Marley Walters

Social Media Coordinator

From a young age I always wanted to make a difference in the world. I always thought this was going to only happen if I ran a charity or became a doctor but in reality, I am able to help small businesses every day by marketing.

I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and was heavily influenced by the natural landscape and ability to be outdoors often. My love for the outdoors and photography grew as I got older and I began shooting nature photography. I went to college for art studies at Arkansas Tech University. There I took a social media class and that is where my interest in social media marketing really took off. After college I began working for a bank and this is where I got my hand in social media marketing. I taught myself all kinds of things about graphic design so that I could curate custom designs for the company I was working for.

From there I worked at a few different banks and a real estate agency where I ran their marketing division. As soon as I got the opportunity to join a great group like Revision Marketing Group, I jumped and I have never looked back. I have two dogs, August and Pancho, a cat, Mushu and a wonderful partner named Killian. I live in Shreveport and love this city and all of its quirks.