Episode 30 – Finding My Lane & Navigating the World of Comedy with Mark Pugh Jr. & Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston

Show Notes

Welcome back to the young+creatives podcast!

For the first episode of Season 2, we sit down with two local stand up comedians, Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston, and Mark Pugh Jr.

In this episode of young+creatives we cover several key topics including:

  • Who is Scooby?
  • Who is Mark Pugh?
  • How I ended up in comedy-Mark
  • How I got into standup-Scooby
  • Music and my therapist-Scooby
  • Making music is my outlet-Mark
  • Taking a break when I’m feeling burnout-Scooby
  • Whatever you’re going through is only temporary-Mark
  • The 3 R’s of comedy-Scooby
  • Being attentive to the crowd-Scooby
  • Comedy is subjective you have to find your audience -Mark
  • I never want to be bigger in my head than I actually am-Mark
  • Being on stage, it’s two different worlds

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Team RMG  00:00

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Christian Payton  00:50

Hey guys, welcome back to the greatest podcast today. You have Christian and Mikayla from the revision team and then we actually have two very special guests today. Do y’all want to introduce yourselves? Nope. Okay, that’s mark for you guys.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  01:04

And I’m Scooby Jeremy’s gonna be Houston.

Christian Payton  01:06

Okay, thank you guys for joining us on the podcast. Thank you for having me. Of course absolutely.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  01:13

feel so welcomed. Are you sure? Very start. Yeah.

Christian Payton  01:20

Okay, guys, um, you want to go by Scooby. Right? Yeah. Okay, Scooby. Scooby and Mark are both a stand up comedian. Do you like that term stand up? Okay. Well, they’re both stand up comedians. And, like Shreveport area, so they’re local to this area. We thought it would be like a great idea to ask the Ask the both of them to come on and just like, chat, or talk or joke with us briefly. So we’re about to get into it.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  01:49

Definitely don’t a lot of joking.

Christian Payton  01:53

Like the first 20 minutes?

Mikayla Anderson  01:54

Yeah, we’re just rolling now, but that’s okay. Okay, so who is? Scooby, we’ll start with you.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  02:02

Scooby is, is I guess you could say not an alter ego with one of the same. But as a child, I was very quiet. And then when I got a little older and stopped caring so much about what people thought I ended up developing a nickname from my granny. And I just read, that’s how I was able to say how I actually feel so Scooby became completely different persons. And then it was actually me blossoming. And in. He’s, like, relatable to everybody. Everybody has a cousin. That’s like me. Everybody has an uncle. That’s like me. Somebody knows someone like me. I try to be as relatable as possible. And keep cool with everybody.

Mark Pugh  02:44

I love that. Oh, so here’s Mark Pugh. Oh, I’m still trying to figure that out.

Christian Payton  02:48

That’s an honest answer. Yeah, like right now.

Mark Pugh  02:52

I’m a young black male that’s trying to pay his bills. What is art?

Christian Payton  02:57

Okay. With his art. Yeah.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  03:01

That’s, that’s the dream.

Mark Pugh  03:02

It is. As that’s all I have a question is a very hard question. No, yeah. You

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  03:08

made me seem like a diva just now. Are you prepared, but

Mark Pugh  03:11

you know who you are, man. You spent a lot of time with yourself.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  03:15

I appreciate it. Thank you.

Christian Payton  03:21

Okay, so we’ll start with you. How did you get into? Well, you just said like, art? Yeah. What type of art?

Mark Pugh  03:28

Pretty much everything and drawing painting music, poetry acting, comedy.

Christian Payton  03:34

So how did you end up in comedy?

Mark Pugh  03:38

I guess it started when I used to watch Martin a lot. And that’s kind of when when I was young, I realized I was funny, because I watch more than I will hit the last stuff he do. And I would do stuff and then my family would laugh and I’m like, I like how this feels. And then ever since then, I my one of my favorite John was a music TV. Movies was always comedy. So it’s just something I gravitated towards. And then the fifth grade that’s when I did my first like, stand up set. I wrote some jokes. I wrote three jokes. I got on stage and I forgot my third joke. And I just made them up on the spot and that was my biggest laughs I was like, Yeah, my hair something. Do you remember the gym? No. I did like I did Eddie Murphy impersonation. One of the clumps from the professor’s you do it? Yeah, I can do it. My gonna do it right now. Okay, I’ll do it randomly. You won’t expect it. Okay. Okay.

