Intro to Facebook Ads

Why should you even advertise on Facebook? Well, despite it being the largest social media platform in the word, here are a few reasons to actually run ads on the platform.

1. It’s 3x CHEAPER than traditional marketing (television, print, and other kinds of ads).

Social media is one of the only platforms you can reach over a 1,000 people for less than $3. That’s a great price to reach new prospects for any business!  

2. It’s Extremely Fast!

You can start a campaign for any amount and stop it the same day! This means you can start your ad to make up for the slow hours and/or days and turn it off when you need to. Ad isn’t performing well? You can make changes to it on demand and get the best bang for your buck. 

3. Measurable and Flexible

You can measure insane performance indicators with Facebook Ads! We know you can measure engagement on Facebook, I’m talking about the ability to;

  • See how many people went to your website•
  • See how many people viewed a specific page on your website
  • How many people converted into paying customers on your website
  • How many people filled out the contact form or added products to their carts
  • It’s so much you can measure with Facebook Ads.


The biggest reason to run ads on Facebook is the ability to actually nurture relationships by re-targeting people who engaged with your content on Facebook or visited your website. It’s good to reach a lot of people, but brand recognition and authority comes when you reach the same people over and over through re-targeting. It also minimizes advertising cost because it’s extremely cheaper to reach people who’re already familiar with your brand.

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