to the people that you know, possibly have felt that way, or that have reached out to you like, you know, I told Mark I’m about to go on the Drowned by the stop doing this and focus on this. And I understand why because he has so many different instruments he can use. He understands okay, I’m tired of doing music right now let me do some comedy. Okay, I’m tired of doing comedy right now. Let me do this digital art. Let me let me do this. I’m plugging in my butt. So because he had that he understands being exhausted being being tired of being down Avenue. So it’s mostly supporting comedians. But you know, of course you got your parents and if you have a significant others you know, those are supposed to be your basis background. So my, my son thinks I’m hilarious. That’s all that matters. Yeah, my day my mama ate like they think I’m the funniest people in the world.

Christian Payton  14:51

That’s all that matters. So what do you do when you start feeling burnt out? Like,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  14:55

take I’ll take a break. I’m not at the I’m not at the That’s where I’m doing it full time. So, now I’m gonna say, I can’t pay no bills with it. But it’s not my, my, it’s not my major income. So if creatively, I’m not feeling up to par. And I feel like I’m exhausted, I’m drained. I’m doing all this, I’m doing all that. I step back, you know, I wipe the calendar off. Now, not what shows. Now if I’m booked to do something big boy up and do your job because you know, your job. But if it’s just something that I got, like, I might plan a creative day for myself at the house, where I block everything out and I’m just in my room writing jokes, or working on some visual material. Then I’ll just you know what, not today. I’m just feel it out. See how I do it. And I feel like doing it. I’ll do if I don’t. I’m okay.

Christian Payton  15:58

Okay. Now, what about you like who would? Who is your support system made up

Mark Pugh  16:02

of a man like he said, the first kind of first buffer is a friends and family. And I got my parents, I got a couple homies. Scooby included. You know, if you got a significant other sometimes, and comedians as well, too, they, because they understand the struggle of the different things we have to deal with. But, uh, that’s pretty much it.

Christian Payton  16:30

How do you like bounce back from being like, in a drought? Yeah.

Mark Pugh  16:36

Wait it out, kind of just got to be present, and realize that whatever you’re going through is only temporary, but it’s hard. When you in the middle of the storm, you think like now is it this is gonna be forever. But even even like happiness, happiness don’t last all the time, it goes away in a drought calm, and you just got to stick with it, stick through it, and kind of just be present and let it subside. Because usually on the other side of that is more go. Just having to remind myself is all gonna be alright, just get through it.

Christian Payton  17:06

What is the content come from when you are like in your creative process or like in the mode?

Mark Pugh  17:13

I don’t know. It’s just, it just hit me like a wave. And I’m just, I’m just doing it. So anytime I’m like, inspired, whatever I’m doing, I’m just there. I’m shutting everybody out. And it’s not intention. It’s just like, I don’t want anything to take away from this, whatever I’m in right now. Because it never comes back. And if it does, it comes back in a different way. So a lot of songs that I’ve done. If I don’t do it right, then I don’t record the whole song, then it’s either a one minute song, or it’s not finished.

Christian Payton  17:39

Right? Can you relate to that?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  17:41

Oh, yeah. So with with me? It’s, it’s definitely in the moment thing I’m not gonna say might not come back to me. Because my stuff is what not my stuff. But when I when I think of a joke, is normally in that moment what’s going on? So if it’s normally when I’m behind the wheel of a car to like, I might be driving.

Mikayla Anderson  18:03

Ah, that’s the worst. How do you remember?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  18:07

Do try to do your best or take out your phone. It’s like, Yeah, I’ll pull over like, like, I’ve made myself laugh driving and pull it over just so I can be like, I have to remember this is something I have to do. Yeah. And I used to be really bad. Better, I think because you know, you think Oh, it’s so funny. I’ll remember it. And then you send it How’s like, Lee, what

Mark Pugh  18:30

is that talking about?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  18:31

Man? What was I talking about? Yeah, no wording

Christian Payton  18:33

like you can’t get the wording rise.


So, um, and I take things that happen in my life, exaggerate or minimize them? Yeah. Good. Bad. Trauma, tragedy. All right, I try to take all it and as a comedian, your job is to be relatable, relevant, and most definitely a real so the three All right, yeah. Make sure y’all get that back to me. I got a copy right there.

Mikayla Anderson  19:09

Michael write that down. Tony.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  19:13

You want to you want to do all that and you are pulling back from bad stories like they happen like the whole reason why I don’t pick on people in the crowd is because I was bullied as a kid. I know what it’s like to be singled out, right? They don’t mean don’t mess with me when I’m older. Because if you if you pick on me, I’m gonna pick on YouTube. Yeah, and I got a microphone so everybody can hit me. And sometimes I might just have to bluff you because I might not have anything to say about you. Cuz you clean the mug and you look like you got a whole lot of money and I’m telling these jokes, you know and I ain’t got what you got. So it all opinions I just I try to keep it as real as possible. But

Christian Payton  19:55

so with like you said that you use like this stuff that you’ve gone through like to pretty much help you write your or come up with your content. Does the fear of like it not translating over to the crowd ever kick in? Like how do you deal with feeling like it’s not gonna?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  20:15

So I’m not going to say my material is basic. I’m not gonna say much. But some of the things that I’ve gone through everyone has gone through. Yeah, you know, or not, if not everyone, a specific group of people have gone through. Like, everybody’s had almost everybody’s had their heart broken. So everybody relax today, but, uh, guys know what it feels like to be taking care of a kid that isn’t yours. Like some people, women can never feel that right man can So if I start telling this joke to this specific set of people that definitely gonna feel me on this. And you know, that’s something, but it also shares my story because I’m an open person. I don’t hold nothing back. If I’m telling you a story on stage. Nine times out of 10 I’d have been in a predicament somewhere. And I just kind of exaggerated the point. But like, what I give y’all or my life experience things I’ve gone through stories I’ve heard. So it’s It’s wild. Like, I don’t know. I can’t really explain

Christian Payton  21:29

is that why you go by wild man school? No, I

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  21:30

was. So when I was younger I was. I’m more like the mild man scoop now, but when I was younger, okay, you got it.