Mikayla Anderson  04:27

That’s too much pressure on the spot.

Christian Payton  04:29

I don’t think it is.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  04:31

Do comedians Oh, you’re comedian. Funny make me laugh. That’s how I feel like, Have you not been laughing this whole time? I’ve been paying attention to you. Like you’ve been laughing. So. Yeah, so we did. We definitely did.

Christian Payton  04:47

How did you come into or get into standup?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  04:50

How I got into it. I went to a comedy show at Louisiana Tech. And there was this guy doing stand up and one of the college shows and He was really bad. He was really bad. He got he still got paid. And I’m like, if he can get paid I can get. And I know, like, people have been telling me I’m funny on my life. I know. I can read a home. I try to make people laugh. That’s that’s who I Oh, okay, cool. So I’m like, if I, if I just, I know I can do this. And, uh, oh, excuse me, as a story before that. Someone told me asked me to stand up with a bunch of my other friends and crack jokes, because that’s what we used to do in college crack jokes during the university out. So we did out we’re planning to do that. They dropped out because they had things to do. They’re important people. So it was just me. We ended up going it was an open mic that I didn’t know about. They called me up. And, uh, my first joke, made everybody laugh. And it was just like Mark said, the book beat me like, oh, okay, okay, I did this on purpose. And y’all gave me the laugh. I’m hooked. And then I just kept doing open mics. And then when I really started being like, Okay, this is what I want to do. That’s when I went to the Congress or taken was like, he got paid to be horrible. And I was like, I know I’m, I can at least make a couple people laugh. If I don’t make everybody laugh. And I was like, I’m gonna go forward. I reached out to the hairline and guy, and he, he kind of took me under his wing, and I decided,

Christian Payton  06:38

okay, so beautiful.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  06:41

I’m long winded, bro. It’s okay. I’m sorry.

Mark Pugh  06:44

Cuz I don’t have much to say. So as long as you eat up all the time. It’s a good

Mikayla Anderson  06:47


Christian Payton  06:48

It’s a great balance. That’s my boy. out so y’all know each other.

Mark Pugh  06:53

We just met today. He just said you’re his boy.

Mikayla Anderson  06:57

So you guys both swiped right on Tinder. Dan. First of all,

Mark Pugh  07:01

I know guys, I’m like now like, you know, like me and bond real fast. Once we see another black man, we like what’s up? Yeah, I

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  07:12

don’t really know.

Christian Payton  07:14

Boys. Yeah, we don’t

Mark Pugh  07:15

like we had the same struggles and we understand just from the way we dance. I was just like, Yeah,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  07:22

we don’t have to like go on like a couple dinners. Like you know how kind of like other people do their own dances and I got to get to know her. Right? Right. Cuz y’all be like deep dark secrets. We just be like, Hey, man, you called the guy. Yeah. Okay, cool. Girl. Yeah, big. Dance is very surface level. Very fun, because we don’t need to know all about each other.

Mark Pugh  07:43

I need to be there rent one random time. We just like break down the call and be like, Hey, man, ain’t doing so good. Just lay it on me. Right?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  07:55

Like we can hang out 10 times and not really have a deep conversation. And then 11th time like, Hey, bro, I mean, tell you something. Hey, bro, I got time for you. But you can’t be doing this every week though.

Christian Payton  08:05

Right? Okay, cuz you only have time for one girlfriend. Right? Cuz you only need one girlfriend. Okay, that makes sense. So oh no witnesses. Aside from all of that. How do you guys know each other?

Mark Pugh  08:17

Well, how do we meet? I don’t even know.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  08:19

I don’t know. I don’t even remember.

Christian Payton  08:24

Have you all like worked together before? Like oh,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  08:27

yeah, like I don’t know how maybe it was. It’s probably

Mark Pugh  08:31

no I miss you way before that. It had to be a comedy show something it had to do something with comedy. I don’t but you know, Shreveport is you always know people before you meet them anyway. Yeah.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  08:42

Most people that are in our creatives they run into someone close in that genre all the time. Yeah. So you know it’s other comedians that I know but I only know I know you do I like I only know I know him through comedy like that. I know me him never work together. Stuff like that. And we might have we have a bunch of mutual friends that are also in arts and creative so we probably just made and passes on well I did change number eight I need to fit into my niche with it. You know and then we really we really got real tight when we started doing doing one podcast for me that we don’t ever really do any more

Christian Payton  09:25

episodes. The name of it

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:28

is a giant podcast.

