Video Podcasting: The New Way to Reach Your Audience

​​The world of podcasting is a fast growing one! Podcasts are a fantastic way to reach your audience and can help you build relationships.  Podcasting is a form of broadcasting that has been around for nearly 10 years, but only recently have people begun to take it seriously as an effective marketing tool.

Video podcasts are similar, but instead use video recordings to tell stories in an engaging way instead of relying solely on audio. With video podcasts, viewers are more engaged because they get to see what is happening rather than just hear it, enabling them to feel closer to the content creator and more engaged by the story being told! There are a few reasons you should consider video podcasting, I’ll explain!

People Like Looking at Faces.

Video podcasts allow your audience to actually see you and put a face with a name and voice. We are all drawn to things that we are familiar with, the same is true when it comes to video podcasts. Tuning in with the same person(s) weekly or biweekly allows for a relationship to be built, even if you don’t know the hosts personally. It also builds authenticity between pocasters and their viewers. Being able to read body language and facial expressions is a huge form of nonverbal communication. Scientifically speaking, the human brain responds differently to visuals, Especially faces. Facial features, according to certain researchers, offer more information than spoken language!

Video Opens You Up to Wider Audiences.

Humans are visual, well most of us are anway. Being able to see what is going on, allows the viewer to feel as if they are a part of the conversation while it is happening. It is a proven fact that people just prefer video content over audio or text, the same goes for video podcasts. Adding video to your podcast, opens you up to a larger pool of potential fans.

Video Allows You to be More Social.

Building on the audio experience by incorporating the video element is more engaging. It is a multi-sensorial version of a traditional podcast, which allows more of an emotional connection between podcaster and listener as well. Reactions and emotions from podcasters can be transferred to their audience easier when video is incorporated.

It Ensures Quicker Growth/ Boosts Your Social Media Shareability.

Due to the fact that we as humans love the engagement from videos, we tend to SHARE them. Creating short, digestible clips with subtitles from your video podcast allows for easier sharing.The sharing of videos equates to growing your following, and FAST! Here at Revision we have two podcasts, and we can attest to this. After videos from our podcasts EntreNetwork and young+creatives were uploaded to YouTube, and video snippets were created to share to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, our following grew rapidly. Social media sites such as Facebook see more video consumption than anything else, DAILY, so it makes sense that a video podcast would grow faster once shared to social media platforms. Video also allows for content to be repurposed, saving you time in the long run!

Getting Started

Now that we covered why video podcasting is such a great tool, let’s discuss how you can get started.Are you skilled in a specific area? What is your niche? What will you discuss? Who is your target audience? These are all questions that you should ask yourself. Do you have to have the perfect answer to all of these questions immediately? Of course not! But, you should have an idea of the type of information you would like to offer listeners. Talking about things that you are skilled at, passionate about, and resonate with you will all make for great talking points. It also allows for listeners to get an idea of who you are as an individual. Authenticity is your greatest tool, when it comes to building, and growing a successful video podcast, so just be you! Your listeners are sure to come back if they feel like you’re offering them amazing insight and building them up as individuals.

Christian Payton

Christian Payton

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