The Social Ranks: Ranking Arizona’s Chambers of Commerce

It’s time for another social rank, and I’ll give you a few clues as to where we’re headed!

Clue 1: It is known for it’s hot and dry desert climate.

Clue 2: The saguaro cactus is the state’s flower.

Clue 3: The Grand Canyon is located here!

If you guessed Arizona, you’d be correct! If you simply read the title, you’d also be correct!

Let’s get started!

If  you’ve been following our blog series, “The Social Ranks”  it’s no secret that we think joining a  chamber of commerce has its perks. Chambers are very beneficial to businesses in their area. By providing assistance and tools to their members, they are continuously promoting economic development throughout their communities. 

This week’s ranking was TOUGH! The men and women who serve in any capacity in these chambers are doing an INCREDIBLE job providing support, encouraging citizens to shop locally, and the reason why we’re all here, engaging with their audience online by keeping them updated with events, highlights, and new ribbon cuttings! We know this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work from a dedicated team of people, the marketing professionals, who make it their mission to present this information in such a professional, unique, and interactive way on the chamber’s social media platforms.

Using social media as our guide, we ranked Arizona’s Top 10 chamber of commerce based on their social media presence. To narrow down our list of 73 chambers, we filtered our search to the largest cities in the state. The criteria that we ranked; the frequency in which they posted, brand consistency, aesthetics, how they incorporated video content, event highlights, and the list goes on!  Keep reading to see who made the cut!

  1. Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce- Tucson, AZ
  2. Chandler Chamber of Commerce- Chandler, AZ
  3. Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce- Phoenix, AZ
  4. Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce- Phoenix, AZ
  5. Gilbert Chamber of Commerce- Gilbert, AZ
  6. Mesa Chamber of Commerce- Mesa, AZ
  7. Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce- Scottsdale, AZ
  8. Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce- Tucson, AZ
  9. Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce- Lake Havasu City, AZ
  10. Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce- Phoenix, AZ

Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

Tucson had literal 10’s across the board. From the frequency in which they posted, to brand consistency, and the use of video content across all of their social media platforms, we were impressed. Tucson Metro Chamber does a phenomenal job highlighting members, events in the community, and saving the dates. What’s even better is they do so in a fun and engaging way! Check it out for yourself:

Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Another one with 10’s across the board, Chandler’s Chamber of Commerce has a fresh feel about it. Displaying its content beautifully, the aesthetics of the accounts are definitely worth mentioning. Their use of a variety of different post types allows for fun conversation for those in the community! I even saw Mayor Hartke post a gif under one of their posts. Take a look for yourself:

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Highlighting #selflove tips the entire month of January, it was hard to not immediately engage with their content. Their consistency across their platforms, throughout their posts was also impressive. This chamber could give a lesson or two about brand consistency, they’ve definitely figured it out! The ‘Chamber Clips’ are also a great touch they are used across their social media. Video content is becoming more and more popular, and it looks like this chamber is going to be ahead of the curve, check them out for yourself:

Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce

Another favorite! The content used on the social media platforms for Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce is the definition of ‘fun and interactive’. This is another chamber that does an amazing job with brand consistency. They use their mediums to educate their following, and highlight the local events. Another one with 10’s across the board! Have a look for yourself:

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce

Gilbert’s “Chamber Check In” video snippets are brilliant (in my opinion)! Their use of  video content is worth mentioning, because it is done so well. Photos from events are thoughtfully displayed, and add a nice personal “touch”. They are all about community engagement, posting often to welcome new members, encourage those in their community to get involved, and give back, it’s no surprise they ended up on the list! Visit them online, and check it out for yourself:

Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Mesa Chamber of Commerce does a great job staying involved. From encouraging their audience to check out the local community college, to working with the public school system to develop opportunities for students, their hard work and efforts to bettering those in their community did not go unnoticed. Through the use of photos, different graphics, and videos, this chamber tells a beautiful story! They even have a podcast where they highlight different members! Check them at online at:

Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce

Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, does an outstanding job highlighting their members, and their successes. Using photos to display many of their accomplishments. Ribbon cuttings, and future events are frequently posted throughout their feed, keeping their followers engaged and up to date with what’s going on in the area. Take a look for  yourself:

Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Like every chamber mentioned above, Tucson Hispanic Chamber’s social platforms are used purposefully. Everything is thought out, and displayed in an easy to digest manner. Their use of different post types, breaks up the content and keeps it interactive. They also do a wonderful job highlighting members, and events going on in their community. Visit them online at:

Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce

Lake Havasu Area Chamber is all about encouraging the locals to get involved with events going on in the community. From posts encouraging them to shop local, to thanking their teachers for all that they do, community involvement is an important aspect. Their use of different post types adds different elements to their feed, making it more enjoyable to scroll through, and very easy to digest! Give it a look:

Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce

Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce accounts feature a lot of photos and videos of their member’s successes, as well as important dates. There’s a great balance of video and photos along their feed. They also do a great job encouraging their members to network, hosting different events that allow meeting other business owners, and those that work behind the scene for the local chamber.


 Joining any of the chambers listed would benefit any business, old or new! All of the chambers featured do a phenomenal job highlighting different aspects of their community, events, and members. Their use of photos and videos made this ranking extremely enjoyable. What I was most impressed with? The brand consistency that I saw throughout many of their profiles! The men and women that make it their due diligence to produce the content that is featured, have got this social media thing figured out!

As always, be sure to follow them on their social media accounts, and visit their websites for the most up to date information, and new opportunities!

Christian Payton

Christian Payton

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