Christian Payton  21:38

Yeah, I don’t have to cut anything else out.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  21:40

So I was I was the life of the party when I was younger man. Like when I came in, everybody’s about to have a good time. I’m about to crack jokes about the dance all his song. And I used to drink a lot. Okay, a whole lot. So I was out of the party. I don’t know. And I was just I was wild. And at that time, having a good Twitter handle, because I’m that old. When like the baby ages, the Twitter when you found a good Twitter handle. You had to hold on to it. Yeah, good. So when I found it, I just stuck with it. And that’s how the wild man school just became, because initially it was just wild man school. I got hacked at like 10k You know, I’m saying I’ll see you have the 10k Dan was good. Yeah. Yeah, I got hate the light 10k. And then I had to recreate the night and man, I had just put the D in it. And I always like when people put V in front of as like, you know, the Grambling State University. Yeah. You know, I just because it’s making these days like when you do stuff for official Yeah, like, I I liked it. So that’s him. Yep. Cuz there’s only one. Yeah. And it’s the wow man school.

Christian Payton  22:56

Right? Right. So how do you, Mark get over the feeling of like, failure? Like this joke isn’t gonna. I don’t think people are really going like this when or do you?

Mikayla Anderson  23:09

Did you ever have like, both of you? Did you ever have like a situation where you tell a joke and like, nobody laughs

Mark Pugh  23:15

Oh, for sure. Happens all the time. How do you

Christian Payton  23:19

like bounce back from that being on stage? And everybody’s just staring at all these eyes are staring at you and they’re like,

Mark Pugh  23:25

Be funny on your last joke. That one didn’t work get on with something else. I noticed the saying that is harder is easier said than done, but I don’t care about bombing I’ma Yeah, it just got to that point.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  23:39

Like I don’t like because you can literally be on a good run three, four souls killed. Like money coming in good. People booked up stuff like Yeah, and you had one show. And nobody understands who you are. Nobody, nothing translate. And after that one show after 567 successful well paid show. Yeah, you sitting in the green room? Or wherever you’re wherever you’re like, Am I really, really supposed to be doing it? Like, now you just had hundreds of people laughing at you have more more than one venue? And then you come to this one venue? One venue

Mikayla Anderson  24:17

breaks you down?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  24:18

He be like, Am I really? Like I’m the worst person happening. And it will bring you back there. But also it’s kind of like we said how you get you get a failure. You just move past it. I don’t care about Obama no more if you didn’t like this, I’m pretty sure when I go to somewhere else is gonna translate and I’m gonna do you always have to remember that. You have to you have to see it through. You know, I’m saying Do you know how many comedians we would not have if they just stopped we wouldn’t have they just stopped after the first bad show. And I’m saying like, I was having a bad run one time. And people say to me to be on the show, and my mom was just like, somebody sees something and I just I’m not Understanding it I’m just doing all these shows and even when my mentor took me and I wasn’t like doing great I wasn’t doing bad but I’m like Why does he keep asking me I’m not getting I’m not getting a response that any but he saw something that I couldn’t see. So yeah,

Christian Payton  25:18

so it was really like humbling there

Mark Pugh  25:21

he saw my three show run I bought three shows in one day two shows same material all three shows the first two shows you kill you get to the different places everybody loved that one show make you feel like you don’t need to be doing nothing.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  25:37

And the fun part about it could be like the show you knew I knew I was gonna kill the first thing you be like, you know, I picked us up for the money. Like I just you know I’m gonna work out some Luma tea you smashed Oh, but what even expected me you get to the one place you know you’re supposed to kill. You don’t need to like Oh, what am I doing?

Christian Payton  25:57

Uh huh. What are some of the I don’t know if you can say like the cities are like the places where like, Where have you gotten some like the best labs or like the like just great support.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  26:08

Leesville auto small places. I do. Leesville Mansfield, I did a I did a little place in Arkansas, I don’t even remember. Bad, like small places. Because some of those people they actually they come to laughs I, you know, they expecting they’re expecting something and they get it. So they lay off other places, you know, like I’ve been, I’ve performed in Atlanta, I performed, and, uh, and Oakland. And they understood me, but they were kind of like, okay, that was kind of that’s funny, but I want to give you my whole life. But the smaller places I’ve gone they like I’m about to fall out this year laughing at you. Yeah. They appreciate it. Not saying that the biggest thing? No.

Christian Payton  26:55

But you can see it. Yeah. The appreciation.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  26:57

Like, I like small venue like 3040 people. Yeah, that’s

Mark Pugh  27:04

let’s do this really intimate shows were just like you smile room and people and all that extra stuff them the best shows,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  27:12

cuz they wanna they want to hell, they want to have a good time. Right? They came at a good time, like, especially if they know what’s going to be comedy there. It’s always a plus, like, like, the pop up comedy shows like we better start doing it in this club. But this bar, don’t be the worst. Well, you got to compete with so much now. It also gets your chops right to the show. Because then you finally get the pool game you fight against the football game on TV. Somebody’s doing something else in the corner is loud, just conversation. So you learn in the process of all of that. It’s and you don’t realize until you’ve conquered it, right. And let’s keep going through like I’m stated doing this bar that like, and you like golly, and then you get into a decent room. And the same situation that happened. While you were in those small spots. You’re you’re able to grasp that and be like, Hey, this is what I need to do in this room right here. And when you grab that have that authority. People in the back, there’ll be quiet people in the walk that’s watching the game. They’ll hustle you know, so it’s it’s definitely something you grow with. Yeah, especially hosting

Christian Payton  28:23

how have what are some of the better shows that you’ve had like the cities or I don’t know if you can say like the actual names of the shows, but for you like your experience,

Mark Pugh  28:33

we’ve been going to Dallas a lot like every week. A lot of you know, but every Tuesday I’m saying Instagram, a newbie on Instagram.

