What Do You Want to be When You Grow up?

When I asked my parents if they were happy with their career choice the blunt answer I was given was

“I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”

During my senior year of Highschool there was always a forceful set of eyes on my career choice. I had no idea “what I wanted to do for the next 50 years of my life.” There was always a push to go for the safe option of healthcare since you’ll be guaranteed job security, or so my family told me so.

With that being said- I didn’t care and went into Business. I had no idea what I was doing and to be quite frank I just needed some time to get a bachelor’s degree and figure it out along the way. To be completely honest- I had no idea who I wanted to be, a mother, a wife, I had no idea.

The one thing I did know is that I love helping others- I wanted to watch people grow. How was I going to do that with a business degree? I spent hours upon hours filling out paper work to switch my major in my junior year of college only to be thrown away due to self doubt. I wanted to seek other opportunities to fulfill my artistic craving while satisfying my dream of watching others grow. So instead of doing research upon these things- I took a personal break.

I started to prioritize my health, studies, relationship and things that I truly saw myself flourishing in. I started to gain interest in things that really pulled me in. I took notes about what made me want to scream, cry and all the other emotions that came from it. But the biggest thing that really took a toll on me was when my employment at a local coffee shop was in jepodary.

I was seeing all of these small businesses crash, fail, holding on by the tips of their fingers. I saw people work a 14 hour shift to barely get by for months. I was exhausted for them. Then- I was granted an opportunity with promoting local businesses online.

This is the most rewarding opportunity that I could have ever been given. I found a passion and turned that into a career- mind you in the middle of a pandemic. I was able to make an impact on local businesses and give them hope again.

I am still learning so much about the power of technology, social media and even a website. I look forward to going to work everyday and not only seeing the statistics of growth but the hope we give people with digital marketing.

So I pushed through, I graduated with my BA in Business Administration, not because I knew what I wanted to do but because I knew what I was supposed to do.

Mikayla Anderson

Mikayla Anderson

Website & Graphic Designer

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