Christian Payton  09:30

I don’t think I’ve heard of that before.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:31

Yeah, no we don’t we only got

Mark Pugh  09:32

1/3 Episode Yes.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:35

We all plug in though your guest we got to start doing it for real and I want to come out hang out. Yeah, absolutely. We can. We can do that.

Christian Payton  09:43

So okay, guys, we’re gonna cameras. Microphones and so we just all share it.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:52

Yeah, we just put it right in the middle. You just try to speak as loud as you see

Mark Pugh  09:55

how big that table is. We don’t put the microphone

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  09:59

in the laptop. gonna be like right there next to

Christian Payton  10:01

you. I’ll probably not I don’t talk that loud. So Oh, whatever. I don’t see the microphones like right here. I mean, we could shoot it up here if you want me to ask me about that.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  10:12

Oh, yeah, I mean, you know? Yeah, just

Mikayla Anderson  10:15

it’s probably so

Mark Pugh  10:17

cool. Let me know, I

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  10:18

guess I guess we really got to do it now.

Mark Pugh  10:20

I’m waiting. I’m waiting.

Christian Payton  10:22

Okay, so, as a creative, I feel like it’s super important to have like different outlets. I don’t know if I’ll agree with that statement. I’m delicate with it. So like, what are some of the different outlets that you’ll have outside of like comedy,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  10:38

I love live bands, I love music, I am a music. Through and through, I listen to all genres of music. And that, and I have therapists, okay. I mean, you know, I want to just say every time I can feel some type of way, I just listen to me. I mean, because there’s nothing wrong data that helps you. But sometimes I need to use my words. Sometimes I don’t use my words, I need to just feel whatever is going on, I might need to listen to a song that makes me feel whatever way I’m feeling. Understand what I’m feeling. So flush it out. Yeah. Music and my therapists all my biggest to learn about you

Mikayla Anderson  11:30

know, for real? Um, Michael, you’re gonna have to like bleep that out or something.

Mark Pugh  11:37

So what’s my outlet? I actually make music. So that’s my outlet for real, like, I write a lot. So I’m used to doing poetry and music. And other thing. That’s it? Um, I had a therapist, but

Christian Payton  11:52

expensive. No, yeah, that’s a real.

Mikayla Anderson  11:54

That’s a real struggle, though. That’s so out of comedy. And everything else you do, like poetry and everything? What? Like, what did you get in first? And how did that translate into like your different hobbies?

Mark Pugh  12:08

It was art. I started drawing. I’ve been drawing since ever since I can pick up a pencil. You know, I like kids drawing the walls and stuff that usually get like weapons or some kind of discipline. What saved me from getting beat from drawing on the walls was the fact that I drew a perfect circle on the wall. And my parents are just like, oh, this is a perfect circle. So ever since then, I just been drawing and always lead to something else. And I’m the type of person where if I see some, and I like it, I’m interested in it. I’m gonna try it. And if I really enjoy it, I just keep doing it until I like, master it or whatever. So that’s kind of how that all the snowballs now.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  12:44

For the record, his parents are so sweet. I love them.

Mark Pugh  12:48

I go say nice, sweet, but you know days.

Christian Payton  12:54

Your mom’s very sweet, sweet parent.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  12:59

They made a good guy.

Mark Pugh  13:00

Appreciate it.

Christian Payton  13:01

Yeah. Oh my goodness. Okay, so who would you always like say who makes up your support system? Yep

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  13:21

I mean, the, the veins but like, you mean like, when when I’m not interacting with people like in the crowd?

Mikayla Anderson  13:29

Like when you feel like you’re running like a creative drought. Like you can’t come up with any new stories, jokes, or anything or

Christian Payton  13:36

someone else just always just there. Yeah. Like,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  13:39

friends and family. Other community definitely most definitely other comedians. Because they are either they’ve been there before, or they’re going through it with you. So for the most part, and you want to reach out to the people that you know, possibly have felt that way, or that have reached out to you like, you know, I told Mark I’m about to go on the Drowned by the stop doing this and focus on this. And I understand why because he has so many different instruments he can use. He understands okay, I’m tired of doing music right now let me do some comedy. Okay, I’m tired of doing comedy right now. Let me do this digital art. Let me let me do this. I’m plugging in my butt. So because he had that he understands being exhausted being being tired of being down Avenue. So it’s mostly supporting comedians. But you know, of course you got your parents and if you have a significant others you know, those are supposed to be your basis background. So my, my son thinks I’m hilarious. That’s all that matters. Yeah, my day my mama ate like they think I’m the funniest people in the world.