Christian Payton  28:45

Post his whole life on Instagram. I don’t really

Mikayla Anderson  28:49

I don’t be on Instagram

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  28:57

Oh no, I’m pretty basic. So

Mark Pugh  29:00

you know like basic people.

Mikayla Anderson  29:02

My gosh, all basic coffee drinks.

Mark Pugh  29:06

I’m still waiting on a good extravagant drink. Anyway, what was you asked me um, so

Christian Payton  29:14

some of the some of the better shows you’ve had places

Mark Pugh  29:17

definitely smaller places a place in Dallas, we go to a call where the name of the show was called Talent tapping by a guy named Josh Drake. Switch alert on Instagram. He hosted an open mic was like an open mic slash show every Tuesday isn’t a Hookah Lounge. is real. is about it’s 1.5 bigger than this room. This room and a half of this room put together and

Christian Payton  29:42

and it’s a Hookah Lounge. Yeah, so it’s filled with hookah smoke.

Mark Pugh  29:45

Now I can see like everybody, everybody don’t by the hook. It’d be like three or four gangsters in smoking hookah and is it

Christian Payton  29:54

okay to drink. Okay.

Mark Pugh  30:00

Yeah. Yeah, definitely that place in Dallas. Um, it’d be random places is a place. I used to love going to Josh Lounge on that open mic. I just started doing comedy one day,

Christian Payton  30:13


Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  30:17

You just thought I’d tell him. Yeah.

Mark Pugh  30:22

I wanted to ask him

Christian Payton  30:23

karaoke. Yeah. And you start telling jokes.

Mark Pugh  30:27

Worked out wonderful. And you didn’t even ask them like I asked to do to do who? Who was over the house band. I knew him. So I got up. And then I bombed like, the third time I did it. He never talked to me again. So no, never let

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  30:49

anyone talk to you. Yeah,

Mark Pugh  30:52

because the two first times I went, I did amazing, mom and it’s fun sometimes is the greatest feeling ever. So

Christian Payton  30:57

sometimes. You can laugh at yourself, though, right? Yeah,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  31:01

sometime bomb it. Like it’s not okay to bomb. I mean, it is okay to bomb. But like, sometimes it’s funny because you that crowd, you know, your jokes are funny. They work plenty of other places. But sometimes you’d be like, You know what, y’all don’t even get this you know, whatever yada yada yada. Like, yeah, like it’s Don’t make fun of your crowd. But sometimes you just be like, golly, like, this was bad like it and you just laugh it, laugh it off, like

Christian Payton  31:34

so it’s like, it’s like, it’s not me, it’s you type moment

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  31:39


Mark Pugh  31:40

Then sometimes a lot of different elements that go into Obama, it could be your audience’s perception of you. Whatever happened, how you feeling? Something else to happen? You might they might not have heard you say one word correctly. They might have misheard you say something. So they mess up the whole Florida joke. Or somebody heckle you and you try to like, go see a lot of times will happen to me. If somebody heckle me, I can make that funny. But then that throws off the whole trajectory of videos. You got to get back into that Mo and is it hard?

Christian Payton  32:09

And so for standup, like, is it written? Or is it like you’re literally just onstage like off the top of your head?

Mark Pugh  32:17

For me, it really depends on how I’m feeling out though. If I’m working on new material, I throw in like some freestyle stuff I know work and then throw in something else to just make it all flow and see how it works.

Christian Payton  32:28

How does that work?

Mikayla Anderson  32:30

But it’s all memorize.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  32:32

Okay, so

Mark Pugh  32:33

it’s different, like, how

Christian Payton  32:34

big does your brain have to be to do that? Oh, no.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  32:36

So it’s, it’s, I mean, just supposed to write however, it’s about what’s going on, you have to be attentive to the crowd. That’s one reason why I like to show up early to see what’s going on. If a comedian is up there doing a joke, and you see you’re not getting anywhere with that type of material. Sometimes it’s not best to start off with that type of material. You have to know your audience, things like that. You get you because you can get on stage with I’m doing 123 A, B, C, and you get up there and you start doing one. And it’s not really working out how you want to work work out, but they open up a door for ABC. I’m gonna take ABC working in and then I might come back to two three, you know, I’m saying like, it’s about the crowds. As far as I can get up this door talking about church, everybody loves church, and then you have to be sly or slick with how to go from out of just got to talk to my church. I’m about to jump right into six. Mm hmm. You know, I’m saying some crowds, except that some crowds won’t. You can have fillers. It’s just you have to be you have to be on stage. This uh, I can’t tell you this don’t work like this every time because it’s not gonna work like that every time. You might have a heckler. You might have something be they might have been right in the middle. I was doing I was doing a show. I was doing a show on my birthday. On my birthday. When’s your birthday? July 26. I’m a Leo.

Christian Payton  34:10

Okay. So that’s how I was I was very like, I was asking. That’s why. Yeah, it was quick.

Mark Pugh  34:15

We got a face this person said Leah.

Christian Payton  34:17

Oh, he’s a fire sign just like me.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  34:19

Yeah. So I’m doing these dogs on stage. The lights completely go out. I just did a joke about working in the electric company and people not paying a bill. So when the light go out, what do you think I’m about to do? The Comedy Club didn’t pay the bill. Do I keep going on with the joke? I was not because I was about to pivot to a whole nother level. So what I do is, I’m gonna talk about these lines man out for a little while that gives them time to see what’s going on with the line. Yeah, but it’s still keeping you entertained. You know, I’m saying so why would I? This is free material right here, right? Why would I? If I got 123 and I’m about to jump to ABC. If I can extend Free a little longer. Let’s go ahead and do that. Yeah. And then whenever the lights come on, if they come on, I can know, I know where I’m at. I know if I don’t use too much time, or what’s in week. So Oh, I forgot the question.

