Social Media In The Midst Of A Pandemic

As I am sure we all can relate, 2020 was quite a year. It was a year of adjustment and learning in some shape or form and with that we learned just how useful social media has been in order to connect and stay in touch with family and friends no matter where we are located.

During the height of the pandemic I struggled heavily with feeling isolated and alone. I felt like I had no sort of interaction with anything besides my newly obsessive houseplant hobby and my dog! Soon I started to find myself on Facebook, Instagram, and the new to me at the time Tik-Tok. It was amazing how much better I felt by being able to see how other people were making it through this tough time, or people who were able to start a fundraiser or a mask making community.

Not only was it useful for my mental health, it was certainly useful and a staple for small and large businesses alike. I can only imagine how these small business and restaurant owners were effected by the changes that had been made. It was both a learning experience and a stressful time all in one.

Social media enabled businesses to have online shops and online ordering all throughout the pandemic. Some small businesses thrived during the pandemic because of this, we were able to still enjoy our favorite meals and order new products from all of our favorite businesses nationally and locally alike.

None of this would be possible without the help of social media and the power we hold in our pockets. We could easily see the new and exciting products and weekly specials that our favorite companies had.

Marley Walters

Marley Walters

Social Media Coordinator

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