Christian Payton  14:51

That’s all that matters. So what do you do when you start feeling burnt out? Like,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  14:55

take I’ll take a break. I’m not at the I’m not at the That’s where I’m doing it full time. So, now I’m gonna say, I can’t pay no bills with it. But it’s not my, my, it’s not my major income. So if creatively, I’m not feeling up to par. And I feel like I’m exhausted, I’m drained. I’m doing all this, I’m doing all that. I step back, you know, I wipe the calendar off. Now, not what shows. Now if I’m booked to do something big boy up and do your job because you know, your job. But if it’s just something that I got, like, I might plan a creative day for myself at the house, where I block everything out and I’m just in my room writing jokes, or working on some visual material. Then I’ll just you know what, not today. I’m just feel it out. See how I do it. And I feel like doing it. I’ll do if I don’t. I’m okay.

Christian Payton  15:58

Okay. Now, what about you like who would? Who is your support system made up

Mark Pugh  16:02

of a man like he said, the first kind of first buffer is a friends and family. And I got my parents, I got a couple homies. Scooby included. You know, if you got a significant other sometimes, and comedians as well, too, they, because they understand the struggle of the different things we have to deal with. But, uh, that’s pretty much it.

Christian Payton  16:30

How do you like bounce back from being like, in a drought? Yeah.

Mark Pugh  16:36

Wait it out, kind of just got to be present, and realize that whatever you’re going through is only temporary, but it’s hard. When you in the middle of the storm, you think like now is it this is gonna be forever. But even even like happiness, happiness don’t last all the time, it goes away in a drought calm, and you just got to stick with it, stick through it, and kind of just be present and let it subside. Because usually on the other side of that is more go. Just having to remind myself is all gonna be alright, just get through it.

Christian Payton  17:06

What is the content come from when you are like in your creative process or like in the mode?

Mark Pugh  17:13

I don’t know. It’s just, it just hit me like a wave. And I’m just, I’m just doing it. So anytime I’m like, inspired, whatever I’m doing, I’m just there. I’m shutting everybody out. And it’s not intention. It’s just like, I don’t want anything to take away from this, whatever I’m in right now. Because it never comes back. And if it does, it comes back in a different way. So a lot of songs that I’ve done. If I don’t do it right, then I don’t record the whole song, then it’s either a one minute song, or it’s not finished.

Christian Payton  17:39

Right? Can you relate to that?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  17:41

Oh, yeah. So with with me? It’s, it’s definitely in the moment thing I’m not gonna say might not come back to me. Because my stuff is what not my stuff. But when I when I think of a joke, is normally in that moment what’s going on? So if it’s normally when I’m behind the wheel of a car to like, I might be driving.

Mikayla Anderson  18:03

Ah, that’s the worst. How do you remember?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  18:07

Do try to do your best or take out your phone. It’s like, Yeah, I’ll pull over like, like, I’ve made myself laugh driving and pull it over just so I can be like, I have to remember this is something I have to do. Yeah. And I used to be really bad. Better, I think because you know, you think Oh, it’s so funny. I’ll remember it. And then you send it How’s like, Lee, what

Mark Pugh  18:30

is that talking about?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  18:31

Man? What was I talking about? Yeah, no wording

Christian Payton  18:33

like you can’t get the wording rise.


So, um, and I take things that happen in my life, exaggerate or minimize them? Yeah. Good. Bad. Trauma, tragedy. All right, I try to take all it and as a comedian, your job is to be relatable, relevant, and most definitely a real so the three All right, yeah. Make sure y’all get that back to me. I got a copy right there.

