Podcast Launch Services

Giving you all the benefits of video podcasting, without all of the work.

From helping you brainstorm, to launch day. We’ve got your podcast covered every step of the way. 

Do it the right way.

Podcasting is a great way to establish yourself as a leader in your industry and break into different markets. It’s an intimate way to engage your audience and provide value to your growing community. 

With 50% of all homes being podcast fans, you don’t want to risk putting off launching until later when the pressure is too high! You also don’t want to waste your time trying to do it all yourself. 

That’s why we’re here to help. With two internal video podcasts of our own, we know exactly how to get you launched within four short weeks.

Let's break this down launch your podcast in 4 weeks

With our team doing all the heavy lifting, you’ll get a lot from our production services. Here is an overview of some of the deliverables you get when you work with us. 

week 1

We’ll have a two-hour strategy session where we talk about what equipment is needed, the stye of the podcast, recording techniques, the overall format of the episodes, and everything in between. 

week 2

Next, we’ll focus on the creative work you need for your new podcast. We’ll create the album work, content descriptions, and assist you with everything you’ll need to prepare for your first episode.

week 3

Once we’ve created all the artwork and logistics for your podcast, we’ll have to submit them for approval. While we are going through the approval phase we’ll continue to record episodes and finalize you social media accounts and podcasting website.

week 4

The week you’ve been waiting for! We’ll launch your podcast with the first three episodes and record the fourth episode to be launched the following week. This will give you maximum momentum to engage your listeners!

Podcast Materials

When creating a podcast it’s important to have a podcasting plan. This includes all your branding material, the mission and purpose of the podcast, and what you hope to accomplish with your podcast. We’ll assist you in creating all branding materials to ensure you’ll have a good foundation to stand on when promoting your new podcast.

Social Media Content

Promoting your podcast on social media is a must! When you decide to move forward with us as your podcasting professionals, we do all the heavy lifting. We create custom graphics to promote upcoming podcasts and episode launches as well as bite-size video snippets of you and your guest to share across all platforms.

Your Brand New Podcast

The best feeling in the world is watching an idea become a reality. Your podcast launch does not have to be a scary or time-consuming process, if you leave it to us! We’ll make sure to have your podcast up and running when you’re ready, and we’ll make sure all of your followers know that too!

Ready for your Project?