Christian Payton  35:16

It’s okay. Cuz, added to. I felt like we were just talking at this point. So you got to be a little quick on your feet, right?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  35:22

Yeah, yeah, very agile, I got to be with you, you got to know what’s going on, you got to pay attention, you got to keep your head on the

Christian Payton  35:29

floor, I would not do well and say nothing, because I am not aware of anything going on around me.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  35:35

We don’t want that to happen. We want you to know what’s going on.

Christian Payton  35:38

Now. I just enjoy watching. Y’all do stuff like that. So

Mikayla Anderson  35:44

did you have you ever had like people, like come up to you afterwards? Or get like comments that you were like, offensive or anything all the time? And like, how do you deal with really? Do you do at that?

Christian Payton  35:58

Stage? No, it’s not care. You just say

Mark Pugh  36:04

I don’t care. Because I know I’m not a hateful person. And I know the intent of my jokes aren’t to be hateful. A lot of people get that misconstrued. They hear a subject that offends them. And then people laugh and they assume that they are to be laughed at and that’s not that’s not what it is. Now if somebody starts talking noise while I’m on stage, then I’m you know, I say something different that’s different but um, you know, in certain rooms with a welcome you talking about them, because like it Josh Lyons, my first night, I told zero jokes. I was just cracking on the audience. I was roasting the audience the whole time, and they enjoyed it. Some, some large dude was up there. And I spent like five minutes talking about him. And he was going back and forth. And I was like, Yeah, I liked it. And it was fun. But yeah, all the time, people. I don’t like the way you said that. I was like, I’m sorry. That you feel that

Christian Payton  36:51

that’s how you respond to it. No. So how do you respond?

Mark Pugh  36:54

It depends on the energy and what it is because some some people be like, they get they misunderstand what I’m trying to say. And a lot of times when people that upset they’re not trying to hear anything except an apology.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  37:11

Wrong in their opinion. Whatever it is, they just like, This is how I feel I’m right, you’re wrong. And until you apologize to me.

Mikayla Anderson  37:21

Have you had that happen?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  37:23

Believe it or not, I don’t know. Not too often.

Christian Payton  37:27

I picked that up from you, though.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  37:29

Yeah, I try. But if anything, somebody was trying to buy me a drink because I was fun. And

Mark Pugh  37:35

I loved that’s the other part about

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  37:39

Mark Park. Like, when Mark is on stage, we know two things about the head. Either a bot to love him or hate him. Anyway, it goes he got your attention.

Christian Payton  37:55

So you’re that type

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  37:56

of he like, cuz if someone is gonna laugh at Mark, someone’s gonna laugh because Mark has his humor that’s dark and relatable. So someone’s gonna laugh and then somebody’s gonna make a face or something. And Mark is gonna catch it. Or somebody’s gonna go Oh, and then he’ll be like, what? And then like, master it the art I promise you like literally called the woman out her name on stage, not calling her out of her name. Yeah, but she thought he’d be this is that people get mixed up in it. And because she reacted a certain way, Mark went all phono which was hilarious to everybody. She made herself the joke. Like, okay, so

Mark Pugh  38:36

Oh, imagine that situation. She was very drunk there. And there’s a second comedian on stage. And the host got up, she was being belligerent. And it just, it was like, upset. Like her brother was drunk. It was a birthday. Everybody that got on stage. It was another comedian. It was she was real green. So she was still trying to find our feet. Like it was a feature show too. So she was like an opener for a feature show. Big Show. And they’re just like, loud and they wanted to be the center of attention at the competition. You made them the center of attention. Yeah, cuz I’m like, Don’t do that to so we can we can go to with me. I’m fine. Yeah, the owner, the clerk and be like, you’re no longer welcome, like, cool. I respect that. But I’m still going. I’m still gonna get off

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  39:17

the stage. And we were like, Hey, man, you can’t do that. But that was great. Like, it was everybody in the crowd understood it. She wailed. It was well deserved. But normally, that ain’t what you do. You know,

Mark Pugh  39:29

I’m saying right. It was so funny because like him and munch and I think another like, my Oh, geez, in a comedy game. So they came up to me and I’m like, Are they gonna get in my blood? A friend of me? That was like, Where do you want to get booked it? Oh, really? And then I was like, but that was funny. I was okay. That’s, that’s all I needed. It’s kind

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  39:47

of one of those things like, we know, Dave Chappelle can say certain things and get no backlash. But we know some other comedian can’t save it right like landmark Right, yeah.

Christian Payton  40:06

But I feel like he’s more of like the Dave Chappelle type where he can get away with saying more things and like, get on stage and said something’s good, right? It wouldn’t translate the same

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  40:16

way. Okay, got it. Right. If it’s certain things I don’t I don’t talk about because I know I won’t be able to translate a way of marking, say something. And they’ll be like, Oh, I understand. I can tell Mark how I feel he can make it sound like that. And I be like, Yeah, that’s what I meant. But I couldn’t do that.

Christian Payton  40:32

So it’s not all the same setup. It’s not all the same.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  40:34

No, is not even close. No, indeed. That’s why pays the right. Like, it really pays Right. Like,

Mark Pugh  40:45

you also had to find your audience to like, everyone has an edge. Everybody has the type of comedy. And you know, there’s people that tell y’all my wife’s gonna be like, the jokes are corny. They making millions of dollars Kevin Hart. It was It was rough.