Mikayla Anderson  19:09

Michael write that down. Tony.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  19:13

You want to you want to do all that and you are pulling back from bad stories like they happen like the whole reason why I don’t pick on people in the crowd is because I was bullied as a kid. I know what it’s like to be singled out, right? They don’t mean don’t mess with me when I’m older. Because if you if you pick on me, I’m gonna pick on YouTube. Yeah, and I got a microphone so everybody can hit me. And sometimes I might just have to bluff you because I might not have anything to say about you. Cuz you clean the mug and you look like you got a whole lot of money and I’m telling these jokes, you know and I ain’t got what you got. So it all opinions I just I try to keep it as real as possible. But

Christian Payton  19:55

so with like you said that you use like this stuff that you’ve gone through like to pretty much help you write your or come up with your content. Does the fear of like it not translating over to the crowd ever kick in? Like how do you deal with feeling like it’s not gonna?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  20:15

So I’m not going to say my material is basic. I’m not gonna say much. But some of the things that I’ve gone through everyone has gone through. Yeah, you know, or not, if not everyone, a specific group of people have gone through. Like, everybody’s had almost everybody’s had their heart broken. So everybody relax today, but, uh, guys know what it feels like to be taking care of a kid that isn’t yours. Like some people, women can never feel that right man can So if I start telling this joke to this specific set of people that definitely gonna feel me on this. And you know, that’s something, but it also shares my story because I’m an open person. I don’t hold nothing back. If I’m telling you a story on stage. Nine times out of 10 I’d have been in a predicament somewhere. And I just kind of exaggerated the point. But like, what I give y’all or my life experience things I’ve gone through stories I’ve heard. So it’s It’s wild. Like, I don’t know. I can’t really explain

Christian Payton  21:29

is that why you go by wild man school? No, I

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  21:30

was. So when I was younger I was. I’m more like the mild man scoop now, but when I was younger, okay, you got it.

Christian Payton  21:38

Yeah, I don’t have to cut anything else out.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  21:40

So I was I was the life of the party when I was younger man. Like when I came in, everybody’s about to have a good time. I’m about to crack jokes about the dance all his song. And I used to drink a lot. Okay, a whole lot. So I was out of the party. I don’t know. And I was just I was wild. And at that time, having a good Twitter handle, because I’m that old. When like the baby ages, the Twitter when you found a good Twitter handle. You had to hold on to it. Yeah, good. So when I found it, I just stuck with it. And that’s how the wild man school just became, because initially it was just wild man school. I got hacked at like 10k You know, I’m saying I’ll see you have the 10k Dan was good. Yeah. Yeah, I got hate the light 10k. And then I had to recreate the night and man, I had just put the D in it. And I always like when people put V in front of as like, you know, the Grambling State University. Yeah. You know, I just because it’s making these days like when you do stuff for official Yeah, like, I I liked it. So that’s him. Yep. Cuz there’s only one. Yeah. And it’s the wow man school.

Christian Payton  22:56

Right? Right. So how do you, Mark get over the feeling of like, failure? Like this joke isn’t gonna. I don’t think people are really going like this when or do you?

Mikayla Anderson  23:09

Did you ever have like, both of you? Did you ever have like a situation where you tell a joke and like, nobody laughs

Mark Pugh  23:15

Oh, for sure. Happens all the time. How do you

Christian Payton  23:19

like bounce back from that being on stage? And everybody’s just staring at all these eyes are staring at you and they’re like,

Mark Pugh  23:25

Be funny on your last joke. That one didn’t work get on with something else. I noticed the saying that is harder is easier said than done, but I don’t care about bombing I’ma Yeah, it just got to that point.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  23:39

Like I don’t like because you can literally be on a good run three, four souls killed. Like money coming in good. People booked up stuff like Yeah, and you had one show. And nobody understands who you are. Nobody, nothing translate. And after that one show after 567 successful well paid show. Yeah, you sitting in the green room? Or wherever you’re wherever you’re like, Am I really, really supposed to be doing it? Like, now you just had hundreds of people laughing at you have more more than one venue? And then you come to this one venue? One venue

Mikayla Anderson  24:17

breaks you down?

