Michael McCrary

I.T. Support Specialist

Shreveport is where I grew up, and it is a place that I have a lot of emotions about; one of these is the desire to see it, and the people living in it, succeed. From an early age, I also developed an affinity for computers, spending a lot of my time learning about and playing old games on my dad’s old machine. This was an interest of mine that carried over into my later years, as I would continue to spend most of my time in grade school primarily focused on and interested in subjects pertaining to the usage of technology and how it affects how we do work collectively. When I finally got to college, I was able to acquire my bachelor’s degree in computer science, with a double focus in cybersecurity and big data/cloud computing. Although my studies were able to provide me with a large wealth of knowledge about most things one could want to know about the subject, I found myself often drawn to the more social side of the field, working and interfacing with both computers and people together. I found that my true passion lies in creating optimal technical solutions for the ever-growing and evolving state of our world and its people, which has led me towards a career in I.T. and general cyber-humanities, namely cyber law. One day, I aspire to return to law school to pursue a legal career as a special interest consultant regarding cyber ethics for businesses looking to envelope themselves in the digital landscape, or a prosecuting attorney targeting those who commit the most heinous of digital crimes.

I live with my amazing wife and six cats. In my free time, you can find me learning more about or enjoying technology, listening to music, or reading a good book.