Christian Payton  41:02

But that was my that was my,

Mark Pugh  41:05

that was funny. Oh, that I laughed. I was

Christian Payton  41:08

just joking. I didn’t

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  41:09

laugh out loud.

Mark Pugh  41:12

I was just joking. But not like, that’s a different story as he’s trying to make all the money he can. So he’s, he’s trying to make his jokes palatable to more people. And with that comes less and less funny. Unlike Dave Chappelle, right, right. He’s, he has his audience. But there’s people like That’s

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  41:31

not funny. Yeah. And I just don’t

Mark Pugh  41:33

understand it either. But yeah, comedy is subjective. Really. So you got people that do with Prop comedy? Yeah. I didn’t. I can do impersonations. But I don’t like to because I don’t want I don’t want to become that guy. Like Jay Pharoah. He’s funny, and stuff, but it’s just like, Dude voice and I’m

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  41:48

laying every space like that for a while to show like, he’s funny. larious

Mark Pugh  41:56

He’s a God, bro. He’s Yeah, he’s he’s good. Yeah, I worked with him.

Christian Payton  42:01

You did? Yeah.

Mark Pugh  42:02

We’re gonna talk about that afterwards.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  42:03

At the fine and the funny bone. Yeah. Like,

Christian Payton  42:07

Jay Pharaoh.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  42:12

No, golly, I hope that never happens to me.

Mikayla Anderson  42:15

It’s okay. I’m thinking the same thing.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  42:17

Yeah, no, I get it. Okay. Jennifer J. Pharaoh was on Saturday Night Live.

Christian Payton  42:21

He was done a lot of stuff, though. Yeah, I mean, is he looking in the movies that I would know? He was a he’s like a stand up. Comedian. And if I don’t follow up, I wouldn’t know him.

Mark Pugh  42:33

Kinda Saturday Night Live. No, see?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  42:36

Yeah, you wouldn’t be like, You got no idea. So yeah, I can’t Excellent. He was on Saturday Night Live. He was one of the players there. And then, you know, I think he

Mark Pugh  42:52

he had a show with Jamie Foxx for like two episodes.

Mikayla Anderson  42:55

I think I know what you’re talking about. No.

Christian Payton  42:57

Yeah. You know, I think I total is

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  42:59

something out right now. I don’t know. That sounds rude. But I really don’t be paying attention to nobody else. Like, it isn’t. I don’t mean in a rude way. I just like when I see my dues working. I be like, congratulations, man. I see you working yada yada. And I get back to me. You know, I’m saying I try to stay in my lane. If I could promote a show or promote a show, if I need to be on show I’ll do it. But for the most part. I’m not fair. I

Christian Payton  43:24

don’t know him.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  43:27

I’m not. I mean, I hear just searching what people doing. You know, say I’m not Oh, let me see what they let me see what Kevin Hart. Enough green. All these other people? I’m not I’m not doing it. You know, if it comes up on my feet, I’m gonna watch it but I’m not gonna I don’t I just don’t be keeping up with people like this.

Mikayla Anderson  43:45

Do you think that helps you with like comparing you to somebody like Kevin Hart? Or?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  43:53

No, oh, my phone’s ringing Hold on.

Mark Pugh  43:56

J. Farrell. Got the product. So

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  43:59

you heard me use his name? No, so now because what what it does for me is when I write my material, and I go somewhere or I’m watching something, and I hear something like what I wrote, it makes me be like, Okay, I can write this for somebody else because somebody had sent my deals me which could also be like, I need to do better because me and this other person wrote the same material. Do we deliver it the same way though? Cuz me and me and Mark have a joke about a couch. Everybody know what a couch is? But it me and Mark deliver the same joke. People don’t be like, Oh, he took that from that other guy and all the people who deliver the first or I like the other guy’s couch dope better than this one. You know, I’m saying but they would deliver different so I don’t know. I just don’t be checking the people like

Mikayla Anderson  44:53

I don’t. So it’s not like offensive if somebody I don’t know jokes. Okay,

Christian Payton  44:58

don’t steal jokes, so we don’t steal jokes.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  45:00

Do not steal jokes. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing new under the sun. Right? Nothing, no other design, but do not, do not steal my jokes. And also, and I know this all sounds crazy. People think the same if you had some of the same experiences, of course, some mark up on stage, and I know exactly where he’s going with his job. Because I’m a creative I think like this. And then Kevin Hart can be on stage. And he’s telling the joke, and I know exactly where he’s going with this. Because I’m a creative i, this is what I do. Matter of fact, when Kevin Hart was on a Saturday Night Live, he did this James Brown, a James Brown skit. And I know a year ahead a year ago, I was talking to one of my friends at the time about James Franco. I love James Brown. And when I tell you the the skit was almost identical, sometimes that makes me feel like, okay, I do have what it takes to write this because if I thought it is, then I can think of other things for other people. Because I might not be the front man forever. But if I can write a few, I’m still gonna get paid.

Christian Payton  46:08

Yeah. Does that sometimes, like take the phone out of comedy? Like, because you know what’s gonna come?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  46:18

Now, you know, don’t try to find out because

Christian Payton  46:22

or like, and just enjoying like somebody else’s like, show like, there’s that sometime because like, if you like think like, the thought process is similar. And you know, like, like, what’s coming? Like, after they get through whatever, like, you know what the end joke is gonna be? Does that sometimes take the fun or like the funny sense of enjoyment? Yeah, only

Mark Pugh  46:41

if you’re about to go up. And you watch somebody tell a joke. Just the same premises yours? Like, okay, well, I can’t tell that.