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  24:18

He be like, Am I really? Like I’m the worst person happening. And it will bring you back there. But also it’s kind of like we said how you get you get a failure. You just move past it. I don’t care about Obama no more if you didn’t like this, I’m pretty sure when I go to somewhere else is gonna translate and I’m gonna do you always have to remember that. You have to you have to see it through. You know, I’m saying Do you know how many comedians we would not have if they just stopped we wouldn’t have they just stopped after the first bad show. And I’m saying like, I was having a bad run one time. And people say to me to be on the show, and my mom was just like, somebody sees something and I just I’m not Understanding it I’m just doing all these shows and even when my mentor took me and I wasn’t like doing great I wasn’t doing bad but I’m like Why does he keep asking me I’m not getting I’m not getting a response that any but he saw something that I couldn’t see. So yeah,

Christian Payton  25:18

so it was really like humbling there

Mark Pugh  25:21

he saw my three show run I bought three shows in one day two shows same material all three shows the first two shows you kill you get to the different places everybody loved that one show make you feel like you don’t need to be doing nothing.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  25:37

And the fun part about it could be like the show you knew I knew I was gonna kill the first thing you be like, you know, I picked us up for the money. Like I just you know I’m gonna work out some Luma tea you smashed Oh, but what even expected me you get to the one place you know you’re supposed to kill. You don’t need to like Oh, what am I doing?

Christian Payton  25:57

Uh huh. What are some of the I don’t know if you can say like the cities are like the places where like, Where have you gotten some like the best labs or like the like just great support.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  26:08

Leesville auto small places. I do. Leesville Mansfield, I did a I did a little place in Arkansas, I don’t even remember. Bad, like small places. Because some of those people they actually they come to laughs I, you know, they expecting they’re expecting something and they get it. So they lay off other places, you know, like I’ve been, I’ve performed in Atlanta, I performed, and, uh, and Oakland. And they understood me, but they were kind of like, okay, that was kind of that’s funny, but I want to give you my whole life. But the smaller places I’ve gone they like I’m about to fall out this year laughing at you. Yeah. They appreciate it. Not saying that the biggest thing? No.

Christian Payton  26:55

But you can see it. Yeah. The appreciation.

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  26:57

Like, I like small venue like 3040 people. Yeah, that’s

Mark Pugh  27:04

let’s do this really intimate shows were just like you smile room and people and all that extra stuff them the best shows,

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  27:12

cuz they wanna they want to hell, they want to have a good time. Right? They came at a good time, like, especially if they know what’s going to be comedy there. It’s always a plus, like, like, the pop up comedy shows like we better start doing it in this club. But this bar, don’t be the worst. Well, you got to compete with so much now. It also gets your chops right to the show. Because then you finally get the pool game you fight against the football game on TV. Somebody’s doing something else in the corner is loud, just conversation. So you learn in the process of all of that. It’s and you don’t realize until you’ve conquered it, right. And let’s keep going through like I’m stated doing this bar that like, and you like golly, and then you get into a decent room. And the same situation that happened. While you were in those small spots. You’re you’re able to grasp that and be like, Hey, this is what I need to do in this room right here. And when you grab that have that authority. People in the back, there’ll be quiet people in the walk that’s watching the game. They’ll hustle you know, so it’s it’s definitely something you grow with. Yeah, especially hosting

Christian Payton  28:23

how have what are some of the better shows that you’ve had like the cities or I don’t know if you can say like the actual names of the shows, but for you like your experience,

Mark Pugh  28:33

we’ve been going to Dallas a lot like every week. A lot of you know, but every Tuesday I’m saying Instagram, a newbie on Instagram.

Christian Payton  28:45

Post his whole life on Instagram. I don’t really

Mikayla Anderson  28:49

I don’t be on Instagram

Jeremy ‘Scooby’ Houston  28:57

Oh no, I’m pretty basic. So

Mark Pugh  29:00

you know like basic people.

Mikayla Anderson  29:02

My gosh, all basic coffee drinks.

Mark Pugh  29:06

I’m still waiting on a good extravagant drink. Anyway, what was you asked me um, so

Christian Payton  29:14

some of the some of the better shows you’ve had places

Mark Pugh  29:17

definitely smaller places a place in Dallas, we go to a call where the name of the show was called Talent tapping by a guy named Josh Drake. Switch alert on Instagram. He hosted an open mic was like an open mic slash show every Tuesday isn’t a Hookah Lounge. is real. is about it’s 1.5 bigger than this room. This room and a half of this room put together and

Christian Payton  29:42

and it’s a Hookah Lounge. Yeah, so it’s filled with hookah smoke.

Mark Pugh  29:45

Now I can see like everybody, everybody don’t by the hook. It’d be like three or four gangsters in smoking hookah and is it

Christian Payton  29:54

okay to drink. Okay.