What is Project
"Brand Reconstruction"?

Let’s say that you’re a business owner who is looking to grow your business in 2022, but you’re not truly satisfied with your website and social media content. As a result, this drawback is now causing a lack of big pushes and generated leads. Addressing these problems is why we created Project Brand Reconstruction, with the goal of offering opportunities to redesign your website and social media with brand consistency as a priority, ultimately helping to easily secure more revenue for your business. 

Marketing team.

What Does a Brand Design Include?

It is proven that brand consistency, across different platforms, allows potential clients to both remember and trust your brand.


Edelman, 2019


The main colors that your brand will use across different platforms.


Fonts that will be on your website, social, and print material.

target audience

Your customers, their pain points, and how you provide a solution to them. 

What's Included?

Brand Kit

A complete brand kit that shows you how to use your logo, fonts, and elements to be consistent across platforms and grow revenue for your business.

Tracking Implementation

Many large-scale businesses, such as Facebook or Amazon, use tracking software capabilities to advertise and sell you the things you want to see and buy. We will implement tracking software on your website so you have the ability to market to prospects, even after they left your website.

Social Media Blueprint

On-brand templated posts that will allow you to stay consistent, build trust, and increase your bottom line without spending too many hours on social media management.

Website Design

A comprehensive website design that focuses on converting your prospects into paying clients, as well as embodying your goals and objectives as a business.

What's Next?


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Initial Meeting

We will call you and schedule an initial meeting.



After assessing your needs, we’ll send a formal proposal on the scope of work to help grow your business.


Sketch & Design

Our team will design your website and social media to convert prospects into paying customers.



We’ll work with you to make the social media kit and website to be what you envision.


Increased Sales

Launching your new website and social media content will lead to an increase in sales for your business.

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