Christian Payton  46:49

That’s when it’s not funny. Okay, it’ll

Mark Pugh  46:51

still be fun. But when you net Mo, you kind of like in business mode. So let me make sure I don’t say what they just said. Okay.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  47:00

Yeah, I, it doesn’t bother me, I hate when, especially if the person that’s bound to break me up, or the person has gone before me. They see me perform. Oh, you know, you know, kind of how I like to my mindset. We’ve worked together before. And if you get up and do something similar, yeah. Like, I’m kind of now I get it if you’ve got to go for it. Because this is, as much as this is a, this is a one player game stand up. It’s a one player game. I’m saying, now you can all work together. But it’s still a one player game. So I understand you doing it and I don’t make it right. Now I got to get up and eat, I can deliver it a different way. Or you know, stick to my guns and go with it. Whatever it is, I just don’t know if Mark is going to joke about I don’t know, sneakers. I’m not about to get up and start off with a sneaker Job saying oh, if if I do I need to know how to manage the joke in a different way. Because you know, the some jokes, you can have different avenues where we can go one way and go another way. It all depends on the crowd spawns. And that’s kind of the art of being in the midst of being on stage, off the top of your head and stuff like that.

Mark Pugh  48:14

I look at any challenge. Like if some like that, if if he went up before me and I got my whole set is about sneakers and he gets to do five minutes on sneakers. I’m like, I I look at that as a challenge. And I welcome that because then I’m using my whole set to see how good am I really and what do I need to improve upon. So any any, like, any what is bombing Heckle, if somebody in the audience is funny to me, I look at all of that as a way to improve or to kind of like check myself, right. I’m always looking to get humbled. I’ll never want to be like, I’m the greatest of people. Oh, you’re so good. I’m like, Yeah, I’ll never want to be bigger than I don’t ever want to be big in my head. And I actually try to keep it Yeah, he tried to be humble.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  49:01

Try max that out the tray mag.

Christian Payton  49:03

So with like, with the writing process, I guess. Like in English, you have to like proofread or like you get someone to proofread your writing to like make sure it’s like right like before you like submit it. Is it the same way with like jokes? Do you like share your jokes with somebody and like, or like a benefit to see like how it like,

Mikayla Anderson  49:23

delivers? Yeah,

Mark Pugh  49:24

I when I when I first started, I would try to work jokes in a conversation to see how regular people would laugh at it. Or without telling them without Yeah, without telling me like a man which thing about a joke and then tell it because I get on stage and it’s more of a conversation. It’s not just not not it’s more of a conversation. So I make everybody feel like we’re just talking. So you can’t do that and be like, alright, yeah, I want to tell this joke, which I think about this. It might not work that way. It’s all about how you set it up perception and all of that. Um, but now when I do jokes is I don’t even write full sentences. I write ideas down and I kind of know what I’m talking about. I don’t I don’t put and jokes out so much unless it’s something that I need to know exactly what I’m saying. But I don’t really, I don’t really test the jokes out. No, I test them on stage. This is my best reaction.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  50:10

Okay? Yeah, I’m kind of the same way. You work them in conversations and like, you definitely don’t be like, Hey, I got this new joke I’m working on want to hear like, right? Because like he said it when I’m on stage, it is more like a conversation. I’m telling you about what I’m telling you about my date is what happened. Let me tell you about this one time. And we can be having a conversation, I could be talking about coffee and how basic my coffee is.

Christian Payton  50:40

Someone picks up on this, talking about that, like,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  50:44

Oh, my God. And I can be thought about how big my coffee is. And then I started talking about something on stage about that, you know, it just all depends, you know, you just work around it. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Mikayla Anderson  50:58

So if somebody was interested in going into, like, stand up, like, what advice would you give to it?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  51:08

Not me personally, go forward, man, like YOLO. But even if you don’t succeed in the beginning, like, if you really are passionate about it, like if you if this is what you think you want to do, like you or if you just need a creative outlet, how, you know, go forward. I know plenty of people that are not funny. I know plenty of people that are not funny. But they’re getting booked. Because they have a hustle. They have a grind, and they’re passionate about it. I mean, but understand people, people are rude. Like people are rude when you get on stage. They will. God forbid it’s your first time and somebody just tells you, you suck, like, and I’ve seen it. So you got to keep pushing toward it. Be humble. Be be be coachable. You definitely have to be coachable because there are going to be guys that might see the potential in you. And I use guys loosely, somebody will see some potential in you. And if you think you’re the bee’s knees already because you haven’t got a couple of labs you ain’t got to compete and they tell you hey, try doing this yada yada they’re only doing it for the most part to help because they see something in you. So you definitely got to be coachable able to as much as long as I’ve been doing it. I hate hearing the bad things about my comedy simply because I just hate hearing bad things about my comedy I can like got up on stage and killed and my mentor be like I missed this and that’s because I asked him Ramsay like you got to be able to take the good with the bad with the bad with the good. coachable man Be humble. Be on time. Kindly be on time. Hey man, be on time.

Mikayla Anderson  53:04

A lot of people late

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  53:07

yes it still starts at seven o’clock. I tried to be there. If the show supposed start at seven o’clock. I try to be there an hour and a half a lot of opinions you know if on my day, but I never try to be there early because it’s not going to start at seven. Some shows do true report. We have a thing where if the show starts at eight o’clock, we think the show starts at 830 so we’re not gonna get there till almost nine because we got to be fashionably late. Yeah, or you know, it ain’t gonna start on time anyway. Like, oh my gosh, yeah, I know right? Like we have this thing where it says eight o’clock it really mean 830 That’s what the time I need to keep it cuz they don’t start the show till I get it.

Christian Payton  53:57

I think I’m so sorry for I think like that

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  54:01

wrong. You’d wrong change. People will be like, people will buy tickets for an event. And in the event this is the doors open a if you’re not in your spot, or you’re not at your reserved spot by 830 your table goes away. That’s not true people. People will see that information or skip over it or don’t read it. And then get there at 845 and be mad they table not there. And then when we show them where it says hey, you’re supposed to stay in the day stay in Miami Donnie Matteotti. Bro you didn’t read? It was fine print right? It might not even be fine print because on my ticket that’d be like No refunds. If nobody shows up to claim a ticket. You don’t get that back. Right. And maybe like don’t nobody be reading it and that’s the problem.

Christian Payton  54:51

Nobody reads anymore but it’s your fault. Because

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  54:55

because I made it. That’s why

Christian Payton  54:57

no man nobody reads anymore. When people listen,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  55:02

yeah, people quick be like, hey Siri and ask questions. Yeah. Look, I

Mark Pugh  55:06

don’t even listen. Seriously, never listen. No,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  55:10

I’ll be like called Charles. And they’d be like calling Amy. And I’d be like, I didn’t even say, Amy, Amy and my, or Alexa or less, but don’t even get me started on her. Your monitor is too

Christian Payton  55:23

much. What is some advice you would give someone that’s wanting to get into stand up or comedy?

Mark Pugh  55:30

I always tell people try it. But at the same time if you really want to do it, nobody’s negativity or telling you don’t do it is gonna make you stop. I’m saying like, as a story, I forgot who told it. But somebody was somebody when they met Jerry Seinfeld for the first time. They did it. I thought I did. Okay. And I asked him, What do you think he’s like, I don’t, you should never do it again. But and then he stopped. And then he talked to him. And he was like, I only told you that to see if he will come back to see if you are how much you really wanted it. A lot of people talk a good game and say want something but they don’t show it and they don’t really put in effort for it. So they don’t want they don’t want to as bad so I always I’ll never discourage somebody from going up there and continuing to go up there because that’s how you get better. But people don’t do what they want

Christian Payton  56:22

to bring something up. But I don’t know how it’s gonna translate. Has that happened to you? what somebody told me like someone big telling you like, just don’t do that.

Mark Pugh  56:31

Don’t think so? Probably I don’t remember. Because he just blocked he didn’t care. I brought it on my way. I’m like, Damn,

Christian Payton  56:38

that’s what she was talking about. You know, I’m talking about Yeah, no, no, I’m talking about

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  56:44

No, I don’t know who you talking about? But hasn’t happened to you yet. So my mental health one is home was used to tell me I was trash. Every time I came

Mikayla Anderson  56:54

guy. Toxic.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  56:57

Like you are so bad. You will so bad. You’re so trade. You’re so bad. And I’m like, I know I’m not that bad. They were like me. And I’m sitting there fighting, defending myself. Oh, like, Oh, no. And then one time I came on stage. And he was like, boy, you killed it. And I was like, Yes. Like, I got as a pro. Not that it mattered. But then he comes back and he’s like, nice. He always thought he was good. He was giving you a hard time because he saw it get better because I every time I had started going not to make them laugh. I was trying to make him laugh, right? Because he was so close to my mental and my mental look to him for like, if something like he got to know something, right? He got to see whatever, whatever it is that got him calling me trash. I need to get rid of that.

Christian Payton  57:42

Right? I had someone tell me like last week, if I’m constantly telling you like the good things about yourself, you’ll never improve. And I feel like it that’s like, that’s how it translates like, if you’re constantly hearing like, you’re so good, like, especially to the people that you look up to, it’s like, oh, I don’t need to improve. I’m good. Like where I’m at. Because a lot of people don’t have like just that self discipline to say like, No, I want to work on this. If you’re constantly hearing you’re great.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  58:10

Somewhere, yeah, somebody lives somewhere like, not every time like cuz even even when me and Mark work together and I come up with a model I boy you kid not to be like, my I know it wouldn’t irreal or whatnot. But like, you know, you see, when you’re on stage, what you hear versus what other people hear is different. Because I’ve been on stage and I know I am killing them with the jokes. This is so funny. And then depending on where the lights are, you might can’t see anybody. So you might not be able to hear them laughing but they’re laughing and you get on stage like that was horrible and then somebody’s like boy, you will kill him. He was like I didn’t hear that. I didn’t see that. So you It’s you got to find that balance like

Christian Payton  58:59

it sounds like it’s two different

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  59:00

worlds. It is like you know sometimes when you’re on stage you know when you kill it right? People are laughing a Yeah, you know I’m saying that sometimes you don’t know because the light is extremely bright. You can only hear a couple of labs your mic is too low your mic is too loud or it’s it’s a whole bunch of reasons why you don’t think you kill it the only one reason why you do because you see it like yeah, and even you killing it somebody else might be like this was trash, right? Mike Epps comedy show and not know again nothing against my

Christian Payton  59:37

store. That’s what I was trying to get you to toe.

Mark Pugh  59:39

Oh I forgot that.

Christian Payton  59:43

I don’t remember it. Has anybody ever told you you need to stop like a mange like somebody that we all know.

Mark Pugh  59:49

Well, um, a long time ago. You know, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps. They have a beef on again off again beef. My gifts always says that Kevin Hart is not funny. Kevin Hart always say I don’t know why we beef and we two different people. He takes the positive route. So it was one time y’all remember the Shiggy challenge. And Kiki the look, everybody’s dancing to it right? There’s a brand called comedy hype and a report on all comedy news. Mike Epps did a collab with him when he did challenge, and in the skit he wrote on a unicycle, I was like, this is horrible. This is not funny. So I thought it’d be funny if I made a comment. So I wrote in the comments. I said, Imagine saying Kevin Hart, not funny, then getting on a unicycle. Everybody in the comments was laughing. He found the comment, DM to me and said, You’ll never make it. I was like, she made it. Yeah. That was your response. Yeah. Oh, my response like shit. You made it. I have it framed in my house. So are you? Yes.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:00:54

Anything like that, but that was a comedy show with the guys from 85 south. Really? Yeah.

Christian Payton  1:01:00

You went to it? No. You don’t like him? No, I

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:01:04

love 85. So, uh, I think they had just promoted the show. It was like, couple years ago, they promoted the show. And I was like, Hey, let me open up for y’all. And he was like, why would I let another comedian onto the show? Yeah, comedians, because I’m thinking to myself, cuz I’m from the city like, right? They already they already like rock with you. Oh, when they came to Shreveport. Yay. Okay. I’m like, because you don’t think they don’t rock with me? Cuz I’m cuz I was filling myself. And I’m like, I’m school. Like, you can say school? That’s

Christian Payton  1:01:41

fine. I can ask which one? Yeah, Carlos. And that’s not unbelievable. Yeah, like, all right. That’s not unbelievable, right?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:01:49

I like Carlos. So yeah, you know, when you say that, I was just glad he said something. I was like, okay, cool. And then, you know, I named Rob when I was supposed to I didn’t cuz I didn’t know anything about named Robert not like, I know the guy. So that’s why I said his name. Yeah. And then I say, don’t worry. One day we’ll be laughing about this. behind some drinks. Because yeah, you know, I have to believe in myself. In order to make it Carlos told me a don’t even do comedy and he’s gonna listen. Yeah, not because I not because I think he thinks I’m bad. But you know, like, why would I listen to him? And I know I’m being successful. Yeah. Somebody like me, there’s a need for everybody. Because there’s some people that don’t like a divine soul show. Hmm. That’s, that’s their choice. You know? I like my brand of comedy, which is dead in the 1000s genre. I don’t know. But no, nobody ever told me don’t do nobody famous. Not like that. But this you probably just blackballed yourself. That’s fine.

Mark Pugh  1:02:49

There’s the internet. We can If that’s a problem is not a problem. It is on my Instagram. I brought you on, bro. Appreciate it. You already know, right? I’m not I’m not worried about these people in industry.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:03:01

This was what you needed.

Christian Payton  1:03:05

This was probably I can’t say that. This was fun, though. I can’t say that.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:03:11

Oh, this has been like the best interview ever.

Mark Pugh  1:03:16

This podcast I’ve ever heard and

Christian Payton  1:03:17

Mark. Mark did. Mark didn’t do the voice. Please. Mark didn’t do like any of that. Like I asked him earlier. I’ll do it. He didn’t do it. Yes, he did. No, he did. Yes, he did.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:03:29

Yes, he definitely. I’m sitting right here answered the question in an Eddie Murphy voice.

Christian Payton  1:03:35

I didn’t you have to do something we all know.

Mark Pugh  1:03:38

I don’t know if you’ve seen a professional photo.

Christian Payton  1:03:43

See? I go have you? Have you ever seen any professor

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:03:50

I’m not have you not seen?

Christian Payton  1:03:52

I have Makayla has it? That’s why I asked I seen all of them. I don’t know. Maybe? I say I saw at least two of them. I’m not a big movie person. Online. I’m just seeing all three of them. Do you know who Jay Z is?

Mikayla Anderson  1:04:12


Mark Pugh  1:04:15

You want me to do the Jay Z voices? Yeah. Do you like such a prostitute?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:04:19

Right? That’s that’s what they do. That’s why

Christian Payton  1:04:22

we’re gonna wrap up the show today. Do you want to wrap up the show? Can you do it?

Mark Pugh  1:04:25

Would you want me to say to wrap up so

Mikayla Anderson  1:04:27

thank you guys so much for coming to the Creators Podcast Tune in next

Mark Pugh  1:04:31

week. The greatest podcast

Mikayla Anderson  1:04:36

podcast you’re on right now.

Mark Pugh  1:04:37

Oh, that was called something else. Mark that was called the basic show. I don’t know. On the spot, it’s you boy how the rock is in the building? Yep. You’re now tuned into the greatest podcast the young creators podcast right now. I’m never doing this voice again. This is the last time I’m gonna call Beyonce. I’m shut all of this down. Right. Hopis home. God,

Christian Payton  1:05:04

thank you so much. Thank y’all.

Mark Pugh  1:05:09

I just want to do him because I do the voice.

Christian Payton  1:05:13

Thank you. Thank you all for joining us. Where can people find you plug plug all your stuff? Where can people find y’all?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:05:20

You can find me on all social media at the wild man scoop. That’s th e th e, w i l d ma N. Seo, OB. And you caught my new merchandise saying the WMS the wild man scoop. It’s paying homage to one of the greatest restaurant factions in the world. The NWSL

Mark Pugh  1:05:44

say that. I like Barnes and Noble voice. Appreciate that, man. You should read books. I do not like audio books.

Mikayla Anderson  1:05:52

I should record an audio book.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  1:05:56

I should do my own trial.

Mark Pugh  1:06:01

It’s gonna be a nasty seller with read.

Christian Payton  1:06:04

Nobel Prize winner Most definitely. Definitely won’t be

Mark Pugh  1:06:09

my, uh, you can find me on just about anything. Mark P Jr. Ma RK pug H Jr. as Instagram.

Mikayla Anderson  1:06:19

Why did you look confused when you said

Mark Pugh  1:06:20

about trying to make sure there was anything that you could spell your name? Yeah, because I’m basic. Yeah, she’s so rude. Rude as hell. I’m never coming back. Never come back again. We also have a podcast I mean, Scooby is called the chest and chain podcast. He’s the host. I’m the co host. What else do I need to put? Tick tock Facebook. I am not on tick tock, my grown man. Um, oh, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Yeah, well, I’m a I’m a different type of grown man as a grown man as well. I don’t think it is but it is good

Christian Payton  1:07:01

to have websites

Mikayla Anderson  1:07:16

I’m the designer. Alright. Thanks for joining us podcast today, and we’ll see you next week.

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